Militiaristic City States - An Alternative to Free Units


Sep 21, 2010
Sometimes I don't want any more units, and I DEFINITELY don't want you to use my last Strategic Resource without checking with me first (I'm looking at you Dublin)

I can disable the Get Free Units trait that being Allies with gets you, but that's kinda weak compared to the other two.

So, here's my suggestion: If you disable the free unit option, you will instead receive an Experience level on one of your existing units allowing you to select a promotion showing that the military city state is training with your troops and showing them their unique art of war.

Could be:(In order from least overbalanced to highest)
  • Chosen randomly from lowest experienced units.
  • A free promotion on the next unit you create.
  • "Select a unit to be promoted"

I like the idea of choosing between a small, elite army, and a massive unpromoted rabble.

*edit - Posted to wrong forum, sorry


Sep 27, 2009
You can always just gift the units to other city states for favor, and to make them stronger. Or you could bring the unit to your territory and delete it, which gives you gold.
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