Missing Barbarian encampments

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Technical Support' started by Terser, Feb 22, 2007.

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    I've had Civ III installed on my comp pretty much continuously since it came out. However, I hadn't played it all since the last version of the awesome Warhammer mod came out (around a year or so ago, IIRC). At that time, the game ran normally in every way and many an innocent settler and worker was last to the rampaging barbarians(or in the case of that version of the mod, the rampaging Skaven).

    Anyway, when the new version came out in December and after I finally got it downloaded last week I eagerly delved into it.

    I soon noticed something peculiar, however: there were no barbarian (or in this case, Undead) encampments on any of the maps that were generated. There were still goody huts--in fact, there seemed to be slightly more of them than before(although that could be my imagination).

    Over at the Warhammer 2.5 thread embryodead suggested that this was a bug inherent to Civ III--that any mod you play will have the settings of the last random game you played regardless of what settings you chose during the modded game setup. He suggested that I start a random game with the barbarian level set to what I desired, then exit and restart the mod.

    I gave this a try. However, there were no barbarian encampments on any of the random maps that were generated, either. I tried the Warhammer 2.5 mod again. No barbs. I went back and tried every derivation of random game I could imagine: random terreain, random barbs, random age, random civs, random everything. No matter what I try I never have barb encampments on the map.

    I have also tried numerous uninstalls/reinstalls, always using the CD to initiate the uninstall(and relying on Windows Control Panel to remove any lingering components). I have even used Norton Windoctor at every uninstall session to delete the traces of Civ III from the registry.

    This, too, has proven fruitless. During my latest uninstall/reinstall session I tried playing a plain old version of Civ III v1.29 (no patches, no x-packs). Even here, there are no barbarian encampments. This leads me to suspect that the underlying problem may lie with the original Civ III or it's installation process(though that would not explain why the barbarian encampments went missing on my original install of CivIII).

    Any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)
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    I didn't read your whole post but:
    If you put the Barbarian level to minimum they won't apear at all. Could that be it ? Other than that i really can't think of anything else. :confused:

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