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Missing the old features of civilization

Discussion in 'All Other Games' started by cicciot, May 20, 2020.

  1. cicciot

    cicciot Chieftain

    May 20, 2020
    Hello everyone!

    I made this post because i wanted to know your opinion about these Civilizations Games released so far to make myself a General idea of the situation, and who knows, maybe send an email or something, to the developers. i wrote this post as well on 2k forums,but seems a dead space :S

    i don't know how you find yourself with Civ6, but personally speaking, i stopped play civilizations at the 5,because every new release, becomes more technical and serious, but less "funny"

    Basically, i've always been a big fan of CivNet (even if, that is basically a copy of Civ1 itself made to run in windows 95 without ms-dos + the special "internet multiplayer" added) and i always loved the way the kind of "funny dialogues" that were in the game, like those against the enemy players, the newspaper showing things, the army walking in the town, and especially (something that has been imported on civ 3) the changing of clothes/background of Enemy players during every technological era.

    In Civ 2 the mechanics changed a little bit, but we had things like the funny/unreliable senate, where everyone was giving you advice in their own funny way (that was a piece of art!), or maybe the messages under democracy where when you wanted to declare war, the Hawk Party could interfere with the senate!

    and at last but not least , the nice moment where you build your Castle/Room in these games.

    since Civ5 these games became more serious and serious, and having that "mood" of seriousness for hours, doesn't make it really enjoyable in my opinion. having cities and buildings all over the map does not feel like you achieved something important: now for what i've seen there is a sterile "Golden Era", but before there was a more cheerful "we love the king day!" showing on the newspaper of every city!(and you probably hated because it was like spamming every turn!)

    I don't really know, but i feel that Sid Meiers created in the beginning this strategic game by adding some sort of funny moments, to ease the game, making them more enjoyable, and to satisfy your achievements reached so far.
    in my personal opinion, these are games, where you should have "fun" in a nice atmosphere,not like raging for producing military units,ecc...(even if that is fun as well)

    what's your opinion about this guys? let me know!

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