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May 1, 2005

This thread has been created for Previews for the upcoming scenario, European Fury.

Play as one of various European civilizations, starting from the beginning of civilized lifestyle to the modern day living and warfare. Do it all on a professionally made map, with new artwork including new units, new leaderheads, a fully revamped tech tree, and a new interface. Want to rule your kingdom as a ruthless Despot and wage war on all your opponents? Or be a peaceful ruler and dominate Europe through sheer Diplomatic strength. Whatever you choose, it's your choice in European Fury.

Whats it all about?

-All new European Civilizations
-New leaderheads
-New cities
-A brand new customized tech tree
-50+ new units
-All civs have 4 Unique Units, 1 for each era.
-New interface, based off of European designs
-Great map made by Marla Singer

For more information, regarding the Completion percentage and the development process, visit this thread:

Wanna get involved?

Currently, this Scenario can use a few helping hands. Things we need help with include:

-Interface: Completely different look from normal C3C.
-Historical reference: Lend a helping hand with unit names, city names, leader names
-Suggestions: Suggest a unit to be put in 1 of the various open slots where no Unique Units for a civilization has been decided. Include links to your suggestions, don't suggest units that don't exist unless you will create them.

The European Fury scenario creation team

EuropeanFury: PediaIcons, C3CEdit manager, Scenario creator
LizardMenRule!: Civilopedia entries, tech tree

Again, if you would like to help in any way, feel free to post in the development thread.
This is GREAT :)

btw when i play that map i also add Denmark and Bulgaria. Are you considering adding more civs?

Also: can you change the greek UU to either the Dromon (firaxis made) or the cataphract that Kindboat (i think) has made?
The hoplite is cool, but not very good for GA.
Perhaps you can include the hoplite as a flavour unit, or a unit given after you got some tech, or be spawned by a wonder :)
Hey varwnos-

I am definately considering adding more civs.

And changing the Greek UU sounds like a great suggestion :)
EuropeanFury said:
Moroccon Ancient Age UU- Yes, every Civilization has a UU for every era! :)

wow, i didnt notice this! Very welcome news :)

then the hpplite can stay, and the uu's can be:

ancient: hoplite
medieval: dromon (or cataphract)
industrial: there is a greek "euzonos" soldier (the one with the white skirt) by Bebro :D
modern: hm, some german tank? :lol: i am not sure that any serious weapon is made in Greece, and probably none is, so this can be tricky. I would go with some f-16 probably, if most other nations in the game dont already use it.
@ ArbitraryGuy- Yeah, I've always wanted to this this :) Thanks

@ The Last Conformist- Umm...that would be Marla Singers fault! :D :lol:

@ varwnos- I'll do those things, can you find a link to the industrial age UU you speak of? thanks

More screenies to come.

Oh, and also, I can use a hand or two...I'm in need of some directory and I am struggling with the tech tree... any programs/tips/tutorials/people that can help? :)

The Swedish medieval UU has to be a Caroline (could be either a cavalryman or an infantryman). For the ancient age, you could have some viking unit. For the industrial, the only thing I can think of is a Sverige class coastal battleship. Modern should be some sort of jet fighter; J29 Tunnan, JA37 Viggen, or JAS39 Gripen being the obvious choices.
The Last Conformist- I'm working on Sweden right now, and I will make sure the caroline is one of the UU's. :) But first, I need to find it... can I get a link to this Caroline unit? Thanks ;)
Okay, I got the caroline in as a medieval age UU that costs 70 shields, has an attack of 5, defense of 5, and is available at Military Tradition. I also have the ancient age UU done, its Utahjazzes Viking Swordsman. Now for the Industrial and Modern UU's... can I trouble you/anyone for links?

Thanks :)
Well I have had no luck finding the JAS39 Gripen, so I am going to put Sweden to the side and start working on Finlands UU's
Just one more preview for everyone ;)

Here are the Swedish UU's...

Ancient- Viking 4/2/1 30 shields
Medieval- Caroline 5/5/1 70 shields
Industrial- Swedish Rifleman 6/11/1 90 shields
Modern- CV9040 17/8/2 100 shields


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