Medieval European Mod II


Jan 1, 2003

Medieval European Mod II is a 2007-2008 total conversion mod for Civ3:Conquests by embryodead & Yoda Power, inspired by the 2003 Medieval European Mod for Civ3:pTW by Yoda Power. The mod spans through 4 eras roughly from the second half of the Early Middle Ages up to the Renaissance (700-1550 AD).

- Civilization 3: Conquests version 1.22 or Civilization 3: Complete
- 650 mb disk space

1. Download both MEM 1.0 & MEM 1.3 Update (links below)
2. Unzip "" file directly to your Conquests\Scenarios folder (usually C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Scenarios)
3. Unzip "" file directly to your Conquests\Scenarios folder; remember to click "yes" when it asks to overwrite files
4. Run Conquests and choose Civ-Content to access one of the mod's BIQs:

MEM.biq - Regular Game (Random Map)
MEM Europe (Large).biq - Clean Map of Europe, 130x102 tiles, 31 players
MEM Europe (Small).biq - Clean Map of Europe, 80x80 tiles, 20 players
(+ more, if you download additional maps/scenarios)

Required Downloads

MEM II 1.0 (263 MB)

MEM II 1.3 update (155 MB)

Optional Downloads

Alternative Terrain Pack (7.5 MB) - this pack includes Ares' Terrain 2 Beta and Varwnos' city sets, compiled and modified for compatibility with MEM rules (see screenshots below). Compatible with all versions of MEM. Warning: installing this pack will overwrite original MEM graphics (backup MEM/Art/Terrain and MEM/Art/Cities folders if you're not sure).

Maps / Scenarios (NOTE: you must download and install the latest MEM patch in order to play these)

Medieval Britain and Ireland - a scenario for MEM by KingArthur focused on Medieval Britain and Ireland.

Crusader States (9.3 MB) - a scenario for MEM by Yoda Power; the scenario covers the time period of the Crusades, and the wars fought between Christians and Muslims.

The Hundred Years' War (5.5 MB) - a scenario for MEM by Yoda Power; covers the period from 1338 up to 1488, focusing on the conflict between England and France, although you can play other civs, such as Burgundy or Scotland, and take advantage of out ongoing war to expand your borders and accumulate wealth.

Huge Europe - a huge 180x180 map for MEM by Yoda Power

11th century Conquest (60 kB) - Large map of Europe in the 11th century for MEM 1.3; starts at the end of the 1st era with pre-placed cities; features new civs (Vladimir-Suzdal Rus and Georgia) and some inaccuracies (like Tatars in 11c) to make the game develop more historically in the later centuries, up to 1550 AD. If you want historical borders, play this!

13th century Conquest (60 kB) - Large map of Europe in the 13th century for MEM 1.3; starts at the end of the 2nd era, with pre-placed cities; features new and modified factions such as Papal States, Teutonic Order, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Ilkhanate, Vladimir-Suzdal Rus, Galicia-Volhynia and Georgia.

Mediterranean map (50 kB) - additional map for MEM 1.3 based on ronning's Mediterranean map; includes new factions such as Genoa, Florence, Papal States and Wallachia.

About the mod
Frankly I'm not much of a writer, so I'll just give you a list of what to expect:

  • 31 playable medieval states, each with some unique features as well as differences based on religion, culture and historical location.
    Northern group: England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Rus, Novgorod
    European group: France, Burgundy, Castile, Portugal, Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania
    Mediterranean group: Aragon, Italy, Sicily, Venice
    Byzantine/Balkan group: Byzantines, Bulgaria, Serbia, Armenia
    Muslim group: Khazaria, Turks, Tatars, Abbasids, Fatimids, Cordova, Almohads
  • Tech tree spanning four eras, from 700 to 1550 AD, with some civ- and religion-specific branches.
  • Over 120 different buildings/wonders, over 100 new units, rules and victory conditions modified to match medieval times, full civilopedia etc.
  • Simulation of crown succession / vassalage - conquered enemy capital cities can now function as additional Palaces, but you need a proper government that allows specific vassals.
  • A compromise between historical accuracy, playability and scale - this is much to be discussed, but I think we'll be able to explain all of our decisions regarding the choice of playable civs, techs, buildings and such.
  • Loads of custom artwork, old and new, by numerous CFC contributors


Mod design:
embryodead & Yoda Power

aaglo, Aluminium, BeBro, Bjornlo, CamJH, CivArmy s. 1994, Dom Pedro II, embryodead, Gaias, Kinboat, Kindred72, Kryten, Lab Monkey, Micaleus, Orthanc, Plotinus, Sandris, Sword_of_Geddon, utahjazz7, Wyrmshadow, Yoda Power, zulu9812

CivArmy s. 1994, embryodead, jorde, Piernik, R8XFT, ShiroKobbure, sween32

embryodead, mrtn, Olorin0222, PCHighway, Weasel Op

embryodead, Midnight Piper, Sn00py, Pounder, Rifleman, Yoda Power

Aion, embryodead, mrtn, RedAlert, Yoda Power

Improvements, Wonders and Wonder Splashes:
aaglo, AK47, Ares de Borg, Bjornlo, crolador, embryodead, Hrafnkell, Kenta'arka, Lusikka755, mrtn, Plotinus, R8XFT, Rufus T. Firefly, SWalker, Traianus, Ukas, Unexisted, varwnos, Yoda Power

Tech Icons:
BeBro, embryodead, Kal-el, Keroro, mrtn, Partizanac, ronning, Rufus T. Firefly, Storm Grunt, utahjazz7, Yoda Power

Other: - many Civilopedia entries - 3d reconstructions of Hagia Sofia, Aqueduct of Valens and Theodosian Walls.
Peter Bruegel - Start menu background: "The Triumph of Death" (c. 1560)
Bernt Notke - Banner: "Totentanz" (15th century)

If you find a piece of your work in the mod and you're not on the list, please let us know and we'll do our best to fix it!
Click on the thumbnail for large image! The Interface on the screenshots is LotM Medieval/Fantasy interface by Weasel Op/Olorin02222/mrtn/PCHighway.

In-game screenshots with default MEM terrain:

Alternative Terrain Pack (Ares' Terrain II Beta + Varwnos' cities):

Tech Tree

Pedia: Relgions & example civ
Scenario previews
These are previews of the planned scenarios/edited maps.

11th Century map

Western Europe map (clean map)

Hundred Years War

Crusader States
Downloading! Well, almost anyway: "Estimated waiting time: 5 minutes"
Those are going to be some loooooong minutes :D

Edit: It's downloaded! It took 40 looooooong minutes, but now it's mine, MINE!!!
This looks like a very cool MOD!! I am Downloading this right now.

Sooo Long Awaited! I Love You Guyss!!
THank you! thank you ! for a random map and very well written pedia. This will be enjoyed by people all over the world and be in the archives with Civ3 in the Smithsonian museum! (kinda serious. I imagine the directors are big Civ fans so I wound't be surprised seeing this is a pinnacle works for the series)

You guys are Modlords
you know.. damn you ED and YP... its my spring break, you just HAD to release it now :crazyeye:

:lol: cant wait to playy thissss! (non-stop may i add)
400 meg? Blimey!

Looks great. I'll definitely be giving this one a go. Well done on completing it so quickly and to a very professional-looking standard.

It did end up taking 4-5 months. To me that felt as a pretty long time. But I guess that if you compare it to some other mods (LOTM?;)) it was pretty fast.
Thanks for all the nice comments. :)

Looks very nice. When will the scenarios be uploaded?

Btw i did not expect these two buildings; i thought that you would have included the Hagia Sophia ;)

When they are done. So far only one is even being worked on.

You are talking about the temple and the cathedral? We will probably replace the cathedral with your never version.
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