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Mindblowing issues I experienced so far

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by Solovey, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. miaasma

    miaasma Prince

    Nov 9, 2015
    heartwarming: city state liberated, soldiers responsible suddenly thrown into enemy city and killed by bombardment

    one issue i have is certain leaders (gandhi in particular) suddenly becoming unfriendly the turn after meeting them, even if all of their modifiers are all positive and i sent delegation
  2. Ramkhamhaeng

    Ramkhamhaeng Warlord

    Feb 24, 2014
    I've read today from this issue.
    Buying helicopter army: 6.620 Gold
    Selling: 9.930 Gold

    Could be done with other units, too and infinitly often.
  3. Cronos

    Cronos Chieftain

    Dec 2, 2003
    War weariness and the allocation of luxuries also seems bereft of logic. I have been trapped in a millenia long war with an AI who is so far away from my lands, I have only had the enthusiasm to send a few desultory units over every now and then. Unfortunately the AI will not sue for peace under any circumstances and so my empire has been plunged into a massive state of unrest. Looking at the numbers though, some cities have no war weariness at all, some have up to -10 modifiers. Further, some cities get 5 luxuries and some get 0. So then the result is that there are cities that get -10 war weariness and 0 luxuries and then again others that get 5 luxuries and 0 war weariness. It makes no sense and I cannot allocate luxuries to the cities that need it. As a result I have a constant influx of mechanized infantry touring around my empire courtesy of a process that is completely out of my control. The only solution seems to be spending 100 turns building up an army to go knock some sense into the AI. And here I was trying to win by peaceful means.
  4. Soryn Arkayn

    Soryn Arkayn Prince

    Oct 14, 2005
    Some of the "mindblowing issues" I've experienced so far are:

    1) The AI's ineptitude at combat, particular naval combat. In my recent game, I agreed to a joint war with Egypt versus India so I sent a Battleship to harass India's coastal cities. The turn after my warship was in sight of their cities India embarked a half dozen land units and sent them toward my battleship. I assumed the AI was initiating a seaborne invasion of my continent and I happened to catch them in the ocean with only a feeble Caravel as an escort. After sinking the Caravel and bombarding the embarked units turn after turn I was perplexed that they weren't moving toward my continent; instead they were swarming around my battleship. Many of the units were Corps or Armies so even my Battleship couldn't sink them in one turn; the AI would retreat injured units to land and send more to replace them. For a couple of turns my battleship was completely surrounded by embarked units so it couldn't move. I think they were trying to trap my battleship so I couldn't bombard India's coastal cities. A few turns later, I spotted two Indian Submarines and assumed they were going to sink my battleship (TM). I couldn't bombard the subs with my battleship -- I don't even know why I could see the subs with my battleship. To my surprise, the subs never attacked my trapped battleship; instead they rushed to my coast and pillaged some of my tile improvements. A few turns later my Destroyers arrived to help my Battleship and I sunk half the embarked units before they retreated to land. I sank one Submarine and nearly sank the second but India begged for peace and I agreed because war weariness had started to take its toll on my cities.

    This wasn't unique to India. Around the same time Norway declared a Formal War against me -- I believe because of my warmonger status. I sank one of their Caravels after it plundered one of my trade routes then sent the bulk of my navy to Norway's coast to intercept an invasion armada I assumed was en route to my continent. But just like India, when my warships were in sight of Norway's coastal cities there weren't any warships or embarked units (just a couple of trade ships). The next turn Norway embarked three units and sent them toward my warships. I could see an Ironclad hiding inside one of Norway's cities but they never sent it to attack my warships.

    In combat on land, the AI does a lot of stupid things, like leading invading armies with Catapults and not escorting Battering Rams or Siege Towers. Those units are easy targets and once destroyed the AI has no hope of conquering a city.

    So the way the AI uses its combat units is incredibly stupid and irrational.

    2) The irrational (crazy) diplomacy AI. In the same game, Egypt was friendly and my ally, they requested a joint-war against India (the prelude to the Battleship vs. Embarked Units anecdote above) and I agreed because India was competing with me for a Science Vic. At the time I had been preparing to conquer France (for a laundry list of reasons, among them they had stolen a Great Work) and a few turns after I declared joint-war against India I declared a Religious War against France. The next turn I was denounced by Egypt for being a warmonger! How is it possible to go from a friend and ally to denounced so quickly!? Especially since Egypt and France had unfriendly relations, so why would Egypt denounce me for going to war against France? And since I used a Casus Belli the warmonger penalty was supposed to lessened. But it never seems to matter.

    3) Poor resource distribution, including a total lack of Aluminum in my latest game. In my first game, I lacked Niter and Uranium in my original cities. I acquired cities with those strategic resources by conquest. In my second game, I lacked Horses, Iron, and Oil. I had to make due until I unlocked Niter and then expanded through conquest. Even after conquering a dozen cities I only had a single source of Oil (from a captured city) and I had to found a new city on the far side of the map to acquire a second Oil resource. But it my most recent game, I was surprised to discover that the map was completely devoid of Aluminum. I was going for a Science Vic and unlocked Rocketry by 1600 CE, and Advanced Flight around 1700. I was disappointed that no Aluminum was discovered inside my territory but I assumed I was just unlucky. Since I was going for SciVic (and the AI never seems to build aircraft) it wasn't a serious concern. After I launched my first satellite and revealed the entire map, I was shocked to discover there was no Aluminum resources anywhere.

    As much as I'm enjoying Civ6, these deficiencies are extremely disappointing, especially from a developer like Firaxis, which should have the Civ games down to a science after 25 years.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2016
  5. KrikkitTwo

    KrikkitTwo Immortal

    Apr 3, 2004
    Well if you haven't launched a satellite... where else are you getting the guidance from (the balloon can have a computer, radio, and video equipment on it as well)
    [launching a Satellite should give all your units the Observation balloon effect...nonstacking and make them obsolete]

    No Aluminum is bad... but you Should lack strategic resources in your immediate vicinity... there should always be less resources than there are civs. (except maybe Horses and Iron)..because they are Strategic and you really only need 1 or occasionally 2

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