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Millennia Review: General.

Jan 10, 2019
After successfully played a long game as Romans. Here are reviews what 'Likes' and 'Dislikes' to this game
City management.
This one is what I don't like much. it reverts back to Civ5 style, no districts. A city (or 'Regional Capitol' as per ingame functions) can have nearly unlimited territories and TI can be placed far apart. It uses 'influence' to expand. and there's no real pattern unlike Humankind, or Civ 5 and 6 (Seven by Seven, or a radius of Three Hexes. ...) no natural boundaries nor anything determine region limits while IRL rivers and mountains determined it.
There are clear city buildings, including Wonders (Wonder Race isn't really the same as Civ. you have to win innovations to build ones). and Tile Improvements. when it comes to production line. No districts or cityscapes of anykind is used. something I really disappointed. which made 'Towns' a useless concept beyond rally point (where unit spawns) and regional limits.
The only thing I like is that you don't need to build city next to a river or about a hex away from mountains to get aqueduct buildable. For Civ7 the concepts of aqueduct should be reworked.
One bad thing is that. anything released under Paradox publisher tends to be harder to play.
Also any grandscale 4X TBS games since Humankind did have a bad deal of city count limits. and here. you can found as many city as you can. but you can only control a very few city (integrations). anyone being vassal is useless. since it gives no spawning points, nor can it be merged just like Humankind. (through Government Experience Points which is capped in each era. it is possible that your homeland can be borderlands as well especially if you pursue 'no vassals' policy. )
Progressions. (and relationships between Tech and Civics).
Therer are few technologies to research in each era, and none are linear. also you don't need to research EVERY techs in one eras to advance. but beware. Golden Age and Dark Age rules are very different to Civ. and it affects EVERYONE. Whoever leads the game (most advanced player) has an utmost responsibility to determine the following up eras (either will it be Golden Age (Winning all prerequisite options in addition to minimum numbers of techs required) or Dark Age (Failing to solve any specific crises. For Example. a normal era after Bronze Age is Iron Age. If you (or anyone who leads the game) go to war against either minor civs (City States. too bad they don't age up with competing Civs) or other Civs and kill too many units. you'll get Blood Age (And i don't know what penalties it is, what I know is that the alternate 'Middle Ages' is 'Age of Plague', and it begins immediately when any leading player or anyone else has grown a city to the point of needing hygene, failing to give them any (either by building aqueducts or a midden TI) in time and you'll get Plague Age.. Progresssion is a challenging aspect of this game. though it is quite hard ones since anyone got that era first, someone else get the same and it affects Worldwide. sometimes effects aren't really reasonable since it happens simultaneously. IS THERE THE SAME Black Death Plague in Continental Americas anywhere between AD 300-1200s when it happens in Eurasia Megacontinents?
Military Affairs.
something that's still incurable. even in this game
1. Unit movements in the countryside takes decade.
NAH! TWO Empires going to war against each other and meet on the battlefiele within a span of HALF A YEAR. so often there are war seasons and there are 'peace' seasons (usually after September every warring factions must disengage and return to base, then begin next round on Spring. very few did however successfully exploit 'off seasons' to gain an upper hand. (AFAIK Persians did, in a war that ended The Kingdom of Lydia).
2. Unit Classes system.
At first I hope that this team will not do the same lame as Firaxis doing Civ6.
Sure there are no RPG Style skill promotions in this game.
but there's a rigid class system. and it is even worse than Civ. and it worths a separate threat.
And it worths an entire thread to discuss why.
Government System.
This is LAME! In the Age of Kings. players are likely compelled to choose Imperial Dynasty over Monarchy. since it is easier in the Former systems that player can lose an entire city (or even Capitol) to Separatists.
This is an example of 'Realism VS Playability' spectrum problems in 4X (an incurable diseases in game design if you ask me). Players will be compelled to choose Imperial Dynasty (and later Empire.)
Also what is a different between 'Imperial Dynasty' and 'Empire' ?
The only good thing is that you will not revert to inferior systems, unlike Civ6. where choosing more modern systems didn't truly made previous systems unchoosable.

For what that's worth One Thousand Bahts to buy on Steam. This enticed me to return to Civ6 modding even more even if 1UPT is really bad to use in this genre.
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