Mini Map and my Civ on the edges


Nov 3, 2001
Anyone know of a way to make the mini map (the one located in the lower left hand corner) scroll left or right?

It seems that whenever I get a good game going, my civ is on the right or leftmost edge so half of my land is on the left and half on the right... would prefer to center the mini map on my land and let someone elses get cut in half.

Not possible.
seems to happen more often, the further down in the list of civs you go. If I play english or some such, I`m often at the edge.....
I don't much mind having my civ cut in half as it were. Speaking of mini-maps, however, is there a way to bring one up on the map editor? Whenever I'm making maps I always get lost...:(
If there was one thing I could change in Civ3 and bring back from Civ2, it would be the ability to resize the minimap. It's too tiny, especially on larger maps. I also seem to recall that Civ2 always put your starting city in the center (east-west) of the minimap. That doesn't matter to me, but it would be nice to be able to have a larger view at times.

And please don't take this comment as license to hijack this thread and turn it into a "Civ3 sucks, Civ2 was better" rant. That wasn't my intention at all.
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