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Memorable Games

Discussion in 'CivRev - Multiplayer' started by gdfsniper, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. gdfsniper

    gdfsniper Chieftain

    Jun 23, 2008
    Its not over till its over!!

    Just finished the best game of civ ive played ever!!!. It was a team game with me being Zulu, my partner being Egyptians. I got off to a slower start than usual and my team mate seemed kinda new to the game and didnt seem to do much at all at the beggining. He was willing to learn and completed the job he needed to. We were matched against a team consisting of chinese/japanese.

    Beggining of the game i went exploring and was developing quite well, the japs and chinese were turtling and leading me in tech by about 2-3. My team mate lost one of his cities to the arabs(computer) but was able to hold the other 2 he had. The chinese got to the angkot war and got democracy very early on giving them even more of a lead. The japanese midway through found atlantis and tied in techs with his team mate. They had both placed 2 cities on islands and were growing and growing. They had pikeman armies which at the time we couldnt take down.

    There was a kinda slow period and i got republic gov and expanded to abotu 10 cities while the japs chinese had about 5 each. I started catching up in tech and found out later it was because they had began building wonders in all of their cities. I managed to pop the hanging gardens using a builder before they could get it but they got a very early east india company using a builder also throwing them even further into the lead. They didnt attack they just keep teching up. My team mate kept commenting telling me it seemed like they were going for a tech win and that there was no way we could stop them.

    Now ive been in this situation before where u sit and tech and a few times i neglected building proper defense and ended up getting swooped midway by armies and thus losing. I figured that they werent expecting us to do much as they had stopped the Zulu Rush and the computer at the time was more threat than my partner. So i thought Id tech up to tanks and try to surprise them with any army or two and take them over. My team mate was happy about the idea and we went about setting it up.

    I switched my tech to battleships and started building tanks in all of my cities decided to make 2 fleets and load them with tankarmies/spies/riflemen for my assault. As I had researched combustion my team mate got it in one turn and he put all his effort into making a tank army and taking over the computers capital. During all this they were researching every tech and building every wonder. We noticed they were actually going for a tech victory when they started launching their ships.

    After having completed their spaceship it was launched and would arrive at 1915 now was crunch time!! My teammate was slowly taking over the arab cities to try to make it look like we really didnt pose a threat, as going straight for the capital they might have clocked on. I finish building 9 tank armies 3 riflemen armies and 2 spies rings. I also had a fleet of battleships and a single one. I had to stop then as their ship was getting closer to arriving. 5 turns to their spacerace victory and my 2 armies are heading in different directions for their capitals.

    4 turns away and my team mate captures Tripoli to destroy the computer and give us our 3rd capital. 3 turns to go and i have to decide which way to send which ship. One contains 5 tanks armies 1 spy 1riflemenarmy and the fleet contains 4 armies 1 spy and 1 riflemenarmy. While decided my team mate exclaims they have just launched the nuke and sure enough it comes up on my screen but wait... the japanese had launched it at Kyoto. They must have been soo confident they were going to win they were just messing around. This helped me make my decision and i took my spies with the fleet to the 20+pop Beijing and my single ship with 5 armies to the now 1 pop defenseless kyoto.

    2 turns remaining and my ships arrive 1 square away at both sites. one of my ships are spotted and i am forced to unload with half the timer remaining giving them a chance to prepare themselves before i attack. As i said earlier all their cities were on different islands so the most they could rush was a single unit or building. Smartly they chose walls and the timer counted down.
    1910 1 turn away from their space victory and a 1minute window to end it.

    I decided to take kyoto first as the most he could of had was a moderninfantry army and a single unit. I attacked with 3 out of the 5 tank armies losing all of them but weakining his army considerably. My 4th took out the army and my final took out the remaining unit. I then took the city with my riflemen and fortified them there. So far so good maybe we could actually pull this off!!.

    I then sent my spyring into Beijing it took out his spy and allowed me to get rid of fortification. I sent the second one in hoping for abit of pot luck to destroy the wall and i took out a bank instead. Now i had 4 armies of tanks and i had no idea what he had in there however theres no turning back now.
    I sent in 3 armies again to take out 1 of his modern infantry armies. Both times now i had weakened the army(in kyoto and beijing) to less than my 3rd tank armies attack and had still lost the 3rd time. Because of this i knew he only had one army in there however. My 4th tank army got rid of his modern infantry army and my 5th tank army got rid of his single infantry.

    Noo I had thrown everything i could at him and still couldnt take it over!! Forgetting that if they have a great person settled then you have to send an extra army in to conquer it. I looked at my riflemen army and sent them to to take over the final capital!!!!. Fortifying them and ending my turn.

    1915 WE WIN!!!!!!!! me and my team mate sit there laughing for about 10minutes as we had been talking during the game about this and were like imagine if we actually pull it off. It came down to 1 turn to decide the game 1 last riflemen army to take the capital. And them getting carried away and underestimating us to take the victory!!!

    I am still sitting here with a big smile on my face and just wish i would have recorded this game. Everything against us but we came to win lol.

    Anyone else got a game they thoroughly enjoyed and came from behind to win or pulled off an unforgettable victory?

    EDIT: WOW WOT or what lol i got carried away.

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