Missile Cruisers?


Jun 27, 2012
So I personally think that Missile Cruisers come late enough to not really being worth to build individually IMHO. Shouldn't Battleships be allowed to be upgraded to Missile Cruisers, it seems like it should happen. Besides Missile Cruisers seem to have the same function as Battleships with Submarine and Cargo exception. It's just that while pursuing a domination victory there just doesn't seem to be a reason to build Missile Cruiser to add to my fleet of ranged Naval Units.
Most of my games finish well before Missile Cruisers are available to build, so my experience with them is very limited...

However, I agree with you that it would make sense for Battleships to upgrade to them.
Yeah, for some reason they don't. I tend to build 1 or 2 of them simply to carry nukes around and they do hit harder than a battleship.
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