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Mazera Mega Story Thread


Dec 7, 2008



I'll admit this is a kind of strange idea. My idea was to add some flavor to the characters and civilizations of FFH2. Not game-wise, mental-wise. Help us get closer to the characters. We know Auric wants to become the God of Winter, but what's going through his head during all this? What's the common Sheaim day like? I also wanted to mix in a little NES. So I made this crude map and legend and stuff and I'm gonna keep a record of the big picture. I think it would be a lot more interesting if you could actually guide what happens in the big picture with one small story. I'll be adding plenty of my own, sometimes playing off of your stories.

Also, if you'd like to "adopt" a civ, send a PM and let me know. We can talk about it and see what kind of plans you have.

If you would like to make your favorite nation more successful, writing stories about them and having a recurring character will help greatly. If there is one character we're following in four stories that advance the story, it'll most likely work out better for the nation you chose.​

Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Spoiler :
Fellowship of Leaves - Evermore, Ljosalfar, Destroyed
Runes of Kilmorph - Tia'ran, Luchuirp
Order - Cahir Abbey, Elohim
Empyrean - Kwythellar, Kuriotate
Ashen Veil - Galveholme, Sheaim
The White Hand - Garduk, Illians
Octopus Overlords - Rinwell Isle
Council of Esus - Thariss, Svartalfar

Spoiler :
Goblin Clan Rankings

Muris Clan - Medium danger, located everywhere
Umbra Clan - Medium danger, located near the Svartalfar
Bloodsail Clan - Low danger, located near the Lanun, led by Inka Bloodsail
Metalthief Clan - High danger, located everywhere, led by Gmek Metalthief
Beast Clan - Medium danger, located near the Malakim, war with the Serpent Clan
Serpent Clan - Medium danger, located near the Malakim, war with the Beast Clan
Diranth Clan - Very high danger, location unknown, led by Deremei Diranth

(The Bloodsail Clan are the least dangerous Clan. You just might be able to arrange a trade agreement or war pact with them. They haven't broken their word so far...)

Adopted list


Ngomele - Opera
Hippus - Tasunke
Grigori - Dean_the_Young
Archos - cypher132
Nortek - cypher132
Illians - TC01
Calabim - diamondeye
Balseraphs - hbar
Amurites - lemonjelly
Legion of D'Tesh - Valkrionn
Scions of Patroa - citus334
Kahdi - Slvynn
Svartalfar - Imuratep
Ya Fanshi - thomas_berubeg


Ozziel - KillerClowns
Piett - Seon
Krinith Resplan - FireBlaze
Icarus Marocho - Randomness
Thread Info Stuff


Spoiler :

1 - Very Common, low value
2 - Common, low value
3 - Average, average value
4 - Rare, high value
5 - Very rare, very high value

Ale = 3 - Bonus to Adventurer spawns
Amber = 3 - Can be used to make enchanted items
Arctic Deer = 3 - Can be used as food or a weaker replacement for horses
Bananas = 3
Bison = 3 - Slower horse replacement, but is stronger
Camel = 5 - Slower horse replacement, but can travel longer
Chaos Wine = 3 - Bonus to Adventurer spawns
Clam = 2
Copper = 2
Corn = 1
Cotton = 2 - Small chance of immigration
Cow = 1
Crab = 2
Dawnbark = 2
Deer = 2 - Can be used as food or a weaker replacement for horses
Dye = 2
Duskwood = 2
Fish = 2
Fruit of Yggdrasil = 5
Fur = 3 - Small chance of immigration
Gems = 4 - Small chance of immigration
Gold = 3 - Small chance of immigration
Grigorian Ale = 4 - Bonus to Adventurer spawns
Gunpowder = 4
Gulagarm = 4 - Can be used to make enchanted items
Horses = 4
Incense = 2
Iron = 3
Ivory = 3 - Small chance of immigration
Marble = 3
Mindgrass = 4
Mithril = 4
Mushrooms = 4 - Can be used as food, medicine, or drugs
Nightmare = 5 - Stronger, faster horse replacement
Pearls = 5 - Small chance of immigration
Pig = 1
Razorweed = 4 - Can be used to make enchanted items
Reagents = 4 - Can be used to make enchanted items
Rice = 2
Shrimp = 3
Silk = 2 - Small chance of immigration
Sugar = 2
Toads = 4
Whale = 4
Wheat = 1
Wine = 3 - Bonus to Adventurer spawns
Umbrawood Trees = 4 - Stronger quality than Duskwood and Dawnbark


One day in our time is two days in Mazera.
Therefore, one week for us is two weeks for them.


Did your character die? Did your nation collapse? Not to worry. If this ever happens, simply PM me and we'll attempt to work out a character for you to use. The previous character will be forever dead and you cannot pick a nation, but you may start over with a fresh new character that hew a few bonuses due to this being sort of late-game. Through time, if you can create an impressive storyline, your character could overthrow the leader of a nation and take over it. So don't you ever worry, you will never be ousted from this game if you die. You'll simply get a second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on chance. This ties into something else I was going to bring up. I sometimes tell secrets about my storylines or future events to people and I'd prefer they stay secrets. I'm sure many of you have the honor to keep a secret, but just in case, if anyone does, your character will be killed and if you have a nation you will lose control of it permanently. However, it won't boot you from the game. Depending on what happens after you do your secret-telling, you may be able to keep the leader of that nation as a character or create your own new one. It's just a little thing to try to keep secrets secret, just as I would do for all of you.​

I decided to make things a little easier to navigate by just linking stuff here. There are a lot of good stories in this thread and I don't want them to slip between the cracks while you're looking through it. This could take a while..


Spoiler :



Spoiler :











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Spoiler :
Spoiler :
Journal of Tarkar Merek
Age of Rebirth
Year unknown

I finally understand why I'm here. I can even remember how it all started. A stranger had entered my home village of Waterlily and began preaching on a stack of hay. He spoke of peace and freedom of creativity. He promised a safe home and a warm bed. He promised us full coffers and overflowing food piles. He promised us power! Honor! Glory! He promised us a nation that would rival that of the Kuriotate. He promised a nation that would rival even that of the Bannor. We clung to his every word, every one of us believing every word he said.
So we had followed. We followed him for what seemed like years until we reached a peaceful field. He set up a tent and said "This is where our empire will begin. Here, this fertile plain of Brookden, will become the birthplace of a new nation. It will be the birthplace of a new power. This will be the birthplace of the Dural!" And we had cheered. We cheered for what seemed to be hours.
The next few months passed with us setting up tents and collecting food stores, while Dannmos spent time in his tent, planning the Dural empire. Several wondered what he was doing within, but none dared enter his tent. It was soon discovered he was creating sculptures! Sculptures! As if this is going to help us in our quest to build an empire! The village of Brookden was incensed. He fled, leaving behind his sculptures. The elders of the village admired their beauty and kept them in the village square. Other people soon began arriving to see these sculptures, to marvel in their beauty. Some even settled down to escape in a life of creativity. It was then that I realized that our village had doubled in size. As I watched the new arrivals begin carving new sculptures, Dannmos himself placed a hand on my shoulder. "See, my son?" he said "An empire can be built without warfare."

Spoiler :
Journal of Tarkar Merek
Age of Rebirth
Year unknown

It has been several months since we settled in these plains and called ourselves the Dural. Dannmos constructed a modest house and helped in the construction of others. Never before had we seen a ruler assist his citizens in hard labor. I had come to know Dannmos well, as he had taken me as a close adviser after our first meeting. A small defending guard had been recruited and were on patrol at all times, but the Orcish attacks were becoming more fierce. Chancellor Cassim wanted to recruit more soldiers to defend the borders of Brookden, while Chancellor Myridan wanted to recruit more soldiers to attack the Orcish settlements. Dannmos had emptied the council of all, but me.
"We face tough times has a new nation." stated Dannmos, staring into a small crystal necklace. He had received the necklace from a nearby culture known as the Chizlev and it was supposedly a good luck charm. Thus, he kept it with him at all times
"Yes, Orcish attacks on a daily basis, Goblins attacking our farmlands. You must decide what we must do or we will surely perish. Which shall you do?" I examined Dannmos's weathered face as he turned this situation over in his head. He had a good head on his shoulders. He had already taken a ragtag band of tribal villages and formed them into a nation. While nowhere near as powerful as the Bannor or majestic as the Kuriotate, they were beginning to make some noise. The drawback was the interest of local barbarians hoping for easy prey and good loot.
"I shall do neither. The Chancellors are too focused on war, sacrificing the lives of men who would go on to create great things. No, we shall not wage war with them face-to-face. First, I shall place you in charge of defending our city. I know of your great love for the beautiful works of Brookden and I believe you would be best served defending us. Now what we shall do is build magnificent walls around the city. This shall bar the Orcish invasion from entering the city. We can fire arrows upon the charging Orcs at our leisure." He placed the necklace around his neck and smiled at me. "Does this plan please you?"
"Surely, sir. A more offensive plan may be more prudent. If you cut off the head of the beast, you kill the body." Dannmos merely chuckled and poured himself a small glass of Evermore wine.
"Why waste lives when you can protect your men and weaken your enemy at the same time? They will dash their men against our walls, bloodthirsty and eager to enter our city. As they waste their efforts, we build within then consume them with overwhelming force."
"I understand, High Chancellor Dannmos." I bowed and was about to leave the room when he called my name.
"And Tarkar. If any of the Orcs are unlike the bloodthirsty savages we have met so far, bring them to holding camps.There is no point in slaughtering souls that can be redeemed." I bowed to Dannmos one last time and headed out into the courtyard.

Spoiler :
Journal of Captain Helme Aurlan
Age of Rebirth
Year unknown

We were sent to rid the hillside of Scorpion Clan Goblins.We didn't think they'd be so quick. Everything was peaceful at first, no signs of danger. Deer were grazing nearby and a group of rabbits hopped away from us when the first dart pierced through the air. Sava and Makari went down within the first few seconds. They must have used some kind of poison to kill my men so fast. We were able to retreat to a nearby cave and concealed it with vegetation and rocks nearby. We'll rest tonight and assess the situation tomorrow.

Journal of Captain Helme Aurlan
Age of Rebirth
Year unknown

We crept back to the site of the ambush. The Goblins had looted the bodies and left the area, leaving nothing but corpses and blood. As we searched the bodies I found Makari's handmade golden medallion hidden in his armor. His soul will be honored when it is hung in the Hall of Masters.

Journal of Captain Helme Aurlan
Age of Rebirth
Year unknown

We discovered the hiding place of the Scorpion Clan Goblins. About an hour walk from the cave we have been hiding in. We would leave, but that would leave Makari and Sava's weapons in their hands. Goblins gaining possession of expertly crafted Dural weapons, a blasphemy in the culture of the Dural. We shall wait until night and strike when they least expect it.

Journal of Captain Helme Aurlan
Age of Rebirth
Year unknown

They were ready, they must have known. They got me good. We had retrieved Sava's sword and were heading more Makari's mace when the green skins got me with a poisoned spear. Most of my men are dead or dying. I see a few still fighting. I just hope somebody finds this and let's the legend of the Scorpion Sting Battle grow. I thought that up myself. I can feel the poison working through my body. It hurts just to write this, but the Dural have to know what they're capable of. These Goblins. They're not ordinary. they have

This journal was found along with a medallion, a sword, and a suit of armor which have all been placed in the Hall of Masters.
Here's the next part. I don't know when the next installment will come.

Edit: Also, if you have any ideas about where this could go, send me a PM. I'll gladly discuss it with you. Who knows? It may end up happening.

Spoiler :
Journal of Tarkar Merek
Age of Rebirth
Year unknown

I found Dannmos in his library again, looking intently at an old book. He is intent on learning the secret behind the other culture's religions. He wishes to discover the philosophies and incorporate the best of each one into the Dural. I approached him and decided to speak up.
"Excuse me, sir. What are you looking for?" Dannmos continued to stare at his book before closing it and smiling at me. He set the book back on the bookshelf and wandered further down the shelf.
"I'm looking for knowledge, Merek. Knowledge of the working of other cultures's minds. Each of their religions represent an aspect of themselves. I wish to use that knowledge to better the Dural. The Runes, the Fellowship, the Empyrean, Order, even the Ashen Veil has its merits. We must look at each individually to discover the good aspects from the bad."
"But sir, what good does the Ashen Veil have within it?" Dannmos continued to smile and searched through the bookshelf further. He had seemed to become more and more lost in his library over the past few months, rarely leaving the room and often found surrounded by books.
"They believe in the freedom of knowledge. They believe that no knowledge is taboo and that all should be allowed to research what they wish. What they do with this is knowledge is evil. Their thirst for knowledge is good. The Runes believe in hard work to better yourself, the Fellowship believes in protecting nature, the Empyrean believes in second chances and allowing people to redeem themselves, the Order believes in bringing the evil to justice."
"So, somewhere in these books is information on all these religions? To further help us understand the world around us?" Dannmos smiled at me and returned to his search.
"Yes, my son. There is much knowledge in these shelves." I was soon digging through the shelves myself, looking for long lost knowledge.
The Dural definitely need more flavor, and its nice to see someone taking up that job. Interesting bit regarding the religions all having merit, even the Ashen Veil. I suspect the followers students of the Order might have slight disagreements with Danmos on this subject. The sort of disagreements that involve torches, pitchforks, and lynch mobs.
Which leads to the Bannor distrusting the Dural, leading to possibility for war. Adds a little more flavor. I thought they were so bland you could easily take them any direction you want.

Edit: I'll be focusing on a lot of the civilizations. I'm making a map and keeping notes to keep thing as right as possible. This isn't going to be the canon FFH, there will be made up civs and events, but I'm hoping it'll be fun. People can send me PMs with descriptions of characters or events or some type of civ. Who knows? A peasant you create in a story today, could be the leader of a new civ tomorrow.

Cheesy, I know, but it gets the point across.
Double post.

To any lurkers that are looking at this, I'd love to hear from you. You can offer new ideas, think up a problem two civs may have with eachother, give me feedback, you can even write your own story in this little realm if you want. I'll be uploading a map later tonight if it'll help. Cheers :D
It's cool, cypher. Very interesting :)
I'm surprised to see the Ngomele in your legend... :p

Two things, though:

1) You seem to have forgotten the Doviello in your legend and I'm quite sure they're the civ west of the Illians on the map.

2) I have trouble linking the legend to the map. Maybe you should make the map bigger and wrote the name of the civs in their region? Or if you lack space to do it, just use a number, like in many Earth maps for small countries.

Anyway, you're going to give me the guts to start my own thread of stories... But I won't :lol:

Keep it going!

Edit: I'm not sure I got what is Mazera?
It's cool, cypher. Very interesting :)
I'm surprised to see the Ngomele in your legend... :p

Two things, though:

1) You seem to have forgotten the Doviello in your legend and I'm quite sure they're the civ west of the Illians on the map.

2) I have trouble linking the legend to the map. Maybe you should make the map bigger and wrote the name of the civs in their region? Or if you lack space to do it, just use a number, like in many Earth maps for small countries.

Anyway, you're going to give me the guts to start my own thread of stories... But I won't :lol:

Keep it going!

Edit: I'm not sure I got what is Mazera?

Oh, thank you. I was so tired when I was making that legend that I knew I might have forgotten a couple. It'll be updated within the next few minutes. About the map, I'll make it large, but I want to keep a lot of it unknown as the civs don't know what's out there yet. Thanks for the feedback :D

Edit: I'm just gonna redo the map from scratch. Make it larger, further in the time period instead of the ancient age. most civs won't know about eachother yet, but some will which would lead to....Interesting possibilities.
This post is to possibly stimulate some of those creative juices in those heads you have. If you have any ideas which way these should go, send me a PM with a story explaining why it happened and what happened. If more than one person has the same idea, I will choose the story that speaks to me best. Cheers! :D

Edit: A few things came up and the map will take longer than expected. Don't worry, the map will be done by tomorrow and possibly with a new legend to help make it easier to understand. (Thanks Opera!)



The Clan of Embers is beginning a larch march on their hated enemy, the Bannor. Their war path will lead them straight through Chizlev and Ngomle lands. Will this cause problems between the Orcs and the Chizlev and Ngomle?


The Illians, led by Auric Ulvin, are starting to begin the ritual known as Samhein. If this ritual is complete, Mokka, the Frostling King, will be free to roam Erebus, spreading his savage Frostlings across the land. Will anyone try to stop him? Will the nearby Luchuirp attempt to finish the attack they tried so long ago?


Some Amurites led by a charismatic man named Kahd have been stirring up trouble. After being put in charge of a city east of Cevedes, he seperated from the Amurites and began spouting anti-Amurite rhetoric, gathering followers and growing his empire. This could lead to an Amurite civil war if the situation isn't handled delicately.


Kuriotate scouts have reported seeing men hunting and foragiing through the forests near Kwythellar. When they attempt to approach them, the men run away or behave violently. So far, no information on them is known


The Lanun hold knowledge of the seas that no other civilization does. The Bannor are attempting to convince the Lanun to spread their knowledge to the rest of the civilizations. It remains to be seen in the Lanun will agree.


The Ljosalfar and Svartalfar recently discovered eachother still exist. Their age-old civil war has begun anew, with thousands of deaths on both sides. If no other empire is willing to step in, the Elves could very well be wiped out.


A new race of Dwarves, the Khazad, have appeared at the foothills of the Deruptus Mountains. The nearby Hippus, Lanun, and Ember Clan cities are concerned that they may soon become a threat. It remains to be seen what will happen.


Nomadic tribes from the Malakim desert have begun forming small settlements and villages. They have taken the name Malakim after the desert they inhabit. Their leader, Varn Gosam, is an intelligent man and the Malakim could easily became a major power.


Several cities have reported massive attacks from Goblin war parties. Amurite scholars have concluded that the Diranth Clan. Hastil Clan, Muris Clan, Tiger Clan, and a so far unnamed group of Goblins terrorizing the Luchuirp. (PM if you wish to name this Clan and give me an idea of what they are like.)


Hippus scouts have reported seeing something shining northeast of their location. It could be nothing, but it could also be a new type of metal. Khazad scouts have reported seeing the same shining object. The Hippus council is considering their options, as are the Khazad. If both decide to claim this potential resource, it could escalate the war already brewing between them.
Problems abrewin'

Spoiler :
A Lizardman's View

Von'jo had been watching the farm for a few days now. The elders had told him that some savage humans nearby have begun building large structures that they live in. They were said to be called the Dural and led by a wise man known as Dannmos. The elders were worried they may be a threat to the Mazatl way of life and had sent elite scouts to evaluate the Dural. Von'jo had crept through the jungle and as close to the farm as he could. He watched as the villagers toiled, harvesting wheat to feed the city of Crystalhollow. They did it with proficiency, using tools that were both practical and pleasing to the eye at the same time. As night fell, he crept past the farmhouse and into the forests near Brookeden. He was amazed by what he saw. Golden towers that touched the sky. Beautiful monuments with inscriptions to the Gods. Sculptures, pots, and paintings depicting famous battles hung the walls of almost every house.
Von'jo waited until nightfall before he crept into the city. He gazed in wonder as he passed the houses the Dural had built. Gold had been welded to the doors and the windows were stained with vibrant colors. Monuments to every God ever imagined, and some that weren't, dotted every corner of every road. As he arrived at the courtyard, he stopped dead in his tracks, awestruck by the beauty and magnificence of it. The trees grew lush, the bushes were large and sculpted, monuments denoted special places, and fountains spilled water into clear, blue lakes. He crept closer to one of the lakes and saw his reflection within it. He dipped down and took a drink. His mouth was filled with sensations. It was as if he had been lost in a desert, deprived of water.
He heard a crack behind him and bolted behind a tree. He peeked around the tree and noticed a deer feeding on some of the bushes. The Mazatl scout watched in awe, as deer were uncommon in the the jungles. The sun was beginning to rise and he knew he'd have to leave the city before the guard emerged. As he turned to leave, a net fell upon him. He thrashed and struggled with all his might, but this net was unlike anything he had seen before. He soon tired and was dragged to a dungeon cell.
Initial comment about your map. i couldn't find the Scions on the map. If they aren't on the map, you might consider putting them on a small continent off the coast. I point this out only because I've noticed that the program likes to put the Scions on islands, often by themselves in most of the games I've played as them or with them in the game.
Initial comment about your map. i couldn't find the Scions on the map. If they aren't on the map, you might consider putting them on a small continent off the coast. I point this out only because I've noticed that the program likes to put the Scions on islands, often by themselves in most of the games I've played as them or with them in the game.

Several civs aren't up yet. They'll be introduced over time.

Edit: Next story up within the next few hours. This one is about the Archosian.
Here's the next part.

Edit: New civ entering Erebus within the next four hours.

Spoiler :
Archosian Politics

Damn that Daracaat, thought Corane as he ascended the winding stone stairs to Daracaat's throne room. It had been years since they left the caves in which their ancestors had hidden during the Age of Ice. When they arrived at the surface, the Haruspex announced Daracaat would lead their tribe to dominance over Erebus. Why Daracaat? Why not Corane? He continued to grumble until he stepped through the stone archway.
"You took your time, Corane.Is it that hard for you to climb a set of stairs?" Daracaat sat upon a throne carved out of rock, sneering at the tired Archosian. "Could it be that you are not fit and that it is time for you to service Mother?"
Corane shuddered at the thought. Serving Mother meant sacrificing your life to her and her children in order for them to have grow. Many old Archosian chose this route of death as they believed it furthered the Archos. Corane wanted no part of it.
"No, sir. I come with the maps you requested in terms of expanding the empire. I had to look through the loot from the recent raiding party so they may be out-of-date, but it's the best I could get." He set the maps at Daracaat's feet and stepped back. Normally, someone would honor the War King by giving them directly to him, but it gave Corane a grim satisfaction to watch Daracaat be forced to actually remove himself from his throne. Daracaat looked over the maps carefully while Corane stood and waited for some sign that he could leave.
"Corane. Tell me. What are the dangers of the plains to the east of Anta?" Daracaat gestured to a point on the map with skulls scrawled upon it. "These Kuriotates are a strong people. There is a valley just an hour's walk from Avalorne rich with gold. What could make it so that they would consider a valley so deadly that they wouldn't even try to control?"
"Well, this is where there is some good news. We sent some scouts there and discovered that there's a small spider nest in the center of the valley. It would appear that some of our spiders have been spending some time with the wild spiders. We could easily subjugate the hybrid spiders given a little time." Corane smiled and felt proud of himself. He was afraid he would mess up this meeting, but so far it had gone well.
"And the missing gold from the coffers? Shortly before some of our spiders disappeared, a large sum of gold went missing. Should I assume you have something to do with this?" Daracaat glared at Corane as he said this last sentence, as if accusing him without saying it directly.
"No, sir." Corane stuttered with fright. "I had noticed these deficits earlier before I came to this meeting. I checked and noticed that a Sir Aldrick has recently gone missing. The peasants regularly tell of his drunken rants about our government, claiming he could create a better Archosian empire. He disappeared around the time the money went missing and the spiders deserted."
Daracaat mulled this over in his mind. Missing gold, AWOL spiders, a missing expert general. "Recruit a regiment to hunt down this heretic. Find him and bring me his head. Do what you will with the rest. Send an expansion party to the east and establish our control in the area. Tame those spiders and make them work for us. Now get out of my sight, worm." Daracaat spat as he spoke the last word. Corane turned and started the long trek down the stairs, thinking of the ways he would torture the heretics, pretending they were Daracaat.
Here's another story because I got the inspiration. Me and the creator of the civ are talking about it now. They should be in within three hours.

Edit: Map and legend updated

Spoiler :
Island of the Seas

Thalus Yfit sat on a chair on the dock of Innsmouth. He regularly did this at night, admiring the view of the sea and the stars. No one ever came down to the docks at night, too dangerous to try to sail. It was just him and the stars. That's why he was angered when a young man approached him and began pestering him with questions. "Excuse me, sir. What are you doing?"
He turned to look at the young man. He was innocent looking, about 20ish, wearing the clothes of a peasant. "I was attempting to enjoy the view until you came and started bothering me. What do you want land, landlubber?" The man seemed frightened after my reply and began stutter slightly.
"W-well, sir. I've been told by the Governor that he wants you to check out Rinwell Isle. It's that large one just past the Saltsea Tower." Yfit looked to the island and wondered what could keep the Lanun navy from doing it themselves.
"And why can't your navy do it? I'm just an old veteran." The young man looked slightly disheartened then steeled himself. "Because sir, the island is dangerous and no man is willing to sail to the island."
Yfit scoffed. "Dangerous? That island? I've looked at it every night for the past three years. What could possibly by dangerous about that island?" The man pulled out a scroll and unrolled it. "Well, sir. That have been sighting of strange creatures emerging from the waters and people have been sailing there, not being seen since." Yfit looked at the island and mulled this over in his head.
"Missing people, strange creatures, and an annoying messenger. Yes, I'll check out Rinwell Isle. I expect a sack of 50 gold pieces in my hands before I do any sailing." The young man smiled and bowed. "Yes, sir. It will be at your house tomorrow morning." With that, the messenger headed away and Yfit continued to study the island.

The next morning, he awoke to find a sack with exactly 50 gold coins within it. He gathered the best sailors he knew and set abroad with his ship the Holy Anna. Citizens of Innsmouth stood on the dock and watched as his ship headed towards the island. None of them returned and the Holy Anna still remains docked at Rinwell Isle, if a little moss covered.
Spoiler :

Silhana was walking through the forests that surrounded her hometown of Bruti. She so loved walking amongst them, smelling the scent of the trees, the sounds of the birds chirping from their homes. Only Evermore had trees more beautiful than these. She wandered to a well and sat on the edge of it as she so usually does. It was a place she came to relax. A place to think and reflect upon the days.
On this particular day, there was a man sitting on the edge of the well when she arrived. "Oh. Hello, sir. I didn't know anyone else knew of this well. The man smiled at her and beckoned her to sit. He was of Elven origin, wearing a green cloak and holding a small bag in his lap
"Yes, this was a favorite haunt for me and my friends when we were young. Ah, the fun we had here. Come, sit for a while. It's been a while since I've had someone to talk to." Silhana considered it then say next to the friendly man. "My name is Silhana. What's yours?"
The man's smile seemed to grow. "Silhana. A beautiful name. My name is Tyoril. I used to live in a small village outside Bruti, but I've spent most of my life traveling Erebus when I grew of age. The beauties of Erebus are amazing. The mountains of Khazad, the plains of the Hippus, even the jungle the of the Clan. You wouldn't believe it, but I found something while I was there? Would you like to see?"
"Of course! I haven't been able to travel much and I so dearly want to see things from the world." The man grinned and unwrapped the bag on his lap. Inside was a small animal. It had four legs, long whiskers, a short stubby tail, a two buckteeth. "Oh! It's so cute! Can I hold it?"
"Of course you can." The man handed the small animal to Silhana. Silhana held it up and looked closely at it. "They like it if you hold them close to your chest. It makes them feel secure." Silhana nodded at Tyoril and held the animal close. It was warm and seemed to like to cuddle. Silhana could keep one of these as a pet. It was then that she felt a small pressure on her chest.
"Sir, I think he's biting me." She looked at Tyoril and he merely stood there watching her. The pressure grew and she began to feel a sharp pain. She looked down and saw the creature's teeth sunk into her chest. She tried to pull the creature off, but it held on fast. Using its paws it held to small hole it made and made it large with its teeth. SIlhana thrashed and screamed in pain as Tyoril began to hold her down. She could feel it burrowing deep within her chest, biting its way through her flesh. She let out a long, horrifying scream that no one heard.

"How do you feel?"
"I feel good. A little different, but good."
"Good. Come. We have an empire to build, Silhana."
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