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Mesopotamia Modded - For Online Play


Jul 29, 2005
Version 1.0
I have been playing the Mesopotamia scenario online for a while, and I have noticed some areas that need to be improved. Namely, techs take forever the research; therefore, I cut every research time in half, which should improve online game play.

Version 2.0
After hours of playing Mesopotamia online and talking with others, I have come up with the first good mod. The base Mesopotamia Mod has be renovated resulting in a faster and easier online version. A full game can now be played in a short period of four hours :). Here are the key changes: (The are not reflected on the civilopedia, because that is on individuals hard drive)
  • Of course, techs are still cut in half
  • Settler cost reduced to one instead of 2 citizens
  • Road network connecting all civilization, which is kind of like the road network seen in the original Rise of Rome
  • Carragh ability increased; 2 attack, 1 defense, 3 movement, & 2 transports
  • Gallery ability increased ; 3 attack and 2 defense, & 4 transports
  • Barbarian huts taken out of most open land, and added to outlying area making it difficult to settle far out regions; can destroy whole armies
Please comment if you have anything in mind because im sure everyone can come up with different ways for improving this scenario


  • Mesopotamia_Mod_v1.0.zip
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  • Mesopotamia_Mod_v2.0.zip
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Thanks for the input. I played like a 3 hour game of Mesopotamia online today. The first time I used the mod, there was a missing file, but I have remade the file. I look forward to trying out the mod online. Probably next weekend. Mesopotamia is always fun to play.
Oh, Fury, I looked at your mod and I think it looks pretty tight. Kind of a European version of Mesopotamia, huh. I'll be sure to take a look at it.
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