[MESOPOTAMIAN]: Temple of Marduk

Mar 14, 2006
Is this a trick question?

(too short)


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If only that thumbnail was linked to a larger version of the image I could've enjoyed this wonder so much more. :D
Actualy the Civ Specific buildings is already in the Code, Firaxis just didn't use it.

But I agree its much better as a Wonder, mmm wonder what it should do?

Can someone throw out a screenshot of it built in a City (and make it LARGE I hate small wonders that just get lost in the City, Sistene Chapel i'm looking at you!)
Looks good Prestidigitator :thumbsup: oh and it's Mr. White to you!

:joke: :D
If someone can create the other acutraments (temple, monestary, cathedral, buttons, icons and pedia entries) then shure go for it. Ofcourse all I know about Baal I got from Diablo 2 so :crazyeye:
Prestidigitator said:
C.Roland, if you were to reskin it (and I would appreciate that ;)), would you please post your reskins in this thread?

I would then place it into the first post ;).

Ok, I only need the tga files
The building graphic that LostWonders used for the Mausuleum of Mausulus might make a good Ziggurat temple or Mesopotanian Monestary. It also looks nothing like the Mausuleum so it makes a lot more sense as a new building. I also think they will be adding the real Mausuleum in Warlords (but this is unconfirmed).
Prestidigitator said:
Thamis: You could use it as a Mesopotamian shrine, but temporarily ;) , here's why...
1. If I can find the time to google some good images, I would possibly create those shrines for you ;) .
2. I might do specific Ziggurats for some certian Mesopotamian cities, so then if you would like you could benefit from them.

So again by all means you can use it ;) .

BTW, when is the next version of TAM due?

Well, we need graphics for:

Mesopotamian Temple
Mesopotamian Cathedral
Mesopotamian Shrine (this is what we're using Temple of Marduk for)

We just released TAM 1.92 a few days ago and 1.93 is coming very soon, maybe even today.
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