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[MOD - GC III] Horem's Community Patch

Discussion in 'Other Civ-Related Games' started by Horem, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Horem

    Horem Emperor

    Apr 1, 2010
    Wales, UK
    A small mod that tries to fix bugs and make the game a bit more balanced and varied.

    Required DLC

    Crusade or Intrigue 3.0+
    Precursor Worlds
    Lost Treasures
    Mega Events

    Current Version 1.13


    Fixed Mechanic Citizen.
    Fixed some broken Precusor Colonization Event texts.
    Fixed incorrect text for Ideology Traits.
    Fixed Lost Treasures buildings providing incorrect adjacency bonus's.
    Fixed Intuitive influence buildings having really low values.
    Fixed some planet Features having wrong colour icons.
    Fixed Adavanced Capital upgrade morale.
    Fixed Galactic Event - Ludicrous Speed text, displaying wrong values.
    Fixed ProtoType Durantium Driver having high resource cost.


    Changed +% Food Planet Traits and Colonization Events to flat +.
    Changed -% Food Planet Traits and Colonization Events to -% PopulationCap.
    Increased each Technology Age.
    Changed random Star names.
    Reduced chance of Assassination Event.
    Regraded Map sizes. (They are generaly bigger more like pre Crusade)
    Rebalanced AI Handicaps. (Last 4 difficulties only)
    Increased research costs by around 150%. (Turn 1, low tier tech is now 15 turns instead of 5)
    Reduced rush and upgrade costs slightly.
    Reverted Engineered Pragmatic culture trait back to providing free Engineers (2).
    Renamed Unrest to Taxation.
    Increased sensor range by 4 for Capital Upgrade
    Increased sensor range for Advanced Capital by 8.
    Increased chance AI will pick mass reducing Hull techs over minus construction Hull techs.
    Tweaked Blueprints.
    Reduced Range from Galactic Event - Life Support by 50%.
    Increased minimum turns on Life Support and Ludicrous Speed galactic event to make them late mid to end game events.
    Reduced AI Upgrade turns from 20 to 1 (same as Player)
    Rebalamced Missile and Beam mass.
    Rebalanced Weapon resource costs.
    Renamed Devout unique buildings.


    21 New UI and Map colors.
    Over 50 new Ship color sets.
    Numerical diplomacy values.
    7 Precursor Worlds complete with new Colonization Events.
    16 Planet Traits.
    25 Colonization Events.
    New Bacterial and Corrosive world icons. (Not great but different)
    21 new Starter Systems
    11 new Star Colours.


    Removed Banking Sector, which istagged unavailable, from the ImprovementDefs.xml to stop them showing in the Tech Tree.

    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  2. Horem

    Horem Emperor

    Apr 1, 2010
    Wales, UK
    Known Issues

    You will need to copy the STGradient files in the mods Gfx folder (My Games\GC3 Crusade\Mods\Community Patch\Gfx) to the main games Gfx folder (steamapps\common\Galactic Civilizations III\Gfx). This is due to a bug with GraphicAssets.xml failing to check the mods Gfx folder for new assets.(edited)
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  3. Horem

    Horem Emperor

    Apr 1, 2010
    Wales, UK
    Updated for 3.0 Live.
  4. Horem

    Horem Emperor

    Apr 1, 2010
    Wales, UK
    Updated - Version 1.06

    Included fixs and additions from 3.01 Beta patch.
    Reduced Engine and Life support mass.
    Reduced Thruster mass and dodge.
    Fixed Precursor Worlds not providng resources, where aplicable.
    Added small level up bonus's too all Trade Goods.
    Rebalanced Xenophobic ability.
    Fixed Barren and Frozen World unlock and specialization techs.
    Fixed Toxic and Radioactive specialization techs.
    Added a Growth penalty to Bacterial World (Non Synths).
    Complete ship Blueprint overhaul, pre-generated ships will have thier loadouts match thier roles.
    They also now have a combination of Hitpoint Augment, Repair, Targeting, Jamming and Sublight Drives, depending on thier roles. (AI fleets will generally be tougher early-mid to late game)
    Increased engine moves, engine size is now progressive. (the more engine you have on a ship the more space they take)
    Catagorized ShipBlueprintDefs.xml to make it easier to find and edit specific Roles.
    Tweaked Fortitude, Threat and Value on ship Components and Hull sizes so Roles do not get mixed up. Progressive Weapon threat and Defense fortitude.
    Pushed Desolate, Oceanic and Tundra worlds into the extreme category. Re-named Colonization Focus techs to compensate for 2 worlds per focus. (Rocky, Water and Cold)
    Added 3 specialiation Techs for Gas, Storm and Crystal worlds which are now classd as Extreme Worlds.
    Fixed borked values in MapSetupDefs.xml.
    Halved Range provided by all Life Support components and techs.
    Added +1 Moves to Ion Drive tech.
    Changed Temple of Enlightenment, +5 Research and +10% per level.
    Changed Citidel of Revenue, +20 income and +10% per level.
    Changed Death Furnaces, removed research adjacency, +10% Production and +1% per level.
    Increased Extreme Planet count.
    Fixed Molecular Fabricator becomeng available to build again once upgraded to Industrial Replicator.
  5. Horem

    Horem Emperor

    Apr 1, 2010
    Wales, UK
    Version 1.07

    Fixed Manufacturing Focus specilization techs been wrong way around.
    Balanced Aquatic race Research and Approval improvements.
    Fixed typo in ImprovementDefs.xml that prevent the mod from loading.
  6. Horem

    Horem Emperor

    Apr 1, 2010
    Wales, UK
    Updated - Version 1.08

    Balanced Lost Treasure ship components.
    Increased Out of Range diplomacy bonus.
    Increased Weaker Military diplomacy bonus.
    Increased Military Ship Near My Planet diplomacy penalty.
    Fixed Scavenger tech granting +1 Mining instead of 0.1.
    Fixed Precursor Prison.
    Change Precursor Treasury and Precursor Quarantine to flat wealth bonus.
    Governor tweaks to encourage Synthetics to build population.
    Aquatic Farms are now 1 per colony, increased level bonus to +1 per level instead of 0.1.
    Tweaked Map zoom, icon and admin settings.
    Fixed Tourism buildings preclusions.
  7. Horem

    Horem Emperor

    Apr 1, 2010
    Wales, UK

    Version 1.1

    Restructured Extreme Planets.
    AI Strategy and Ship Class adjustments, AI should better understand the new blueprints.
    Increased hull cost slightly.
    Added new Defender, Slavemaster, Spider, Cleric and Mechanic icons.
    Added a Free citizen to Determined, Cybernetic, Angry, Engineers and Sneaky abilities.
    Changed Mechanic moves to a 5% Modifier.
    Can train Mechanics with Advanced Construction.
    Cybernetic abiility now grants +1 ship movement and +3 range.
    Durantium can now spawn on planets.
    Fixed Precursor Experimental and Research World colonization event's giving wrong values.
    Shrunk Small, Medium and Large maps slightly. (Due to max Player Cap, the maps felt a bit too big for max number of players)
    Increased trade route income by 33%.

    Version 1.09

    Added wealth adjacency to Market Center and Shopping Center.
    Increased Shopping Center bonus to 40%.
  8. Horem

    Horem Emperor

    Apr 1, 2010
    Wales, UK
    Updated to 1.11

    Version 1.11

    Updated to 3.03 patch.
    Renamed and Split the mod into 3:-
    Fixes and QOL adjustments - UCP_Core
    Map changes - UCP_Map Sizes
    Changes and Additions - UCP_Enhanced (Requires UCP_Core & UCP_Map Sizes)
    Moved DLC changes into dlc specific mods.
    Xenophobic now has -90% Ship Production.
    Xenophobic civilizations are less likely to consider other civilizations Ripe for Conquest.
    Angry free ship upgraded to medium beam ship.
    Determined changed to +50% Range.
    Devout influence bonus fixed.
    Changed Galactic Council influence bonus to +100%. (It is a wonder...)
    Added 1 free Celebrity to Hopeful.
    Increased Recovery tech's mining bonus too 0.2.
    Changed Spider sensor bonus to a flat +4.
    Tweaked Defense mass and values.
    New Icons for Targeting, Jamming, Repair and Hit Point components.
    Tweaked anomaly credits. (no more % based)
    Fixed ship component maintenace.
    Reduced Tourism by 20% and fixed scaling for adjusted mapsizes.
    Changed Tourism level up wealth bonus from a Multiplier to a Flat value.
    Added small diplomacy bonus to the line of Diplomatic improvements.
    Made Treaties and Alliances two way. Limited to a maximum of 4.
    Changed Helios Ore's bonus to match its improvement type.
    Fixed some trade resourcese having wrong improvement type.
    Changed weights for Colonization focus techs to better represent the planet traits they unlock.
    Changed Intersteller Tourism pre req, unlocks with Universal Translator, cost reduced.
    Reduced Sensor mass but added a scaling modifier of 10% per component.
    Reduced economic and cultural starbase module credit costs by half.

    Intrigue Changes

    Increased Government colony limits by about 33% to account for the new map sizes.
    Increased Crisis chance by 10%.
    Moved colony bonuses from ships to a new leader. Bonuse split to first 5 colonies.
    All government awarded ships are now support or survey ships.
    Combined Monarchy ships into one, Prince Regent.
  9. Horem

    Horem Emperor

    Apr 1, 2010
    Wales, UK
    Updated 1.12

    Fixed threat for Missiles.
    Changed sensor resource requirement to Thulium.
    Tweaked ship blueprints.
    Increased Administrator citizen awards by +1.
    Tech weight tweaks.
    Changed Thruster Threat value to Fortitude.
    Increased Starbase basic defense to 15.
    Increased Starbase hitpoints to 100.
    Removed Durantium Driver.
    Added Fleetwide movement bonuses to alot of the default designs.
    Reduced AI Handicap for movement.
    Redone some component icons.
    New icons for Fleet Targeting and Dodge.
    1 new Race type, Cybernetic Organisms.
    2 new Abilities, Nanobots and Assimilators.
    Loadout tweaks.
    Ship Component mass tweaks.
  10. norwalkvirus

    norwalkvirus Chieftain

    Aug 25, 2014
    The space elevator replacement for Cybernetic Organisms is just showing the "MatrixAlpha" internal name text instead of converting to the intended text. Getting the same string errors for FarmL1 and MatrixBeta. The strings appear to be defined correctly in the text definition files and called correctly in the improvement definition files.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018

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