MNAI's compatibility with other mods


Oct 1, 2018
Hello all, I have a simple question (and I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this). Currently I have FFH2, patch "o", and More Naval AI downloaded and working properly. What I'd like to know is if MNAI is download-compatible with other modmod's like Ashes of Erebus or if I would have to treat them separately. Thanks :)
Unless the modmod specifically stated that then I would treat them all as separate. There are alot of files being edited sometimes and you don't want to accidently replace a file with the wrong version for the modmod you are playing. It's because of that reason that almost all mods will be standalone. I think the BUG mod MIGHT be an exception and can be added like what you are talking about but even then I would still create a fresh mod folder just in case if I was adding the BUG mod to the base civ 4 game, better to be safe than to have to reinstall your game. I don't know about all the various branches of FFH2 there are but I would guess that most if not all either will have you update to unofficial patch p or the more likely scenario already have unofficial patch p in their mod so you don't have to worry about it.
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