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Millennia | 2024 Roadmap & Update 1

PDX Firefly

Nov 1, 2023
Hello there! It's community ambassador, Firefly, here. First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in the Public beta last week and over the weekend. We received a lot of valuable feedback that the developers are incorporating into Update 2, which is just around the corner!

Now, let's address something that you've been asking for since the release: a timeline or roadmap. I'm thrilled to finally present to you the 2024 Roadmap for Millennia!
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Now, let me address a few questions before they arise! This is a living Roadmap, we will update it every time we can confirm when and what you will be getting the next update (so, quite frequently!) Consequently, we will likely delve into discussions about Update 3 and offer teasers for Update 4 upon the release of Update 2, and so forth.

Another crucial point I want to emphasize is that while we have two DLCs listed on this Roadmap, you might notice the Nomad Start and Strategic Warfare system under Updates 5 and 6. Why is that? Well, it's because those mechanics are FREE. For those of you who have purchased the premium edition or the expansion pass, rest assured about the value of the DLCs. They contain plenty of content, which we'll share more about later on, but the core mechanics will be FREE and integrated into the base game.

That's enough from me. Let's dive into the changelog for Update 1!

Update 1 Changelog

Featured Changes

  • Added a way for players to destroy their Vassals. The option appears when the Vassal is selected and causes some Chaos when used. This cannot be used on Vassals that are the birthplace of a Religion.

  • Added new options for the Combat Viewer. In Options, under the Game tab, the “Show Combat Viewer” dropdown presents options for Always, As An Alert, or Never. These change what is shown in the Combat Viewer when you attack. When set to Always (the default), the Combat Viewer continues to operate as it has been. When set to As An Alert, combat will not show the Combat Viewer when you attack, but will cause an alert to appear in the world and on the right (and clicking the alert will jump to the Combat Viewer). When set to Never, neither the Combat Viewer nor an alert is shown when you attack.

  • Added a checkbox option for Auto-Skip Combat Animation in the Options menu. When checked, this causes any Combat Viewer combat shown to immediately skip to the end of the combat.

  • Reworked the Reinforcements and Forced March Warfare Domain Powers. Previously, Reinforcements would cause a loss of Veterancy and Forced March would cause a loss of HP. Both of these penalties have been removed. In their place, Reinforcements and Forced March now apply a -10% to the Attack and Defense values of all Units in the targeted Army when used. The debuff lasts for two turns and an Army can have one of each (one from using Reinforcements and one from using Forced March). Using either power again while a debuff is already in place refreshes the duration of the debuff.

  • Scaling costs are now capped to the maximum inventory amount (400). This means that costs will no longer scale above the typical maximum amount of a resource you could possess. Vassal Integration costs have been similarly capped. This makes a number of things possible, the most obvious being that it removes what was effectively a hard cap on the number of possible Regions.

  • Related, we made an overall balance pass on Vassal Integration cost, Culture Upkeep cost, and Unrest suppression (since these are all factors influenced by number of Regions):
It costs a bit more to integrate your first Vassal; increased the cost from 25 to 30 Government XP.
The cost of integrating Vassals increases a bit less with each Region; reduced the scaling of this cost from a 1.5 exponent to 1.4.
Each Region you control costs a bit more Culture; increased the scaling of Cultural Upkeep from a 1.2 exponent to 1.3.
Increased the Unrest suppression of most Capital Buildings that provide Unrest Suppression (also corrected several that had incorrect values):
Watch 5 -> 10
Grand Plaza 10 -> 15
National Resources Office 10-> 20
Emperor’s Palace 3 -> 6
Governor’s Office 2 -> 6
Morality Police 10 -> 20
Public Library 10 -> 20
Military Police 16 -> 25
National Pastime 10 -> 20
Propaganda Studio 4 -> 10
Youth Camp 8 -> 10
Sports Stadium 10 -> 20
Sacred Capital 5 -> 16
Community Center 10 -> 30
Community Housing 4 -> 8
National Security Office 20 -> 30
High Roller Resort and Casino 17 -> 16
Virtual Reality Playground 12 -> 16
The Watch Capital Building no longer has a Region Level requirement.
Decreased the Unrest suppression of most guard Units that provide Unrest Suppression (also corrected several that had incorrect values):
Guard 8 -> 6
Jackal Guard 2 -> 6
Crossbow Guard 12 -> 10
Shogun 15 -> 12
Inquisitor 12 -> 10
Legionnaire 12 -> 10
Reserves 12 -> 10
Elite Shield 12 -> 18
Peacekeeper 24 -> 18
Social Worker 48 -> 20


  • Adjusted the Opportunist Ideal from Spice Merchants, which allows Merchants and Settlers to convert to one or the other. Increased the cost of converting to a Settler from 15 to 30 Government XP. Increased the cost of converting to a Merchant from 15 to 24 Government XP.
  • Changed use of the Opportunist Unit Ability to not scale other Power costs (converting a Merchant to a Settler used to reduce the Spawn Merchant Power cost and increase the Spawn Settler Power cost).
  • Local Reforms was providing a 50% Regional Efficiency buff for 5 turns, now provides a 25% buff for 8 turns.
  • Increased value of Tapestry Good from 1 Arts XP to 2.
  • Completed a pass on buildings unlocked by Innovation Events, upgrading some of their bonuses (the other values provided by these buildings are unchanged):
Gardens of Babylon 1 Art XP bonus changed to 1 Art XP per 10 population in Region.
Colossus of Rhodes 1 Warfare XP bonus changed to 1 Warfare XP per Dock in Region.
Sensoji 1 Arts XP bonus changed to 1 Arts XP per 5 religious Population in Region.
Chichen Itza 1 Diplomacy XP bonus changed to a +1 Diplomacy XP buff to Jewelry Goods.
Machu Picchu 1 Engineering XP bonus changed to 1 Engineering XP per 10 population in Region.
Sistine Chapel 1 Culture bonus changed to a +1 Culture buff on Artwork and Masterpiece Goods.
  • Reworked calculations used for Treaty value. Projects, other Treaties, and market purchases are no longer factored in determining the value of a Treaty. Additionally, the amount the larger partner in a Treaty can contribute to the calculation is now capped at 2x the value of the smaller partner. So, for example, if you have 100 Knowledge income and you make a Treaty with a Nation earning 10 Knowledge income, you’ll contribute 20 and they’ll contribute 10 for and average value of 15 Knowledge from the Treaty. Note that this is not the amount you would get in this case, there is still an efficiency factor involved, but it is the most you could possibly get.
  • Jackal Guard movement reduced from 30 to 20.
  • Jackal Guard adjusted from 19 / 28 to 15 / 23 Attack and Defense.
  • Jackal Guard trades 2x attack vs. Cavalry Combat Mod for 1.5x Defense when guarding a City.
  • Increased all Leader Unit speeds to match general movement speed of other Units in their era.
  • Increased anti-ship line Unit movement speeds (Scorpion Boat 30 -> 50, Nautilus 30 -> 60, Submarine 40 -> 70, Robot Submarine 40 -> 70, Drone Submarine 40 -> 70, Photon Submarine 40 -> 70, AI Submarine 40 -> 70).
  • Changed Hydrothermal Generator from providing 4 Power to producing 1 Energy Good.
  • Increased Wealth value of Shells from 3 to 6.
  • Increased Wealth value of Dye from 6 to 12.
  • Increased Collective Farm cost from 53 to 75 IP.
  • The Pyramid Temple Improvement can now be worked for 6 Faith.
  • Upkeep of Knight increased from 4 to 5.
  • Reviewed Improvement upgrade lines based on feedback:
CB Upgrades that didn’t grow over time:
Added Oracle, Baroque Musician, Graffiti Park, and Peace And Love Co-op into a new upgrade line.
Increased Engineering XP in the City Works upgrade line in Age 5 (1 -> 2 XP) and Age 7 (1 -> 3 XP).
Improvement Upgrades that use fewer workers for the same work (and thus less workable by-product XP over time):
Jeweler (1 Gold - 1 Jewelry, 1 worked Arts) upgrades to Jewelry Manufacturer (2 Gold - 2 Jewelry, now 2 worked Arts).
Kiln (1 Clay - 1 Brick, 1 worked Engineering) upgrades to Brickworks (2 Clay - 2 Brick, now 2 Worked XP), upgrades to Concrete Plant (3 Concrete, 3 XP).
Paper Maker (1 Log - 1 Paper, 1 worked Diplomacy) upgrades to Paper Mill (2 Logs - 2 Paper, now 2 XP), upgrades to Paper Factory (3-3, 2 worked XP, extra worker slots).
Saw Pit (3 Log - 3 Lumber, 1 worked Engineering) upgrades to Saw Mill (4-4, 1 XP), upgrades to Lumber Factory (4-4, 2 worked, extra worker slots).
Added Engineering XP to Furnace to make Iron clearly the “Best, but most expensive/longest chain”:
Players that discuss strategy and optimal play were gravitating towards Kilns and Saw Pits and ignoring the “burdensome” iron chain to get their Engineering XP.
Iron “Production” chain is intended to be the “core” production/engineering chain, but doesn’t produce as much Engineering XP as efficiently per-worker as other chains, so we’ve added XP to the Furnace step in the chain to increase Engineering XP.
Furnace (1 Ore - 1 Ingot, 1 Worked Engineering), upgrades to Blast Furnace (2-2, 2 XP), upgrades to Steel Furnace (3-3, 2 XP, extra worker slots), upgrades to Steel Crucible (4-4, 3 XP, extra worker slots).

Overall, these changes are intended to maintain the “XP Per Converted Good” ratios that were falling off as workers became more efficient. This will result in more XP, especially Engineering XP which is affected in multiple places. Engineering XP also tends to be the most valuable in the mid/late game, with the high utility of Clear Cut/Deforestation and Expand Town powers (which were often were taking higher priority than expensive Engineering National Spirit Ideals).


  • Made a pass at adjusting some elements of Diplomacy:
Increased the positive diplomatic opinion gained by Diplomatic Actions by 150%.
Rejected Diplomatic requests to establish an Embassy now refund 80% of the cost.
Doubled the rate of Diplomatic Opinion decay (in general, relationship will trend toward a “0” baseline more quickly).
Added or adjusted tooltips and Infopedia details to better explain Diplomacy in general.
  • Transports now show the Unit they are transporting.
  • Tooltip for Transports now shows health of Unit being transported.
  • Unlocking SETI Scan now disables Eureka (as there is no reason not to use SETI Scan and using Eureka was unintentionally making SETI Scan worse).
  • Scholars bonus now applies to SETI Scan.
  • SETI Scan Event now only happens in Age of Rocketry.
  • Removed the confirmation pop-up for Cleanse Outbreak so you don’t see that infinity times during Age of Plague.
  • Removed the Truce Culture Power from Age of Conquest.
  • Archangel laser can now target Vassals.
  • The Raise Tribal Army Ideal now spawns a Warband when the Ideal is unlocked.
  • Know the Terrain, from the Naturalists National Spirit, now applies to all pre-gunpowder Units instead of just Warbands.
  • You can no longer Bribe Aliens.
  • Changed Trade Posts and Trade Factories to be buildable in Castle Outposts.
  • Enemies like the cultists and alien invaders now display unique flags. Added new flags for these.
  • Previously, there was no benefit to having a landmark in your territory. Landmarks were changed to provide a baseline +1 Culture per turn when within your borders. Beyond the base +1 Culture, Landmarks in your territory provide an additional bonus depending on the Landmark (note that you cannot see what you will get from having a Landmark in your territory yet and the effects are still difficult to see after it is in your territory – it’s on the list):
Mount Everest, Amazon Rainforest, and Congo Rainforest: +1 Exploration
Mount Fuji, Grand Canyon and Aurora: +1 Arts
Borneo Rainforest, Tall Mountain: +2 Production
Yosemite Forest, Frozen Wastes: +1 Government
Sundarbans Delta and Sahara Desert: +1 Diplomacy
Great Barrier Reef: +1 Culture (in addition to the base)
Cliffs of Moher: +1 Engineering
  • Arquebus Unit now unlocks with Holy Order in Intolerance and Deference in Discovery.
  • Bomb Vessel now unlocks with Open Sailing in Discovery.
  • The Mechanical Knight (Discovery) and the Holy Avenger (Intolerance) are now in the “Shock” upgrade line, meaning they can upgrade from Knights and to Cuirassiers, for example.
  • The Berserker (Blood) and Damascus Sword (Age 3 Innovation) are now in the “Assault” upgrade line, meaning they can upgrade to Longsword, for example.
  • The Legionnaire (Conquest) is now in the “Guard” upgrade line, meaning it can upgrade from Guards and to National Guards, for example.
  • Warehouses now also unlock in Intolerance by default.
  • The Open Markets Ideal from Republic now targets Warehouses (Renaissance, Intolerance) and Trade Companies (Discovery).
  • The Radio Station Capital Building now also unlocks in Dystopia by default.
  • The Performing Arts Capital Building now also unlock in Dystopia, Utopia, and Generals by default.
  • The Foreign Exchange Innovation (Political Science) previously affected only the University Capital Building, now targets the “University” type (University, Medieval University, Pious University, Atelier Studio, and Alchemy School).
  • Large Temple Capital Building now also unlocked by the Sanctuary Technology in Age of Plague.
  • The Divine Inspiration Ideal from Theologians previously affected only the Large Temple Capital Building, now targets the “Temple” type (Large Temple, Grand Temple, and National Temple).
  • The Clothing Factory Improvement is now unlocked by default in the Age of Dystopia and Utopia.
  • The Fast Fashion and Luxury Brand buffs on the Pop Culture National Spirit now apply to the Rags Good from Age of Generals.
  • There are new personality-based diplomacy messages when a Nation declares war on you after refusing their demands.
  • Changed the Shogunate National Spirit so that a Shogun counts toward the required 4 Daimyo for the Legacy Ideal.
  • Deployed Units (like Merchants) are now destroyed if the Nation owning them is eliminated.
  • Adjusted Reward Camp spawning.


  • Reworked City, Outpost, and Town placement formulas used by the AI. AI players are better at spacing out their Capital Cities and are less likely to place Capitals or Outposts close to the borders of other Nations if other quality spots are available. At higher difficulties and with the less friendly AI personalities, the AI will still place close to another Nation’s borders.
  • AI places higher priority on building the Colony Ship in Age of Departure.

UI / Art

  • Expeditions now show that they have been completed on the nameplate for the Landmark.
  • Combat targeting tooltip now shows specific controls (“right click to attack”). This now also directly shows when you are in “attack without advancing” mode.
  • Revised scale and placement of all tents used to show that an Army has acted in the round.
  • Tweaked weapons on Airmobile Unit.
  • Reworked the tooltip for the Greathall to better communicate the effect.
  • Clarified tooltips for diplomatic buildings that provide Diplomacy based on relationship with other Nations.
  • Updated the ground texture used by future era Improvements.
  • The Technologies used to advance an Age now show tooltips.
  • Replaced the Chivalry National Spirit icon.
  • Now show progress on Research tooltip. Also added display of progress on Tech tooltips.
  • Added titles to dropdowns in the Nation Builder, simplified the text in the dropdowns of the menu to better fit all languages.
  • Being able to spot the Satellite Array is important to Archangel gameplay. This Improvement has been revised (scaled, animated, FX added) to make it easier to spot.
  • Reworked the Remote Camp to make it easier to recognize on the map.
  • Added a new system for specifying custom flags in the Nation Builder.
  • Added additional flags to the Nation Builder.
  • Reworked the tooltip for the Age 3 Horse Tech to show specific amount of Influence gained.
  • Adjusted the Supercomputer Improvement’s ground decal.
  • Fixed an issue with Titanium Foundry Improvement’s placement.
  • Battles that take place in deep water now show “Battle at Sea” in the Combat Viewer (as opposed to “Battle in the Wilderness”).
  • Battles that take place in shallow water now show “Battle on the Water” in the Combat Viewer.
  • Adjusted the back button in the Infopedia and added a larger close button.
  • Added buttons on main menu for Millennia Wiki and Discord.
  • Revised the Archer Unit.
  • Changed Settler Unit movement sound from cart to foot.
  • Added a display of the map seed for the current game (shown in the ESC menu).
  • The tooltips for Powers now show the duration (when relevant) and the Power’s effect in both the targeting tooltip and in the tooltip shown from the Power UI.
  • Fixed Regional Efficiency tooltip to show effect as a percentage.
  • Cleaned up inconsistent formatting in Landmark tooltips.
  • Added clearer callout that Domain Powers are not available until the Domain is unlocked.
  • Revised the Recycling Center Improvement.
  • Trash Heap Improvement revised.
  • Mansion Improvement revised.
  • Revised Steel Crucible Improvement, added smoke effect when worked.
  • Revised Inventor’s Lab Improvement.
  • Adjusted cliffs and how Improvements place on terrain with them.
  • Added the icon for the resource type cost of upgrading a Unit to the tooltip for upgrading.
  • “Amphibious Attack” changed to “Amphibious Assault.”
  • Combat mod for Amphibious Assault correctly labeled in Combat Viewer.
  • Updated details of Age of Iron in Infopedia.
  • Notification for Barbarian Resurgence specifies that another Nation is responsible for it.
  • Adjusted Rush button to fix text overflow in some languages.
  • Adjusted tooltip for Peaceful Revolution to convey that new Governments are available.
  • Values in the Diplomacy breakdown are now colorized to highlight good or bad relationships.
  • Targeting a broken Unit would show “no damage” on the combat prediction, changed to show “eliminated.”
  • Added an Infopedia entry for Regional Efficiency and made Regional Efficiency a nested tooltip.
  • Added a new help topic in Age 2 to convey information about over-expansion, Culture drain and Unrest from too many Regions, and the ability to convert Regions to Vassals or destroy Vassals.
  • Naval Units now display details about being able to bombard land or being restricted to shallow water movement in tooltips and Infopedia entries.
  • Send Gift and Improve Relations Diplomatic messages now show effects on the popup when receiving it.
  • Clarified tooltip for total summary of religious population by showing the number of religious population from all other Nations (would previously show only if the Nation had adopted the Religion as its State Religion).
  • Gave Recon Balloon a new hit animation.


  • Adjusted hotseat to prevent a problem when players attempt to join a second hotseat game while playing a different hotseat game.


  • Fixed an issue with riots remaining in neutral areas, which could lead to silly numbers of them that would never be removed. Also fixed for Plague Outbreaks and Corrupted Cores.
  • Fixed an issue were certain Capital Buildings and Improvements were not being eliminated on conquest as intended.
  • Addressed a performance issue related to the map. This was generally more noticeable in late games and when the yield icons were being displayed, but the fix makes performance better at all stages.
  • Fixed an issue with movement borders incorrectly showing a Nation’s Capital and Towns as valid move targets when diplomacy is set to Open Borders.
  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip for Declaring War suggesting that doing so would lower the Barbarians’ opinion of you.
  • Fixed an issue with the Improvement upgrade arrow appearing in cases where the player could not afford the Specialist or Arcana upgrade cost.
  • Found and fixed (thanks to players and work on the wiki) an issue with the Parthenon being incorrectly connected to completion of only Tier 0 Quests (and similar issues with Foreign Office, Foreign Consulate).
  • Fixed an issue with a missing character in fonts causing an issue for anyone playing with Turkish region settings on their OS.
  • Fixed incorrect information in tooltip for Enlist Barbarians Power during Age of Blood.
  • Fixed or clarified numerous building tooltips to show the actual values they apply, including Cloud Computing, Diplomatic Facility, Parthenon, Hanging Gardens, Greathall, National Resources Office, Foreign Office, Foreign Consulate, Congressional Halls, Governor's Office, Machu Picchu, Sensoji, Sacred Palace, Palace, Hippodrome, Think Tank, Great Library, and the Explorer's Guild.
  • Fixed inconsistent construction cost tooltips.
  • Fixed incorrect diplomacy message when player rejects another Nation’s demand and they declare war.
  • Fixed itemized display of diplomacy building buffs to not show income for Nations that are not contributing.
  • Corrected the Convert to Vassal tooltip to accurately describe what happens when it is used.
  • Corrected Age of Generals in Infopedia to clarify that victory goes to all members of the Faction.
  • Fixed issue with the Launch Pad Failure Chaos Event that was causing the penalty to scale with number of Regions; now properly reduces Space Race success chance by a flat 25%.
  • The Great Library Capital Building from the Scholars National Spirit was not providing the correct number of Foreign Manuscripts. Fixed. Also corrected related tooltips.
  • Fixed issue where the Religion overlay was not displaying in some cases.
  • Fixed the Grand Abbey so that it cannot be built at sea.
  • Fixed an issue with Landmark spawn conditions that was causing several Landmarks (Congo Rainforest, Yosemite Forest, Sundarbans Delta) to almost never appear.
  • Fixed an issue with the icon for “moving here will send this Unit home” showing in incorrect places, flashing.
  • Fixed overflowing text in some languages in the Factions UI.
  • Fixed overflowing text in some languages in the Diplomacy UI.
  • Fixed Social Outreach in Transcendence to correctly provide Tenacity per Region with no Unrest.
  • Fixed Barbarian Warlord icon not showing its source (Innovation).
  • Changed the Colony Construction Pad to prevent being able to get multiple of this one-per-Nation Improvement through conquest.
  • Fixed Battlefield Medicine tooltip to show correct information.
  • Fixed Outposts showing as “Improvements” in tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Nation borders to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause air Units and land Units to incorrectly both be shown at the same time when loading a savegame.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Outposts to show expansion when loading a savegame.
  • Fixed an issue with the map overlay toggle buttons being set incorrectly when loading a savegame.
  • Fixed tooltips for Alerts showing too many decimal places of precision.
  • Fixed the Air Overlay not updating correctly when Air Units are created or destroyed.
  • Eliminated players are now correctly not included in counts of diplomatic relations.
  • In cases where Unit upgrades are free, the tooltip now correctly shows what Unit will be upgraded to.
  • Fixed an issue causing HP bars to incorrectly display atop other UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue with Landmark placement within Minor Nation borders.
  • Fixed an issue where integrating a Vassal with Towns would cause the Towns to appear as workable.
  • Fixed an issue where deployed Merchants could be incorrectly ejected when a Vassal’s Integration filled.
  • Bonus workers now correctly unlock in other Ages (Dystopia, Utopia, Generals), not only Age of Rocketry.
  • Fixed tooltip for Demand Coin showing too many decimal places of precision.
  • Fixed final Unrest Chaos Event to mention the name of the rebelling Region, not the name of the Nation that owns the Region.
  • Fixed an error where attempting to found a Religion in a Region that already has a Religion shows a confusing message.
  • Fixed a floating point error in the tooltips for Needs.
  • Fixed a floating point error in the tooltips for Expeditions.
  • Fixed a typo in the Power Needs tooltip.
  • Proletariat Regime’s regional efficiency bonus was not being applied, fixed.
  • Fixed a text issue on the Republic Government’s Open Markets Ideal.
  • Corrected a typo in the Plague help topic.
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip on Military Hurdles Chaos Event.
  • Clarified tooltip for Create Sandbar Domain Power to state that it must target an empty water tile.
  • Fixed typos in Age of Enlightenment and Age of Alchemy Infopedia entries.
  • Fixed an issue with Age of Alchemy that would cause Arcana to be removed only for the Nation setting the Age, now correctly removed for all.
  • Fixed bad target priority or tactics setup on Berserker, Icarus, Jackal Guard, Oni, and Cultist Leader Units (thanks, @grotaclas).
  • Fixed display of duplicate information in the Population tooltip.
  • Fixed typo in Crossbow Unit’s Infopedia entry.
  • Corrected the description for the Free Trade Ideal in the Colonialism National Spirit.
  • Fixed a typo in the Luxury help topic message.
  • Fixed text in Age of Visitors that incorrectly said air forces were the only way to take down Alien Motherships.
  • Fixed a hardcoded value in the Spawn Settler Domain Power.
  • Replaced awkward “subregion is false” on Peasant Unit’s Build Farm Ability.
  • Fixed the Modernization National Spirit’s Rapid Development Culture Power, now provides +100% regional efficiency production bonus for 4 turns. Also fixed related buffs that were causing double-stacking on regional efficiency modifiers.
  • Changed “Requires Barracks” displays to include “or Mercenary Hall.”
  • Fixed an issue with player being able to repair corruption of a Supercomputer during Age of Singularity while an enemy Robot Soldier is in the tile. Also revised the tooltip for the Power.
  • Fixed tooltip for Open the Gates Power during Age of Conquest.
  • Fixed expansion overlay not updating correctly on creation and destruction of buildings.
  • Fixed expansion overlay not showing correct Influence value for Vassals.
  • Fixed missing highlight on Cancel Treaty button.
  • Fixed a confusing tooltip when targeting Absorb Outpost on an Outpost that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the display of an incorrect movement path.
  • Fixed the Cultural Efficiency value on Monument to Arts to provide a 20% bonus as intended.
I almost finished reading it through on Steam. Thank you for the improvements and updates, especially for the Nation Builder and removing the hard cap on Vassal integration. The other changes also make sense, it's good to see that you know your game :)

Please allow me just a quick question: are you planning to make it possible to place more improvements on hills, and not just mines, quarries and wind power plants in the lategame? Even if it limited, but literally anything more allowed would be good, because currently having a lot of hills around you is a serious drawback and extremely frustrating (and completely unrealistic). Thank you!
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