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    You probably know the Meso America mod in civ 4 BTS. Well this is that but much Better!
    Spain is not a minor civ anymore and you can Play with them. Wonders names make more sense.
    Explorers can attack and have a power combat of 6.
    The Spanish start with 2 settlers, 2 Conquistadors, 2 Explorers, and 2 Galleons. But If you Survive the Massive Armies of Jaguars and Axeman, Reinforcements are Coming! 1200 AD you will get your first handful of Reinforcements on the Edge of the Map. 1500 another handful of Reinforcements, And 1700-1800 You will get many Conquistadors and Explorers on the edge of the map! And last but not least you Get 3 Galleons with a bunch of Conquistadors and Settlers in the year 1800-2000

    I know that it's not historically correct that the Spanish start in 900 Ad but I have no Idea how to Introduce the Spanish later in the game.
    Credits: The Creator of Meso America(Don't know who that is) for the Civilizations, Music, Background, Religions.
    feel free to tell me what to Improve or what Scenario should I do next.
    Download Instructions: Unzip File into CIV 4 BTS mods.
    DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/apq8tpi14yujnav/The_Meso_American_Wars.zip/file

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    I just got done almost finishing the mesoamerican campaign. the two things that urked me where the map wasn't big enough and disease quickly turned my full strength units of 3 characters down to 1 which meant any assaults on a city where in vain unless i had 20 units all reserved to attack the same city. But i didn't have enough cities to produce that many units

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