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Mod - Balance of Power 1.0 - Improves AI to act more like real-life nation-states, according to the Balance of Power theory in International Relations

Berent Baris

Jun 4, 2020
This mod improves AI to act more like real-life nation-states, according to the balance of power theory in international relations.

There are many mods that attempt to make the AI better by making it more aggressive, persistent and better at preparing for and waging war. But none of them seem to modify WHO it chooses to go to war with, which is the leading cause of the AI's incompetency.

In international relations, the theory of "balance of power" states that nation-states attempt to secure their survival by preventing one state from gaining enough military power to dominate all others. If one state becomes much stronger than the rest, it will take advantage of its weaker neighbors, thereby driving them to unite in a defensive coalition.

In Civ 6, the theory holds true when you are going for a domination victory, as mechanics like warmongering penalties can unite civilizations against an aggressor. However, domination is not the only way you can win in Civ 6, and the balance of power theory doesn't hold true for any other victory type. As soon as you surpass the AI in science, culture, religion or diplomacy, you can just cruise to a victory without ever attacking or being attack by a civilization. The AI will just passively watch you win the game and you won't have any competition. It makes the late game extremely unchallenging and tedious.

A simple modification to WHO the AI attacks could easily solve this problem. The AI should be made very eager to go to war with the civilization that is closest to victory. This tweak will result in the strongest civilization (the civilization most likely to win) having to fight off the combined forces of many other weaker civilizations in the late game, making it much more challenging and fun for the stronger civilizations and giving the weaker civilizations a chance to catch up.

The mod incorporates other AI-improving mods like AI+ and RealStrategy. So you don't have to download and activate those mods at the same time.

To install the mod, you can just drag the main folder found at Github repository to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content. Have fun and please keep me posted with your feedback :)

I'm also trying to put this mod on the Steam Workshop but don't know how so if anyone can help me with that I'd be grateful, thanks in advance!
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