Mod À la carte #1: Tile Yields Mod v7 by lichen8566

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    May 7, 2008

    This is a planned series based on playing games with user created modifications.


    The first one I'm trying out was in fact one of the first I saw posted in the Mod component forums. lichen8566 apparently, within days of the SDK being released, posted this mod at lightspeed, then proceeded to update it at an inhuman rate.

    The mod changes tile yields and adjusts them close to their civIV variants. The recent version as of writing this is version 7, and the full changelog is as follows:

    It's a pretty vague description in some respects but for many of ya it will be more evident if you play it how the game has been changed. In this respect it is said that this mod makes the AI tech and build faster.

    You can grab it from here
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    May 7, 2008
    Spoiler :
    In honour of Mr. Lichen (and this is a broad assumption based on his 'location' information in his profile), I decided on playing as the venerable Chinese.

    China, at the moment, is in my opinion one of the strongest civs. The Papermaker (Replacement for Library) is cheap and comes early, giving two additional gold for each one built. The unique unit, the Cho Ku Nu can fire twice in one turn, making it exceptionally strong against medieval soldiers. And the Great General bonus that allows them to spawn quicker and have more combat effectiveness augments an already powerful mechanic in the game.

    Okay then, lets begin :)

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    May 7, 2008
    Spoiler :
    Note some of the links are broken in this post, will try to put photobucket images on instead in future

    It's a pretty nice start, food heavy and a couple of luxuries. Nothing too spectacular.

    I figure settle in place is the best option. I move my warrior east and brown my trousers at the prospect of an arcipelago map, which this is already beginning to look like. Animal husbandry will be my first tech as well as slamming out a worker.

    Found my first ruin. Gave me a bit of culture but I withheld it for a rainy day when I'd know what social policies to specialise in.

    A second ruin on the peninsula revealed to me just HOW isolated I seem to be. This doesn't bode well. Still, my instincts are still very much in line with the CivIV school of thought, and since you just get research pacts now instead of trading raw techs, it may not be as bad.

    I do have a plan though now. Tradition is my plan, Staunch conservatism and seperation of individuals into different classes, if only to bolster my capital's potential.

    On another note Wu Zetain appears to be transexual. They need to add a 'lady' honourific when you go down the tradition tree rather than just Lord.

    Oh yes, a city state.

    Oh no, a HOSTILE 'personality-ed' city state.

    This of course means they'll demand worldwide holocausts of other city states they've had faux pas' with. And I get a strong feeling this is not a game where I will play the 'intentional warmongering psychopath' card due to my apparent lack of land.

    My capital is doing very well in terms of production however. It looks ripe for wonderspam so my next policy I decide as Aristocracy to get the wonder build bonus.

    And line up The Great Lighthouse, built in a respectable amount of turns.

    Notice the food yields are pretty high for some of the animal resources. It does actually make the game slightly faster. I did play a test game of this mod a while ago and Trading posts are particularly powerful and combined with the Economic policies, make for a really strong rush-buy based empire.

    I'm research optics by turn 39, which'll help for future exploration and expansion. Turn 45 grabs me previously mentioned Lighthouse

    I remember someone complaining about all the biblical quotes in Gen discussions. There isn't actually that many, so it's a weird thing to bash CiV about

    Optics finishes on turn 49. By this point I've churned out a settler and have begun construction on the pyramids:

    No really. Almost as good/******** as the Oracle of Delphi that was about 50000 leagues under the sea in my last game.

    On turn 52/53 I settle my next city. I have to admit the advisor is much more savvy about its suggestions on where you should settle. Man I love that word... SAVVY... MMM

    I then make tracks for philosophy so I can grab me sum Oracle

    The Mids are built on turn 56. So far maxing out my capital's wonder production was a good idea.

    Literally six turns after that, The Great Library was created. Blood, sweat and tears combined to provide a suitable bastion for the written word.

    Turn 71 rolls around and my people show no sign of fatigue, inventing schematics for near enough every plausable wonder regardless of culture and immediately slapping down each one with impunity

    I was in the medieval age by this point so i grabbed the first tier of the Commerce policy tree for the free policy. I'm in the mood for maritime.

    I queue up a shedload of stuff for future projects. The screeny says it all.

    Sure enough, Florence comes calling about Genoa over some arbitary dispute involving some dubious looking pate served at a diplomatic conference between the two, forcing Florence of course to PUT A PRICE ON THEIR HEADS.

    And our first civ makes his appearance. Hiwatha turns up in a lot of my games. He seems to have a strong disposition towards teching, and of course, those guys have a tendancy of getting massively steamrolled by aggressors such as Nobunaga (Yes, I am pretty certain Nobu is the new Shaka)

    I ended on turn 74. I'll do a recap soon.

    Note some of the links are broken in this post, will try to put photobucket images on instead in future

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    May 7, 2008
    Spoiler :

    The world as we know it

    Diplomacy and scores

    More about scores and stuff

    I forgot to get a screencap of tech tree.

    Basically, I'm building wonders like Fist of the North Star. Bejing looks destined to be a massive production powerhouse. I can only fit three cities on my current isle ideally. As for other civs and continents, I don't know. At the moment Hiwatha I only found due to his scout running around in city state territory.

    The mod itself certainly is interesting so far. Like I said I'm not playing this mod blind, I've already had a couple of games and the changes are subtle. But the effects accumulate to a legendary amount of coin, hammer and food surplus into the late game. Who knows what this game will present.
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    Longtime reader, just signed up to reply to this post:

    I think this is an excellent idea and really well done. I hope you carry this further, it would be nice to have more discussion of the available mods and what sort of gameplay they might offer.

    Keep up the good work!
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    May 7, 2008
    Spoiler :
    New segment. I see people are lurking this thread like nothing else, so I've decided on updating.

    The next couple of turns were just developing and exploring, getting a feel for the world (which is by the way, mostly island chains). Hiwathwa appears to be directly south west of me.
    I met lots of... ummm...


    Also note, India's in this game. He was also allied with the last state at the time.

    He's very near. I'm thinking of paying a military visit later on.

    Alex is somewhere east. Stuck very far north

    I forgot to mention prior to this point Hiwathwa and Alex had offered me research deals

    Because of his icy situation, Alex really isn't a priority conquering target for me. At this point I pretty much consider Ghandi and Hiwatha prime targets for China's Real Estate Development project. For this reason, future trade will be conducted with more far away civs in case my nearest opponents get too advanced

    More exploring and:

    They're too far away for me to care about their exact locations, but catherine is south east from my position.

    A small alliance between these two. AI appear to sway erratically between showing their undying dedication to a city state, to outright conquering it ten turns later when the alliance expires. Given the gold increase in this mod, I wonder if they're more willing to buy their affections?

    Another thing, this is the first game I've seen Arabia. I'm not too much of a buff on this man's historical background, so I'm a little bit clueless as to how his personality is set.

    So I guess everyone who's been invited to the party has attended

    And their scores don't match up very well with mine. Probably due to my wonderspam

    Turn 93 rolls around, and there's something amiss in the party

    The two had decided to put away their animosity for the occassion, which was lucky for the other guests. Just don't let Catherine near the punch. Or Alex. I'm sure they'll be doing it like rabbits if we'd let them.

    I forgot to say that I unlocked the commerce branch I think, and had gone for the left tier of policies
    I grab merchant navy once my next policy unlocks. This will make new coastal cities faster at starting up.

    Around this segment, Al Rasheed or whatever his name is offered me a research pact, which I accepted

    Then turn 96 happens, and, after a string of turns, as I predicted, everyone HATES everyone.

    I grab Civil Service out of the research deal I made with Hiwathwa earlier as well, which is nice. The Iroquois then proceed to attack Genoa, probably for laughs more than anything, and Genoa freaks out and demands military action from everybody. Also got the Hanging Gardens in Bejing, 1+ pop in all cities. Huzzah!

    Bejing also pops its first Great Scientest. I'm saving it to bulb a useful tech. Instabulbs in this game are mega powerful.

    Turn 120:


    The research agreement I signed with Alex grabs me calander, a 'meh' tech by my current era's standards, but my science situation is lightweight compared to my gold situation, so the pay off was warranted

    I also grab Legalism as a policy on turn 128.

    This results in such a minor happiness change that it makes me wonder whether or not it was worth it

    However, the research pact I signed with Rashid earns me Metal Casting. I then use my GScientest from earlier to sling shot my way to:

    HHOOOOO yeaah. And I have a bit of iron as well.

    Ok then. I hit the 135th and save. My plan thus far? Invade Hiwathwa of course using Longswordsmen, Knights and catapults (which I can easily upgrade to trebuchets if I get the tech prior to invasion)

    Before we end this segment, I'd like to point out the yields to you, if you can just squint below.

    The fish yields in particular are pretty crazy. The lighthouse adds an additional +1 gold and +1 food as I remember, and the Harbour adds +1 gold. That and with the modded improvement makes for some wealthy squares.

    My tech situation as well is below

    It's not bad. Nothing really to say other than I really want banking to increase my gold output so I can buy off everybody and their mothers.

    Ok, now to bring you to the most intreguing bit of my recap of this game. I decide to bring up my advisor screen for jokes (thinking them to be rock stupid like their CivIII counterparts) and lo and behold:

    Well, snap. The Foreign Advisor, while I was busy amusing myself with the amount of ridiculous embargoes and requests of war declarations, had spotted something that essentially stabs a big, fleshy and bloody hole in my strategy.

    I would like to come clean on something. I have been rushing through this game quite quickly, and I felt that the AI would be a complete pushover (much like my first game with ramsesses, in which he had two spearmen and two cities to defend against my double GG army with 3 archers and 4 spearmen).

    Frankly, it looks like that won't be the case this time. And this makes me ponder over why the AI is ACTUALLY BUILDING UNITS in a game where the AI is as stupid as Paris Hilton. The main reason I believe it to be is:

    The mod, due to increased tile yields, is encouraging the AI to build more units, as well as upgrade them (the dude has a longswordsman!), thus making the AI in the current Vanilla release 'over-cautious' about building too much regardless of what their personalities are supposed to be like

    I have other assumptions as well:

    1: I placed a trireme on sleep mode just off his borders to keep an eye on where he was expanding to. Did the AI get paranoid and react to this with a military build up? I don't imagine Hiwathwa to be a very aggressive AI, rather, a defensive AI.

    2: Is he indeed planning to declare war? Many other forumers have commented on the AI's aversion to crossing oceans to attack or settle new cities. Will they actually attempt a landing or will they declare war and run around in circles on their own island, waiting for my invasion force to mop up?

    3: How strong is Hiwathwa? Am I seeing the tip of the iceberg? Are there MORE units lurking around somewhere?

    We'll find out next time I boot up Civ5. Next time I will be definately preparing a navy to bombard the crap out of him.

    And also:

    I appreciate the reply. You should do it for anything you see and like in this forum, it provides motivation for a lot of us that do these write ups.
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    Hmm, I have to say, I'm loving that you're doing this. I don't have a lot of free time to myself to spend trying out mod after mod, so a 'review' like this is fantastic. Definitely subscribing. Please keep it up!

    And yeah, that is interesting about Hiawatha...Hopefully your theory about the increased yields giving the AI a kick in the pants is correct!
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    Dec 29, 2005
    ur doing a great job. its a nice write up and i am really intersted too see how the mods influence the ai. keep em coming :)
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    Cottage in the Bavarian Mountains
    I am very impressed and will keep an eye on this thread
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    must admit i am just vicariously getting my CIV 5 fix through you because my computer is too crap for it!!!! Cheers. Am quite fascinated by all of the discussion of the AI though because we can only imagine the crazy amount of effort the programmers will have put into it.
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    May 7, 2008
    Spoiler :
    Oh man

    I have a big segement to write. Took me two hours to play this next set.

    Lets just say it involves this:

    And only just about ended with this:

    It really was down to the wire at one point
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    Sep 29, 2010
    This might be correct, since I noticed that the AI seems to build substantially more units on King or higher difficulty level which is most likely a result of the resource boost it gets at those difficulty levels. Therefore, for the AI, this mod has similar effects as a higher difficulty level. Hmmm, in that case, I must wonder what happens if you play with this mod on Deity difficulty? If the higher difficulty applies a certain multiplier to the available resources (instead of a fixed value), the bonus for the AI will be even higher than in an un-modded Civ.

    And I enjoy your review a lot, keep up the great work!
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    May 7, 2008
    Spoiler :
    This turn taught me a lesson in starting a war so ill prepared in this game. CivIV she ain't, the hex system can be punishing if you don't get to grips with it quickly.

    Most importantly, as I felt in the second set, I had deeply underestimated the AI's capabilities. Seems they're smarter then I had thought:

    These two jokers prove me otherwise. Signing peace and embarking on a trade agreement in the same turn? Do you two treat politics like changing hairstyles?

    'Oh I feel like a change, instead of actively and aggressively trying to wipe the other player from the map, maybe I should sign a research agreement. Surely this won't result in the stalemates that happened TWICE before next time I go to war.'

    I sense much dumbassery in the eastern part of this world.

    Ok at the beginning, my drive was a medieval war against the Iroquois.

    This essentially is the lynchpin of my army. My tactics are simple. Slowly advance with a smaller force of knights and longswordsmen on his narrow isle, with these units being covered in the rear by cho ku nus.

    Since he has little room to move and flank, and since he doesn't appear to have fast calvary units, he will on average only just about come into range of my units, thus allowing my two-shots-a-turn cho-ko-nus to pick these guys off, minimizing my casulties and time spent healing my front line units.

    When I creep on the cities, I will lay down siege from my Cho's and then mop up using my Knights/Longswordsmen.

    Sounds simple right? Well yes and no. Remember I said the island was narrow? It is very narrow, and it's extremely difficult to muster a proper landing on his borders without getting shot to hell by Buffalo Creek. This is going on the basis I have a queue of soldiers waiting on the seas for war declaration. I don't want to lose any units in a hackenyed beach landing.

    Thus bringing me to my saving grace.

    Genoa is still up and running. As said previously, Hiwathwa failed to absorb it. And what better way to march in on his territory than simply paying the local Marquis to turn a blind eye to the army stalking through his lands?

    Ok, rewind a little, there was a bit more exploration. Apparently, there is one more civ I have not met yet. I sent a trireme in the southern hemisphere. And:

    Well blow me down. It's Washingmachineton himself. That and a slew of city states. He was allied with Vienna as of that turn. Not sure if he kept the alliance up.

    Better yet, Washingupbowl was fairly rational in his treatment of China. I wonder if he'll stay that level headed throughout the game?



    When I swing by Washingline's capital I spot something kinky

    I wonder if the mod affected science yields for settled GS'? I don't know, I hadn't seen many in my games. Anyone confirm that?

    A couple of turns from this point and Alex swings by in the aftermath of the party I threw earlier. He then proceeds to smash a chair over the head of one of my most trusted servants, punts my cat into orbit and rather curtly tells me:

    He also stole about six bottles of wine while we were trying to get Catherine off Askia. And rode his horse through my main hall three times and ruined the floor. When I asked him why he did it he replied he was merely 'riding across the Silk road into China'.

    ******g greeks

    So by this point, despite Alex being a massive douche about it, this was actually a major clue from the interface that I was vastly under par in military in comparison to the bisexual nutter halfway across the world. I'm guessing this is the new 'We Have Enough Time on Our Hands'. I have to admit it's much more hilarious having the AI switch into 'schoolyard bully mode' if you're not doing well.

    Now he certainly doesn't worry me yet but I wouldn't be surprised if Alex started assimilating city states parallel to his island. He already begun colonizing elsewhere.

    But like I said earlier, I'm not too concerned. I'm bulking up on military by this point anyways, so once I'm finished he might not feel so keen to trample his horse up and down my patio on diplomatic meetings when my spearmen are watching him.

    And sure enough, Alex begins his crusade on turn 152. Ghandi also built the porcelain tower while I was researching education! These AI's are getting pretty smart

    Come to think of it guys, the AI isn't looking very seasick either. This doesn't bode well. Mind you, what the heck is Cleanington doing sailing a catapult that way?

    Ok so, here's my army

    Here's my bribe

    Here's Hiwathwa getting wise

    The AI in Civ5 are much more savvy about their borders, so no more amassing a million units outside Paris without Napoleon noticing. How it works is, the AI will come talk to you and accuse you of being a warmongering dick.

    If you say yes, and declare hostilities, you will be seen as a warmongering dick, but not a sneaky snake like warmongering dick (i.e. your relations with other leaders won't take too much of a hit). If you lie and declare war a couple of turns later, then you wil be a warmongering snake like dick. This is why it's best to stack up at home, then send the gravy train of soldiers out.

    Sadly I didn't have my entire force ready (it was in fact a group of triremes off his coastline that set him off) and organised when Hiwa came round and called my bluff, but I'm not prepared to alienate myself from the world just yet. I said yes, he said that I was honest, I laughed at him.

    Genoa then decides to dogpile with me, and sends a spearman out:

    There were several occasions during this war where Genoa floorwiped Hiwa's army. Starting with these happenstances in Genoa's borders. Both times Hiwa was the aggressor and both times he was promptly put in his place. The Marquis was even mad enough to chuck the spearman RIGHT HERE:

    Lucky for him, my army arrives and proceeds to mop up. First it was some out of position archers, then some spearmen. Killing just a couple of these units earns me my GG.

    Sadly his more updated units have better promotions. Longswordsmen with cover sitting just off of Buffalo Creek took two bombardments from Triremes and survived a charge from my Longswordsmen. His Catapults don't survive a stomping from my Knights.

    This next screenshot's a bit confusing.

    Basically, I lost that swordsman and my Cho was caught out in the open with its pants down because I had to move back one of my knights to heal. I was banking on the two move a turn cho to eliminate any threats but I didn't expect my right flank to cave so quickly.

    The lack of clarity in these screenshots says it all folks. This was a really difficult landing for me. Not having stacks in this game means it's difficult to move your reinforcements to the front line and difficult to move your frontliners back to heal without giving up the ground you've gained. And though I could move my men on the seas, I didn't want to risk an insta-kill from the city bombardment.

    I really didn't want to conceed any ground to this git, but I was aware of the irony that China was fighting a land war in psuedo China, and that my men wouldn't last against this onslaught of raw military spooling out from his capital.

    But on a more positive note:

    ND gives me happies :cool:

    Before you comment on why I'm building wonders during war, I had pretty much conceeded to the fact that this war was mainly a pretense to gaining a foothold on his continent for any future invasion. As such my military is only equipped for taking Buffalo Creek, and that any future captures are risky.

    Meanwhile I signed a research pact with Al-Rashid, and roughly around the same turn advanced to Renaisance with the help of Acoustics

    I also adopted Rationalism for the 5 turn golden age. I'm going to need the science boosters on this policy tree way before long.

    Later, Genoa comes to my rescue with a minor pikeman reinforcement on my flank.

    I am liking this dude a lot. The City States are worthy allies
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    May 7, 2008
    Spoiler :
    I also build the National Epic in my capital, since it has so many goddamn wonders in it and primarily because I haven't built one in any of my playthroughs and I want to see how effective it is

    Hiwa's clocked on to how much trouble he's in. At the initial bout of hostilites he pushed for a mutual peace treaty. It's amazing how crushing his army made him think otherwise.

    Oh and, another GS:

    I need to take control of the seas quickly. Navigation will be a key tech in the future, and Astronomy will help me get there.

    After some nasty shots from my Siege Cho Ku Nu:

    I've achieved my main objective. But here's where I get a little too greedy. I decide to go for his capital, which is just south west of Buffalo Creek

    The next turn also netted me Physics, ala research agreement with America, and banking also pops that turn, which will essentially allow me to build Banks and increase my already huge amount of GPT.

    And like I said, the situation gets a bit hairy. Apparently Hiwa is far from on the ropes, and is spamming longswordsmen, which are very very tough adversaries for me to handle since a lot of my troops were thinned out and injured in the initial assault. And considering I'm seeing one every three turns or so, I'm being incredibly careful about reorganising my troops

    A couple of turns later and I grab the Sistine Chapel

    It's for extra culture, I guess. I'll be hurting for it later.

    Washingupliquid also continues to be a steadfast ally to my cause

    This was also very very nice, since I never accumulate enough excess happiness for legit GAs in my games. This rather sweet segment was soured by Alex, now upgraded apparently to 'Douche.v2.0':

    At some point Hiwa's army trickle stops. With my second GG, we begin the march up to Odonga. And oh god is it catastrophic. It was close to the levels of the Alamo. I lose several units, including a GG in the chokepoint near his capital.

    And after all my losses, he pushes me back to Buffalo Creek, left with just a handful of Cho's. Then my blood runs cold as I spot this:


    I MAD

    Furiously, I sue for peace:

    And with the world now laughing at mighty China (Bookended by GHANDI OF ALL PEOPLE!):

    I use this break to calm down, reevaluate the opponent and once I'm done with my reevaluation, I WILL BE DESTROYING HIM. I WILL MAUL HIS MOTHERLAND AND MAKE HIM BEG FOR MERCY.


    End of Part 1 of this set
  15. waytofailself

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    Mar 17, 2010
    Awesome write up. I'm really enjoying this.

    And wow! You had city states actually fight alongside you? All I've ever had was them pick their nose and watch my units advance. Nice to see that isn't always the case.
  16. Kaar

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    Alberta, Canada
    Wow, these increased yields really seem to be solving a lot of the AI's deeper issues, I think Firaxis really should take a peek at what this mod has done.

    Definitely looking forward to the rest of the war with Hiwathia, especially with those Musketmen on the field.
  17. Pouakai

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    Jun 16, 2010
    Great write-up, I'm amazed at how battles can turn so fast in ciV
  18. Isikien

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    May 7, 2008
    Spoiler :
    This time, I'm not making the same mistake. This war wasn't a complete K.O. but round 2 sure as hell will be.

    This made me laugh. Hiwa had the balls to give me possibly the stupidest city in the world. I am not willing to make this one work guys. Thank the lord for the 'raze city' button.

    Ok, I have a lot of military teching to do. On cue, as if sent by a divine spirit, a Great Scientest storms into my court claiming he can create exploding sticks that fire projectiles. Madness. We dismiss him from the court.

    We authorise the production of prototypes of these magic sticks anyways. We ain't China, the foremost technological heavyweight of the world for nothing, even if it wasn't our idea, he was born within our borders so by proxy it is 'China's idea'.

    Some of the AI's decided to get the begging bowl out for this segement. I politely told them to get out:

    If that can even be phrased in a polite way.

    I hit the next culture threshold and grab Secularism. I'm running a lot of specalists in my cities at the moment, so the system works :p

    Eh, science is science.

    I check relations briefly. Two nations are hostile to me, Ghandi's and Alex's, in case you weren't paying attention in the last segment. A third is added to the mix in the form of Al-Rashid:

    Alex's pre-pubescent raging is probably the funniest out of all this, having contacted me on three seperate occassions (forgot to screenshot one) to tell me how positively useless I am. Erasing religion from this game has made the hostile responses of AI's much funnier that's for sure.

    Ok back on track. I get the Taj Mahal:

    And I whip up a conscription storm in my capital.

    This is one component of my plan. Musketmen will form the bulk of my attacking force. This may not sound like a sound plan considering Hiwa is at tech parity with me, but this is merely the first part.

    China is lucky to be commanded by a man of a Commonwealth country. Now tell me, what gave England power beyond all belief spanning from the beginning of the Tudor era to the end of the Victorian era?

    That's right, it's all in the navy. My hard earned money during this golden age is going on some beautifully crafted frigates. I have no idea how this is going down by the way, but if Civ5 rewards strategies that are somewhat more down to earth then their predecessors, then coastline bombardment combined with formations of dispensable 'redcoats' to move in after the dust has cleared will do the job. Or should do.


    Alex I swear you are so high right now. How do I respond to that? Don't you hate me or something? No really, what?

    Ok, in all seriousness, I think my military has reached a threshold of acceptability with Alex. Still, to want to open borders with me immediately? By all means pass the duchy to the left hand side, I would like some of this magic plant you are smoking.

    It also seems apparent that Alex had gotten himself into a bit of trouble a couple of turns earlier, which may also explain why he hates me less all of a sudden. This is evident in Rashid's behaviour, who offers me the same prospect of open borders:

    I have no idea if this will backfire on him as of yet. Either way I think he doesn't care. Diplomacy seem to be one massive game of hopscotch with him. Hopscotch with bladed weapons. And innocent bystanders.

    Oh by the way, fast forward to a couple of turns later:

    Haha... HAHAH... yeah I'm subtle.

    I also grabbed Archaelogy from Washingtonythetiger's research pact

    Hiwa's scouts yet again snitch on me by informing him of THE MASSIVE ARMY THAT HAD BEEN SITTING ON HIS BORDERS FOR MANY TURNS, not allowing me enough time to get my Frigates into position. Mind you, this doesn't matter.

    Rather hilariously, as I shove the prospect of war declaration down his throat, a great merchant is born in my homeland, probably an arms dealer.

    Since I really have no purpose for him in a time where I am being a brute to one of my closest neighbours and the rest of the world belongs to the League of Extremely ******** Nations, I decide to settle him and create his special building, which nets me a 7 gold tile! Score!

    Switching away from peacetime matters:

    The frigates worked. Hiwa has screwed the pooch and sold him to a beastiality porn director to boot. He's in SERIOUS TROUBLE now.

    Though Onodaga gets recaptured on the next turn, it doesn't really matter when the CHINESE FLEET IS SITTING ON ITS DOORSTEP, READY TO BOMBARD THE CRAP OUT OF ITS CAPITAL. I promptly grab it back and move my forces to block him off in the middle, and move my frigates piecemeal to wear his forces down, advancing all the way with a wall of Musketmen into his remaining heartlands.

    Turn 223 and my third Great General is born.
    Turn 225 alerts me to something gloriously inevitable:

    Oh god the bloodlust. The testosterone in this segment. That moment pretty much made my day when I was playing that. It was like a million Gerard Butlers had walked into my room and screamed 'SPARTAAAAA' in unison behind my head. It's great that CiV, like its precursors, has cultivated my skull splitting instincts so much so that I am cackling with sordid glee as my ships blast the crap out of everything coloured peach.

    I missed screenshotting its conquest, but my seaboard bombarding earned me another one of his cities, Great River. This next screenshot shows essentially the catastrophe index that his empire now teeters on:

    <insert crazed extravagant insult here> etc. etc.

    I also grabbed Free Thought as the next policy on the rationalism tree this turn. Note: This has been mentioned but there a bug involving this policy, that instead of providing +2 science from trade posts, it provides +1. This isn't changed in the mod either.

    Like I said, Science is science

    I grab Aweksamemememememe, and amongst all the difficult pronounciation of some of these cities, my advisor DEMANDS THAT I FINISH THE JOB. I immediately high five him and promise to give him the best retirement party ever when I finish with the world:


    I was hurting for happies at this point, so I went shopping overseas for luxiries, grabbing dyes from catherine. There's another luxury in Hiwa territory, which reminds me:

    Turn 229:

    Endgame, native american. My frigates are conga-chaining round your continent to Brentford and your other city is in the process of being undressed by my Rifles.

    And with this it ends. Do you need to see any more screenshots of me conquering cities? Nah not really. I'll just leave this here and:

    I'll review in my next post
  19. Richelieu Rex

    Richelieu Rex Chieftain

    Oct 5, 2010
    far away from home, lost in the USA
    This is one of the first positively joyful AARs I've seen for this game... so is the mod making things better then? It sure looks like it...

    One question though, how do you feel the mod has affected the balance between teching and building, is it more in tune now?

    And, as before, keep on fighting, soldier!
  20. Isikien

    Isikien WHOA

    May 7, 2008
    So much to say about this segement, specifically about the mechanics behind battles and about what effect the mod has on this game.

    About the combat. It is very compelling in this game. I did mention this earlier but the 1 unit per tile aspect makes naval landings very difficult early in the game, especially if the continent you're trying to land on is covered in cities.

    The mod's effect on the game in general is startling at this point in the game. My gold income for example is phenominal, enough for me to actively pursue saving up to buy units/buildings.

    It can be remarked upon that my income is enough at the moment for me to buy a tile of land per turn. If I wait five turns I can probably buy a building, and 6 - 8 more turns would net me some of the more expensive units. On top of this, I can mass-upgrade my units (which incidently is what I did in one of those screenshots when I got Rifling). Essentially I have a rush buy economy hybridised with Bejing's producing power. If Bejing had more flat land and one or two more 'gold heavy' resources, I wouldn't be surprised if every unit was earned via the use of my treasury.

    As for everything else, production is much faster, food is more plentiful etc, everything we all knew at the beginning when I mentioned the mod's specs.

    Why is this important? Well, it makes the GAME INTERESTING.

    Units come out faster for one, making battles more entertaining. This in itself presents new problems for players to get to grips to:

    1: The 'home' nation can build military units quicker. I don't know whether this was Hiwa's preference, but he did seem to be building a lot of military to wear down mine

    2: The 'away' nation (the attacking nation) will most likely have a smaller space to manouver his units, sometimes due to the map type and of course, mostly due to the amount of land area the opponent owns. The smaller space is also due to the amount of military now present in the game because of the higher tile yields.

    It will also be difficult to change their formation if he loses frontline units and his more vunerable units (catapults, crossbowmen) become exposed, forcing him to waste a turn reorganising them so the assault units are back on the front lines.

    This means the home nation, if its smart enough, can get the enemy into a cycle of reshuffling. The home nation has the added advantage of being able to easily flank units in their territory.

    With these things combined, the invasion is on a timer, just like in CivIV. Pick your targets, call for peace when you've achieved them and don't over-extend yourself.

    The AI played brilliantly in this segment. His mistakes?

    - His total lack of strategic foresight. He signed a biased peace pact with me when it was so blatently apparent he could've crushed the remainder of my forces and taken back Buffalo City in the first war. This would forced me to stage a second landing later on. The game should punish you if you take senseless losses like I did.

    - No navy. He was definately outteched, and even with navigation, I doubt he would've built frigates. Had he a navy waiting in surprise for me on the eve of the second war, my navy would've been tied up, I would've had to wait for my Cannon to take his capital and his other cities and I would've been fighting his musketmen at equal odds, not my ideal scenario.

    If these are addressed by future modders, I would damn well love it.

    As for how this mod is affecting other AIs, there are many things to note.
    • Ghandi of course is the only one who hasn't got involved in a war delibrately and seems definately flavoured towards culture.
    • Rashid is a very popular target for Catherine and Askia, getting war declarations constantly. This might be due to the fact they're pretty hot on protecting city states (Catherine and Rashid, not Askia), causing massive chain declarations. Is this an indication of their personalities?
    • That being said, either one of the two may be asking Askia to get involved. Askia appears to be a bit of a free agent.
    • Alex is slowly expanding outwards as he apparently gets to grips with the naval system in this game, accruing war declarations all the way.
    • And Washington seems content to keep himself to himself. Washington also seems to be very powerful militarily, which suggests he has a very strong grip on the tech tree.

    I'm going to get a screenshot flurry to show you the full situation.

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