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Misc. Tweaks for VP v2


Jul 17, 2018
Misc. Tweaks for VP
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This merges my Logistics Skirmishers and Lategame War Rebalance mods. Forgive me for the generic name; I'm bad at this.

My goal, like with @pineappledan's tweaks, is to eventually get enough support to merge some of these changes into base VP so I can maintain less stuff. I'll be sticking to simple SQL changes and not dip into entire civ reworks.

Unfortunately this mod requires the Enhanced Naval Warfare for Vox Populi mod since I found base VP doesn't have enough lategame ships to have a good balance no matter what I do with them.

The mod is modular; you can remove one or more files if you don't want to play with those tweaks (not recommended).

This is compatible with most modded civs and the 4UC mod. The skirmisher changes conflict with pdan's tweaks, but you can always remove his part or my part of the changes by deleting the respective files.

Spoiler Skirmisher Changes :

NEW Skirmisher Doctrine (free promotion on all skirmishers):
+50% :c5strength: Combat Strength when defending against all Ranged Attacks.
May attack twice.

Chariot Archer and unique replacements have the Beam Axle promotion in addition:
Forest, Jungle, Marsh and Hills costs an additional movement point to cross.

Light Tank and Helicopter Gunship get free Armor Plating I promotion.

Skirmishers lose access to the Logistics promotion and Barrage III now lead to Parthian Tactics instead.

Units only gain XP on the first attack of the turn.

All CS and RCS values have been changed (see the sql file for details).

Spoiler Land Unit Changes :

Stat changes:
Infantry 60->62
Pracinha 60->62
Mercenary 65->66
Mechanized Infantry 75->80
Bazooka 50/70->60/80 and 3 range
Helicopter Gunship 69/47->74/50 if Skirmisher Change is active

Helicopter Gunship can hover on ocean tiles and never needs to embark.

Tank Hunter I and II are now +50% against Armored Units (up from +25%).

Altitude Training promotion (granted by Mt. Kilimanjaro) loses the double movement on hills.

Spoiler Naval Unit Changes :

Submarine promotions revamped:

Credits to @pineappledan and @Rekk for ideas and DLL coding.

Submarines no longer start with the Can See Submarines promotion.
Bonus when Attacking (75) (the free promotion) becomes Bonus when Attacking Units (50).
Dive I and II lose chance to withdraw from melee.
Stem promotion changed to Torpedo: +30% :c5strength: Ranged Combat Strength when attacking Units. No longer have access to the Dreadnought/Reinforced Hull or Targeting lines.

T1 leaf:
Supply: May heal damage Outside of Friendly Territory. Heals +5 HP per turn.
Navigator I: +1 :c5moves: Movement and Sight.

T2 leaf:
Wolfpack: +30% :c5strength: Combat Strength per Adjacent Friendly Submarine when attacking.
Hunter Killer: +50% :c5strength: Combat Strength VS Submarines. Can see submarines.
Commerce Raider (renamed Press Gangs): Pillaging costs no :c5moves: Movement and fully heals this Unit.

T3 leaf:
Indomitable: +25% :c5strength: Combat Strength when defending. Immune to the Boarded effect from Naval Melee Units.
Periscope Depth: +40% :c5strength: Combat Strength when defending against all Ranged Attacks.
Predator: Heal 15 HP after defeating an Enemy Unit. Ignores Zone of Control.
Infiltrators: +25% :c5strength: Combat Strength Outside Friendly Territory. +25% :c5strength: Ranged Combat Strength when attacking Wounded Units. -15% :c5strength: Combat Strength if adjacent to a Friendly Unit.

Naval Ranged promotion tree tweaked:
Basically what @pineappledan proposed.

Shrapnel Rounds also leads to Logistics, but being a t5 promotion really messes with the tree I guess.

Industrial+ era naval units are completely reworked:

Ranged ships gain the Heavy Fire promotion starting at Dreadnought:
+50% :c5strength: Combat Strength when attacking Naval Melee Units.

Destroyer gets free Anti-submarine I (+33% against submarines) while Modern Destroyer+ gets free Anti-submarine II (+66% against submarines). Both promotions are moved off the promotion tree.

Advanced Destroyer and Supercarrier get the Can See Submarines promotion for free, which is also available as a t1 leaf promotion for earlier melee ships.

Stat changes:
Ironclad 55 -> 50, cost 800 :c5production: / 650 :c5faith:
Destroyer 70 -> 60, cost 1350 :c5production: / 850 :c5faith:
Modern Destroyer 80 -> 72, cost 1750 :c5production: / 1000 :c5faith:
Missile Destroyer 90 -> 86, cost 2500 :c5production: / 1250 :c5faith:
Advanced Destroyer 100 -> 95, cost 3000 :c5production: / 1400 :c5faith:

Cruiser 50/50, air defense 5, cost 850 :c5production: / 650 :c5faith:
Dreadnought 60/58, air defense 15, cost 1400 :c5production: / 850 :c5faith:
Battleship 85/66, air defense 20, cost 1800 :c5production: / 1000 :c5faith:
Missile Cruiser 105/80, air defense 25, cost 2600 :c5production: / 1250 :c5faith:

Submarine 40/70, 5 moves, cost 1400 :c5production: / 850 :c5faith:
Attack Submarine 54/85, cost 1800 :c5production: / 1000 :c5faith:
Nuclear Submarine 70/105, cost 2600 :c5production: / 1250 :c5faith:

Carrier 70/30, cost 1800 :c5production: / 1000 :c5faith:
Supercarrier 120/60, cost 4000 :c5production: / 2000 :c5faith:

Ship of the Line gets free Splash Damage and Splash Damage II promotions instead of Indomitable.

Spoiler Other Changes :

AI handicap changes for all difficulties:
Options considered for city production, tech and policy set to 1.
AI starts with 0 extra units.
AI bonus supply removed.

Mine Field nerfed to 5CS (from 20) and ConquestProb set to 0 (never capture unless Rome). AI a bit less inclined to build it.

Inquisitor effectiveness set to 100% (from 50%).


Jul 6, 2022
Is this compatible with "Pineappledan Tweaks for VP" ?

In section "Unit changes" is "Skirmisher Line Changes"
there is :
"Hit & Run +50% when defending against ranged attacks"

I like above changes and love Pineappledan Tweaks, would be nice if they worked together..


Jul 17, 2018
You'll have to either delete SkirmisherChanges.sql and play with pdan's skirmishers or delete pdan's Skirmisher folder and Mongolia changes to play with my skirmishers.


Jul 6, 2022
You'll have to either delete...
Ship of the Line loses Breacher and Indomitable. Gains Logistics promotion.
Ship of the Line gets free Splash Damage and Splash Damage II promotions instead of Indomitable.

Any way, conclusion is that, at current state, you should to make some adjustments, because it will cause some balance issues,
but it seems its nothing "game crushing"..

Just curious, any plans to make it compatible in the future? Would be sad if those were mutually exclusive or require manual
changes every time..


Jul 17, 2018
I don't know how these can ever be compatible when the same unit acts differently in both mods.


Jul 17, 2018
V2 of the mod is live with skirmisher CS/RCS number tweaks to account for Swordsman changes.
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