Mine not producing... is Civ dum or is it me?


Sep 24, 2007
I'm playing my first game of BTS. It's going pretty well... or was. Despite having a fairly large empire I did not uncover any coal nor oil! Kind of a drag, but I did luck out and discover uranium on a tile where I already had a mine. Problem is, although the mouseover tells me there's uranium on the tile, and I'm getting the bonus three gold, none of my cities seem to be connected to the resource!

It's definitely linked by roads, definitely in my nation, and definitely not allowing me to build juicy, juicy destroyers. So, what gives? Is there a mechanic that I'm maybe overlooking? Or is it a glitch?
You see Uranium after Physics, but you need Fission to actually use the resource.
you can see uranium before you can hook it up. you can see it at physics, doesn't count as hooked up until fission. oil is the same way, but since you can't build the oil wells to do the hookup that one's obvious. with uranium you can already build the mines.

it's quite confusing and you are DEFINITELY not the first person to wonder. they could make it a bit more obvious couldn't they? have fun, and welcome to CFC :)

ps if you're rich, build privateers and be ready to upgrade 'em to a big fat fleet of destroyers once fission and combustion are both in :mischief:
Well you can trade it off before that point.
Aha! It's me that are dum!

you are not! that's why i added that lots of folks wonder :p. the AI is pretty dumb about it tho, they'll trade for uranium way before they can dream about using it. they'll trade a lot of stuff for it! altho i suppose if you forget to cancel the trade, and they don't have any oil, it might not be such a dumb idea after all...
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