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Mission Impossible?: Egyptian Apocalypse

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by Jellly, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Jellly

    Jellly Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    Hey, I just thought I'd share this with you guys and maybe even learn a little something from it.

    Map - TSL (True Starting Locations Mod) Huge Earth
    All Civilzations and 30 City States

    Social Policies:
    -Full Liberty
    -Full Patronage
    -Rationalism: Free Thought, Secularism
    -Order: Socialism, United Front

    Everything but: Stealth, Nanotechnology, Particle Physics, Nuclear Fusion

    5 Horses
    4 Uranium

    It is the year 2117, and the world is dominated by a singular power - Egypt. It's lands run from South Africa to Russia and all the way to Singapore. There is no one who can match this mighty nation. Only a few remain alive from the conquests of Egypt. From weakest to strongest:

    Persia (65) - Has a single small town in the Middle East which is encircled by Egyptian towns. Still in pre-industrial times.
    Greece (78) - Has only its capital left and is surrounded by Egypt. Still in pre-industrial times.
    England (178) - Has turtled the whole game and has barely affected the world. Has two towns. It is still in pre-Industrial times.
    France (192) - Has managed to expand south down the western coast of Africa but only slightly. Has 4 towns (possibly more hidden in African heartland). It is in pre-industrial era.
    Japan (195) - Early on it was reduced to just its capital by the Chinese. It is now slowly rebuilding, with a second town on a nearby island.
    Askia (207) - Once a major power, it has been reduced to one small town on the west African coast by Egypt. It is hostile towards us.
    Arabia (271) - Was once a major power but nearly destroyed by the Egyptians. It has slowly been rebuilding and now has one town in its previous lands and 8 small towns in East Russia.
    Russia (295) - Once the mighties nation on Earth, russia is now exiled to a single town near Singapore.
    China (558) - One of the more formidable powers still alive, although it has been weakened already by Egpytian attacks. Has been fighting on and off with Egpyt and slowly losing for a long time. They are hostile towards us. It has modern technology.
    Iroquois (776) - The only power in both North and South America. Early on it wiped out the Americans and Aztecs and has slowly been turtling in North America. It is hostile towads us. It has modern technology.

    City States:
    Dublin - Has turtled in Ireland and done nothing.
    Edinburgh - Has turtled in England and done nothing.
    Rio de Janeiro - Turtled in South America and done nothing.
    Cape Town - Turtled in South Africa and done nothing.
    Singapore - Has fought quite often with other Asian powers with the help of me gifting it units and China also happening to be fighting the same enemy.
    Stockholm - The only survivor of my great alliance with the European city states.

    I have secured peace with Egypt, but for how long I cannot tell. It is a sad state of affairs for the world, but I believe I might possibly be able to scrape a win.

    When I was in the height of my power and Egypt was just another power, I had alliances with 7 city states, and this combined with some social policies enabled me to research very fast. As other powers and city states began to fall I began to mobilize armies but by then it was too late. By the time I had scraped together a small army everyone but Stockholm had fallen in Europe. I continued to research in the hopes of building a spaceship to win but was attacked by the Egyptians before I could accomplish this. Another note: Egypt is in the Future Era as well.

    I have a plan, however. If I build the Sydney Opera House, I get 1 free social policy. If I use this to buy Scientific Revolution, I get 2 free technologies. Using these I can unlock the last two tecnologies required for the Apollo Space Shuttle!

    Any advice on what I should do? I'm thinking of creating another town but don't know where. I need to be able to construct Spaceship parts but also be safe from future Egyptian attacks. I'd include some screenshots but I can't seem to take screens of the game for some reason. I was thinking possibly Antarctica, as it would be relatively safe from attacks if I built up a good navy (I haven't seen Egypts navy though). South America is another option, as it is virtually uninhabited. New Guinea is too close to Egyptian territory for my liking. Australia is also out until I can get some military units as it is absolutely infested with large amounts of barbarians (talking like 15+ units just on the shore).

    When I build the spaceparts, do they all need to be built in the same town or can it by anywhere?
    Has anyone seen the AI actually expand this much?? I'm kind of taken back by how large and powerful it has become on just level 4 difficulty.:eek:

    Thanks if you actually read this all, bit long I know haha..

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  2. Ralgar

    Ralgar Warlord

    Dec 13, 2006
    Who is "us"? I read your posting twice but I do not know which civ you are.
  3. Grotius

    Grotius Prince

    Jan 7, 2002
    Sounds like a fun game, but I have the same question! Which Civ are you?
  4. Volapyk

    Volapyk Warlord

    Apr 1, 2007
    A scientific victory seems like your best option. You can build the parts in any city you want, they just have to be transported to your capitol where they can be attached the to ship waiting assembly to be sent on its space voyage.

    I don't know how smart the AI is, but if it sees you getting close to completing the space ship they might attack to try and stop you, not to worry though the AI really sucks at combat tactics. A good idea is to not actually attach the individual pieces of the ship before you got them all completed, meaning you go for having completed nothing to everything in just 1 turn, as far as the victory score boards is concerned. But as I said I have no idea how smart the AI is, but would presume they are coded to use the victory screen to see who is a threat and who isn't.

    Oh as for the aggressive expansion, it happens in pretty much every larger game. Some civ's AI decides it want to try for a domination victory and it is pretty much inevitable that at least 1 of them will succeed in their early warring, meaning they get ahead from the start and from there on they will just roll over every smaller civ.
  5. am138

    am138 Chieftain

    Aug 20, 2010
    Haha, I thought exactly the same. Thinking maybe Russia...?
  6. Ambro2000

    Ambro2000 Chieftain

    Jan 8, 2010
    Well isn't that obvious? He is Tom Cruise ofc! :crazyeye:
  7. Jellly

    Jellly Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2010
    Yeah Oops, I am Russia (at least what is left of it).

    Yeah that's what I'm a bit paranoid of if the ai sees a bunch of spacecraft bits completed it might attack me. Also, assembling it in my capital would be incredibly risky due to how close it is Egypt. They could wipe the floor with me quite quickly because they seem to like the choppers...what units are good against them??
  8. Packerguru12

    Packerguru12 Chieftain

    Jul 20, 2010
    Anti-Aircraft (strength 32; 100% bonus against helicopters)
    Mobile Sam (strength 40; 100% bonus against helicopters)

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