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[mod]Civ Unique Wonders Release Thread

Discussion in 'Fall Further' started by HadesScorn, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. HadesScorn

    HadesScorn Warlord

    Jun 2, 2008
    Champaign, IL
    Posting the release editions of the CUW mod here for ease of use.

    Each wonder requires a mid-level tech and several resources and buildings to enable. It provides a universal bonus or a bonus to units built in the host city. It also provides a decent boost to GPP.

    Future versions will include:
    -A wonder for every civilization in base FfH
    -A version for FF with every FF civ represented
    -Several new UUs
    -Bonuses to building yields after creation of the building.

    Status: ALPHA
    XML Errors: None
    Version: 0.01
    Download: Currently unavailable, see below for installation method.

    Release Plan:
    0.01: Majority of initial Wonders created. Released
    0.02: All FfH civs have a Wonder
    0.03: All Wonders' primary effect is enabled
    0.11: UUs, UPs, UIs created
    0.12: UUs, UPs, UIs functioning
    0.13: Wonders relating to UUs, UPs, UIs work properly
    0.14: PIE! spell created
    0.21: Building Yields enabled
    0.22: Wonders' building yields function
    0.31: FF civs added
    0.32: FF Wonders functioning
    0.51: Packaged as a module
    1.00: CUWs works flawlessly and is integrated into not only FfH, FF and FF+ but also Vanilla, causing much confusion.


    V 0.02: [unreleased]
    1. Kylorin's Legacy requires Body Mana instead of Law Mana.
    2. Added Sidar Wonder - Library of the Mists
    3. Calabim CUW correctly listed as "Feasting Hall" in civilopedia.
    4. Kylorin's Legacy adds UP "Kylorins Legacy" which grants +20% vs Winterborn [if possible], Metamagic II and +1 Metamagic Affinity
    5. Library of the Mists adds UP "Shifted" which grants +10% withdrawal and Immune to Capture.
  2. HadesScorn

    HadesScorn Warlord

    Jun 2, 2008
    Champaign, IL
    Theme: Mages
    Wonder: Kylorin's Legacy
    Tech: Sorcery
    Resources: Fire Mana, Metamagic Mana, Mind Mana, Death Mana, Law Mana
    Buildings: Mage Guild
    GPP: +4 Great Scientist

    Kylorin's Legacy causes all melee and archer units built in the city containing Kylorin's Legacy to receive Channeling 2, allowing them to learn level 2 spells after Gonnovan has been built. Mage Guilds produce +1 research. Requiring mana from each sphere, Kylorin's Legacy represents the magical heritage of the Amurites expanding as more and more mages are born with each generation.

    Theme: Slavery
    Wonder: Cirque de Esclavage
    Tech: Drama
    Resources: Dye, Cotton, Gems
    Buildings: Elf Cage, Dwarf Cage, Human Cage, Orc Cage
    GPP: +4 Great Bard

    Cirque de Esclavage grants a universal +2 Happy for the Balseraphs, and every carnival generates +1 gold. Cirque de Esclavage represents Perpentach's love of sentient performers acting out his dramas.

    Theme: Militant Law
    Wonder: Martyr's Wall
    Tech: Military Strategy
    Resources: Bronze, Iron, Marble
    Buildings: Training Yard, Archery Yard, Stables
    GPP: +4 Great Commander

    Martyr's Wall grants +100% military unit production in the city where it is built, along with each training yard generating +1 culture. The Martyr's Wall represents a time when the Bannor finally memorialized their countless dead with a gigantic wall, each name since their escape from Hell being inscribed by an artisan.

    Theme: Vampiric Overlords
    Wonder: Feasting Hall
    Tech: Feudalism
    Resources: Gold, Gems, Dyes
    Buildings: Inn, Breeding Pit
    GPP: +4 Great Merchant

    The Feasting hall stores an additional 30% of food, allowing the chosen city to effortlessly feed the growth of high-level vampires in a short period of time [with all food storage buildings, the city stores 90% of food after growth]. Every breeding pit generates an additional +1 food. The Feasting Hall is a large structure where the oldest Vampires go to flaunt their wealth and human slaves before feasting on some of the most succulent souls Erebus has ever produces.

    Clan of Embers
    Theme: Orcish Horde
    Wonder: Orc Moot
    Tech: Military Strategy
    Resources: Cow, Sheep, Pigs
    Buildings: Warrens, Training Yard
    GPP: +4 Great Commander

    The Orc Moot provides free promotions to every unit built in the chosen city, even if the required technology has not been discovered. Mobility I, Shock I and Commando. Additionally, every warren generates +2 hammers. The Orc Moot represents the Clan finally using the traditional meeting of the Clans to train their young for combat, and to plan for their next conquest.

    Theme: Wolf Pack
    Wonder: Call of the Wilderness
    Tech: Animal Handling
    Resources: Cow, Iron, Corn
    Buildings: Command Post
    GPP: +4 Great Commander

    The Call of the Wilderness allows the chosen city to produce Heroic Wolf Packs. These start with Hero, a base strength of 6, and have access to weapons promos. National limit of 4. Additionally, it grants every city a UB “Wolf Totem” which generates +1 culture, allowing faster fat cross spread. Call of the Wilderness represents when the Doviello trained a breed of wolfs that could understand basic verbal commands and began outfitting them with armor and sheathing their fangs in metal.

    Theme: Defenders of Erebus
    Wonder: ???
    Tech: Priesthood
    Resources: ???
    Buildings: ???


    Theme: Agnostic Neutrality
    Wonder: The Middle Path
    Tech: Philosophy
    Resources: 20 AC
    Buildings: Adventurer's Guild
    GPP: +4 Adventurer

    The Middle Path grants an additional +2 universal happiness as Cassiel's philosophy spreads with the force of a standard religion. Additionally, each monument grants +2 production as the works of man inspire him to greater efforts in the fight for neutrality. The Middle Path represents an increasing adoption of Cassiel's message as citizens see the approaching Armageddon.

    Theme: Horselords
    Wonder: Breeder's Guild
    Tech: Stirrups
    Resources: Horses, Iron
    Buildings: Stables, Training Yard
    GPP: +4 Great Commander

    The Breeder's Guild grants +5 XP for each mounted unit produced in the chosen city, along with every stable granting +1 gold. The Breeder's Guild represents the application of selective breeding to increase the performance of the Hippus Horse stock, and the additional commerce the desired horses generate.

    Theme: Return to the Age of Ice
    Wonder: Tears of the Fallen
    Tech: Priesthood
    Resources: Ice Mana, Iron
    Buildings: Temple of the Hand, Training Yard
    GPP: +4 Great Prophet

    The Tears of the Fallen grants an additional Ice Mana, enhancing the powers of both the Priests of Winter and your mages. Additionally, every Temple of the Hand generates +2 production. The Tears of the Fallen are the recovered tears of the Illians' God, and contain a remnant of his power. Their existence spurs the Illians to work for his return.

    Theme: Armageddon
    Wonder: Ritual of Desecration
    Tech: Strength of Will
    Resources: Chaos Mana, Death Mana, Entropy Mana
    Buildings: Infernal Palace
    GPP: +4 Great Engineer

    The Ritual of Desecration grants all units built in this city Scourge. Additionally, all forges generate +1 hammers as the forges of Hell begin to work in earnest. The Ritual of Desecration allows the Infernals to quickly expand their cities and increase their war production.

    Theme: Mining Dwarves
    Wonder: Underhome
    Tech: Construction
    Resources: Iron, Gold
    Buildings: Forge, Overflowing Vault
    GPP: +4 Great Engineer

    The Underhome is finally connected to the far-flung Dwarven settlements. Dwarven Mines generate an additional +1 Food as the mushrooms and lichens of Underhome are introduced to the surface. Forges generate +1 gold as the surface resources are traded for the Underhome's treasures.

    Theme: Inclusive Metropolises
    Wonder: Dragon's Pact
    Tech: Sanitation
    Resources: Corn, Cows, Clams
    Buildings: Granary, Smokehouse, Harbor
    GPP: +4 Great Bard

    The Dragon's Pact is the result of years of negotiation between Cardith Lorda and some of the “monsters” of Erebus. In exchange for guaranteed protection and sustenance, the following units are unlocked: Minotaurs and Vodyanoy. Every Tailor building generates +2 culture. The Dragon's Pact increases the war making abilities of the Kuriotates.

    Theme: Pirates
    Wonder: Captains' Moot
    Tech: Optics
    Resources: Clam, Fish, Crabs, Ale
    Buildings: Sea Harbor, Lighthouse
    GPP: +4 Great Merchant

    The Captains' Moot generates +1 sea tile production in the chosen city, and every Sea Harbor generates +1 gold. The Captains' Moot is a yearly event where raiding and fishing rights are determined in the most democratic manner known to the Lanun, a drinking contest. Falamar is usually the winner.

    Theme: Forest Elves
    Wonder: The Felling of the Nine
    Tech: Hidden Paths
    Resources: Nature Mana
    Buildings: Temple of Leaves
    GPP: +4 Great Bard

    The Felling of the Nine is a bardic tradition for the Ljosalfar, recounting when the Clan of Embers cut down nine majestic trees within the Ancient Forest. The resulting war killed thousands of Orcs and still inspires the oldest race to new heights in war. Units built in the city containing the Felling of the Nine get free promotions: Combat I, Shock I. All Groves generate +2 production. The Felling of the Nine can be moved like The Dragon's Horde, allowing it to be placed in the city best suited for military production.

    Theme: Golems
    Wonder: Sculptor's Sanctum
    Tech: Engineering
    Resources: Iron, Marble, Enchantment Mana
    Buildings: Sculptor's Studio, Forge
    GPP: +4 Great Engineer

    The Sculptor's Sanctum allows for the creation of four Barnaxus' Children. These units have a starting strength of 6 and access to Weapons Promotions, along with the Hero promotion. Sculptor's Studios generate +2 hammers. The Sculptor's Sanctum resulted when Barnaxus was left alone in a Studio for a year. When the Luchuirp finally found him, they found the plans for his Children written into the stone surrounding him. Barnaxus, as always, would not speak as to why he had chosen to share the knowledge of his creation.

    Theme: Desert Nomads
    Wonder: The Path of Dust
    Tech: Trade
    Resources: Incense, Gold, Gems
    Buildings: Inn, Desert Shrine
    GPP: +4 Great Prophet

    The Path of Dust is the result of hundreds of years of nomadic knowledge finally being consolidated. With the mapping of the scattered oases, trade in the desert is finally profitable. Every desert tile generates an additional +2 commerce.

    Theme: Righteous Angles
    Wonder: Ritual of Purification
    Tech: Fanaticism
    Resources: Spirit Mana, Law Mana, Iron
    Buildings: Training Yard, Temple of the Order
    GPP: +4 Great Engineer

    The Ritual of Purification grants all units built in this city Demon Slaying. Every Temple of the Order generates +1 gold as the true believers empty their coin purses to finance Basium's holy war. The Ritual of Purification draws additional Angels into breaking the Compact as they seek to battle Agares' influence on Erebus.

    Theme: Hastening Armageddon
    Wonder: Agares' Call
    Tech: Way of the Wicked
    Resources: Entropy Mana, Death Mana, Incense
    Buildings: Planar Gate, Mages Guild
    GPP: +4 Great Prophet

    Agares' Call grants a free Stigmata and Prophecy Mark to every unit built in the city, hastening Armageddon and enhancing your army considerably. Every Planar Gate generates +2 culture as the Sheaim revel in the arrival of each Demonic Ally. Agares' Call is heard by many citizens of the empire as the steady march towards Armageddon becomes an all-out sprint.

    Theme: Life Everlasting
    Wonder: Library of the Mists
    Tech: Sorcery
    Resources: Life Mana, Death Mana, Reagents
    Buildings: Library, Elder Council
    GPP: Scientist

    The Library of the Mists holds the publicly available knowledge of the Sidar. Of course, publicly only applies to Sidar...and only to those likely to Wane one day. And who are wealthy enough to afford the yearly library membership fee. Containing tips and tricks for survival, it grants a universal +3 Healthy bonus. Libraries generate +1 gold. No Orcs allowed.

    Theme: Elven Assassins
    Wonder: Aeron's Council
    Tech: Poisons
    Resources: Iron, Dye, Enchantment Mana
    Buildings: Spider's Pen
    GPP: +4 Great Merchant

    Aeron's Council meets regularly within the Svartalfar lands, bringing with them their unique knowledge of poisons. Grants units produced in the City Aeron's Kiss, a potent poison that provides +2 poison strength. Spider Pens generate +2 commerce as their industrializing of the venom produced finds a new market.

    Fall Further Civs:

    Heroic Wolf Pack
    Barnaxus' Children

    Dwarven Work Camp
    Dwarven Shaft
    Dwarven Mine

    Aeron's Kiss
  3. HadesScorn

    HadesScorn Warlord

    Jun 2, 2008
    Champaign, IL

    The attached files need to overwrite their originals in your CIV4 BTS MODS folder. Consider cloning the folder and renaming it so you don't render your current games unplayable. Once more of the mod is functional I'll learn the voodoo to create a module for casual users.

    BACKUP the original files. That way undoing the mod is fairly easy.

    Subsequent releases will replace the original attachments.

    Attached Files:

  4. HadesScorn

    HadesScorn Warlord

    Jun 2, 2008
    Champaign, IL
    Bug Thread v0.01:

    Reported as Bugs (General)
    1. Kylorins Legacy needs to require a Mana from Alteration rather than 2 from Divination. [Merddyn #5] - resolved
    2. Calabim CUW listed as "Feasing" Hall in Civilopedia. [HadesScorn] - resolved

    Reported as Bugs (Really a Feature)

    Reported as Bugs (Balance)

  5. Merddyn

    Merddyn Scholar of the Arcane

    Oct 23, 2008
    Somewhere Far Beyond Your Reality
    Uh, slight problem that occurred to me... The Amurite wonder is supposed to be one mana from each sphere, but law and mind are both divination, and alteration is left out.
  6. HadesScorn

    HadesScorn Warlord

    Jun 2, 2008
    Champaign, IL
    Noted. Fixed in next release.
  7. feivel069

    feivel069 Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2010
    In the install notes it says to overwrite files in CIV4 BTS MODS but i don't have any files with those names in there. Did you mean C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods?:confused:

    Well, after a month figuring out how the install the files I found out that this stupid mod doesn't even work with the Fall Further 051, Orbis, or FFH Wild Mana mods. All I get are a bunch of xml errors when i try to load those mods and then a CTD. Those are the only mods I play so that was a waste of my time. Nice try though. 2 out of 10 for not enough install instructions and for not working for my mods.:mad:
  8. Ekolite

    Ekolite Deity

    Sep 15, 2007
    Sounds very interesting! Although the patron God of the Svartalfar is Esus not Aeron.
  9. Billyank

    Billyank Chieftain

    Jan 11, 2010
    Demon Altar already does this, and since the Infernal get Veil in all their cities for free, they can build Demon Altar in all their cities

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