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[MOD] Genetic Era for Warlords

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by Dubmetender, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Dubmetender

    Dubmetender Dub's the way of the life

    Feb 27, 2006
    Full Mod download: Download Genetic Era V0.95 . (NEW LOCATION)

    Multiplayer version :
    remove CVCustomEventsManager.py , CVEventManager.py and TechConquest.py from python folder (C/.../Warlord/Mods/GeneticEraMod/Assets/Python) and add this : CVCustomEventManager.py

    GENETIC ERA for Warlords and others changes


    This mod is above all a sci fi mod which add a new era to the game: the genetic era. New technologies, new units, new buildings, new wonders, new concepts have been designed to make this era as fascinating as possible. Many ideas come from Civilization: Call To Power I and II.
    Genetic Era will make you rethink the old strategy you used - cvilization development and war will now take advantage of brand new fields of actions. New terrains are awaiting to being conquered. Develop your marine, acquire new technologies and take the command of antigrav units while expanding your civilization over the seas !
    Maybe, you do not have the sufficient strength to conduct a conventional war, then just sustain a "Cold war" with the enhanced capabilities of the spies and new non conventional units !

    This is the first public release of this mod and even if a beta test has been processed few weeks ago, some bugs can still exist and you may find the gameplay unbalanced.
    This mod is only compatible with Civilization 4: Warlords.

    New Domain: antigravity (domain_all in files)
    Antigrav units can move on the land as well as on the sea tiles

    New units :
    Special units :
    • Ancient Spy (2 max) with Paper, can destroy improvements, steal plans, investiage and counter spy
    • Political agitator (2 max) with Literrature, can turn other city population into yours (4%)
    • Ecoterrorist (3 max) with terraforming, can change rival improvements into
      jungle, do a nuclear accident if there is a nuclear plant in the city and destroy dirty buildings (forge, factory, steel mill and coal plant).
    • Settler sea, can found sea colonies
    War units :
    • Antigrav armor (antigrav)
    • Antigrav transport (antigrav)
    • Attack drone (bad graphic, want a robot or jugarnauth) (antigrav)
    • Clone (land)
    • Space marine (land)
    • Cyborg (land)
    • Orbital bomber (air)
    • Drone (air)
    New resources :
    • 7 new ressources from Green Mod
    • 2 new ocean resources (varech and methan)
    New sea improvements :
    • Sea tunnel : land units can move in sea tunnel, speed move like railroad.
    • Sea farm (+2 food)
    • Sea mine (+2 prod)
    16 new techs in genetic era
    New buildings:
    • Methan plant in sea colonies
    • Biopod center
    • Nano factory
    • Cyber laboratory
    • OGM laboratory
    New Wonders :
    • Dubai bay with advanced terraforming
    • Eugenism with cloning
    List of changes:
    Terraform mod (adapted)
    Settler religion
    Tech conquest
    Unit alliegeance
    Lost wonders (adapted)
    Lost units (adapted)

    Changes from vanilla :
    - Game speed : the game end in 2250, for all game speed
    - Appolo program is a Wonder, no longer a project, required to build the Orbital bomber.
    - Space ship components requires Space Harbour (project) with meteorite mining tech.
    - Other space ship elements move to last tech, cost have been doubled
    - Cultural Victory requires 4 cities with a legendary culture.
    - Max national wonders per city is 6 (2 in vanilla)
    - Commerce increment changed to 5 (10 in vanilla)
    - UN vote frequency changed to 6 (4 in vanilla)
    - Dirty power health changed to -1 (-2 in vanilla)
    - Forge, factory and steelmill are now considered as dirty powers
    - Some changes in civics, and 5 new ones have been added
    - Fusion is now a genetic era tech
    - Hospital health changed to 2 (3 in vanilla), +1 with varech
    - Max number of spies has been reduced to 3 (4 in vanilla)
    - Now spies can steal tech, provoke a nuclear explosion in a city and begin a secret nuclear program after the UN resolution.
    - Domination victory extanded to all tiles on map, not only land tiles

    V0.3 :
    added Mastery Victory by Sevo

    Attriction is : +2 unhappyness in big cities (3 in precedent version)

    New concept : Non renewables resources
    Some ressources can be exhausted with use (iron, copper, coal, aluminum, uranium, gold, sylver, oil,

    New unit : geologist
    the geologist can seach non renewables resources and can terraform peak into hill
    (just build a road on the peak)

    New concept : migrant
    the migrant is built in a city, and move in another, and disband unit in target city,
    population decrease in the first, and grow up in the second one (target)

    New unit: urban planner
    It's the "modern settler", he can found a city with 4 population, and some buildings in...
    another possibility with the migrant, build some building in a city.

    New war unit : stealth fighter

    New techs for industrial and modern eras

    New buildings

    Ai use some terraforming, now

    New mission for the ecoterrorist : he can do a chemical attack, that cause -5 health in the city during 15 turns.

    V0.31 : Manathan project is a national project, the first project built allow bomb shelter for all players, and allow ICBM ONLY for the player who built his project.

    Terraform : Tywiggins
    SettlerReligion : Bhruic
    Tech Conquest : Bhruic
    Lost Units : Frontbrecher
    Lost wonders : Frontbrecher
    Unit allegiance : Snaitf
    Mastery Victory : Sevo

    Antigrav armor: Rabbit, White
    Cyborg : C.Roland (C.Cyborg)
    Space Marine : Rabbit, White (Waffen_SS from ED)
    Ancient spy* : Rabbit, White (Egypt_Settler_male from ED)
    Antigrav Transport : Hrochland (hovercraft)
    Biodome : Matthewv (From "Song of the moon")
    Biopod center/Eugenism : Rabbit, White (CN Tower)
    Sea Mine* : Hrochland
    Resources : Master Lexx (Green mod)
    Stealth fighter : The Conquest (F14A-Tomcat)
    Geologist : modern worker reskinned by Gganz
    Sputnik ; Fossils ; Apollo program ; Nasa : Hrochland

    Some buttons and era movies : Frenchman

    * : reskined by Dubmetender
    Other artworks by Dubmetender and Primemover
    Pics from Google images

    Special thanks to :
    Frenchman and Hrochland for their help and their great artwork
    GiLel, Tirailleur and Garops from civfr.com
    and all the guys from Civfanatics

    Genetic Era Team
    Team leader : Dubmetender
    C++ coder/Python/xml : Major
    C++/Python/xml : Primemover
    XML and Python compilation : Dubmetender
    Tester : Enzho & Tirailleur (from civfr.com)
  2. Dubmetender

    Dubmetender Dub's the way of the life

    Feb 27, 2006
    New/Changes in this version
    (Will not work with previous saves)


    • FIXED A NEW BUG (Resulting from changes made so that all maps could be played) that prevented ALL events from being active at the beginning of the game and certain events from being active throughout the entire game (such as landlord gold).
    • New Terrain: Swamps. Swamps cannot be settled until the discovery of Civil Service (see below) and only a limited number of improvements can be built on them.
    • New Feature: Swamp Vegetation
    • New Resource/Bonus: Reptilian Leather. Mostly found in swamps but sometimes in deserts [Graphic is currently a dragon since alligator/crocodile is not available and currently there are no icons for this resource... will fix very soon.]. This bonus is obsolete with Gaia’s Cult.
    • New Game Option: You can uncheck “Add Swamps” if you do not want swamps on your map. Note: Swamps are not added to a map with the map script. Swamps depend on placement of other terrain because they require moisture and warmth. So Swamps, swamp vegetation and the swamp reptilian leather are placed AFTER the map script has run. This is why swamps are optional.
    • New Unit: Colonist. The colonist is available with Nationalism. The colonist starts a city off with 2 population, a market, granary, stable, and a theater. If coastal, the colonist builds a harbor as well.
    • New Vision Improvement: Radar Tower. Radar towers can be built on hills and initially have a vision range of 5. They can see wilderness camo.
    • New Ambient City Soundtrack during Genetic and Future Eras.
    • New Building: Natural Gas Plant. Provides power with Natural gas.


    • Selecting a civic to vote for requires access to the appropriate technology (The UN secretary general will not be allowed to propose voting for a civic he/she does not have technology for).
    • Vision Improvements can now improve with technology. With quantum fields, Radar Towers have a vision range of 6 and can see skulk units. With laser tech, buoys can see silent subs for a range of 5 and normal is extended from 6 to 7.
    • UI will report what unit-triggered events do to a city if started (you need to hold the mouse over the button to see).
    • Founding sea colonies now requires access to either Natural gas or Methane.
    • Sea settlers will now start cities off with 3 population, lighthouse, market, theater, granary, supermarket, forge, and either a methane plant or a natural gas plant (if methane is not available). It did not make any sense to me that a sea colony not have electricity… since electricity is necessary for such an environment.
    • UI will report why a sea colony cannot be created (hold mouse over found button when appropriate).
    • “Seaweed” is now called “Kelp” in English version.
    • Kelp and Frozen methane are now visible with robotics (since technically, ever since we have been able to see the ocean floor with submersibles, we have known where they exist) but cannot be harvested until appropriate techs have been discovered.
    • Kelp can now be harvested with reef dives for +1 food but does not allow trade until sea farms.
    • Kelp and Frozen Methane can now exist on coasts, though frozen methane will not appear there often.

    Version 9.0
    (Will not work with previous saves)


    • New great unit: The Great Explorer. Great Explorer abilities include:
      1. A great explorer will promote (temporarily) any unit it (or it’s transport) is grouped with:
        • The Explorer Assist Land promotion (which the great explorer also has) is given to any land unit it is grouped with:
          • Unit(s) can cross rivers without penalty
          • Unit(s) can travel enemy routes without penalty
          • Immune to events
          • +1 movement
          • +1 vision range
          • +20% hills defense
          • +20% jungle defense
          • +20% forest defense
          • +10% revolt protection in city where stationed
          • Double movement in hills, forests, and jungles
          • Applies to any land unit an explorer is grouped with
        • The Explorer Assist Sea promotion is given to any sea unit carrying a great explorer and any unit grouped with that unit:
          • Unit heals when moving
          • Immune to events
          • Immune to first strikes
          • +2 movement
          • +1 vision range
          • +20% withdrawal chance
          • +10% revolt protection
      2. Can perform foreign trade missions like the Great Merchant
      3. Can start golden ages.
      4. PLANNED BUT NOT IMPLEMENTED (May take some time to figure out how “unlocking” works): Can be used up to give any unit within the same plot the “Explorer” promotion, unlocking the “Explorer2” and “Explorer3” promotions and giving the units 4 experience points. (NOTE: there is a separate series of “Explorer” Promotions for each unit domain such as SeaExplorer1 and LandExplorer2. Any of the “hover” domain will receive both (but keep in mind that it is unlikely explorers will not be around to see this since you stop getting great explorers with the discovery of satellites).
    • Three game options added (in custom game screen):
      • Playing with events is now optional but it if you choose to disable events, you will not have access to great explorers when they get added because the great explorers are only given in two situations: 1) at the age of exploration and 2) when the random great explorer event occurs. Both of these events require the event engine. Default is to allow (not disable) events..
      • Option added for city disallowing events from destroying cities. Make sure this is checked if you do not want events to destroy cities. Default is NOT to destroy cities.
      • Allow Black Death If this is unchecked, the occurrence of bubonic plague during the dark ages will be the same as it is after the dark ages (1/5 the odds). Bubonic plague will still occur occasionally but it will be far less frequent.
    • Added a positive city growth event to balance the population loss events a little.
    • Added new “Age” events. (These occur at the beginning of certain ages).
    • Hurricanes now require traveling across a significant amount of ocean space to grow into big storms. This will decrease the number of hurricanes naturally. This should drastically affect (reduce) hurricanes on maps with smaller east-west spreads in oceans as well as fractal (archipegilo) maps since most bodies of water on these maps are fairly thin.
    • Because of recent changes (game options) and the reduction of hurricane behavior, I am now adding back in the destructive nature of earthquakes and hurricanes. YOU STILL HAVE THE OPTION OF NOT ALLOWING CITY DEATHS! (i.e. hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires can kill cities if the option for disallowing city deaths is not checked).
    • AI_explore() has been replaced by a faster method to lower turn times that use this method


    • The age of colonization is now called the age of Explorers.
    • The Helicopter Special unit now works (building gunships is no longer disabled). You can load gunships on certain types of naval vessels.
    • Several text issues in the event engine have been resolved
    • University requirements for public schools no longer increase with number of schools built.
    • You can now upgrade a Uboat (to submarine).
    • Construction ships and Crew ships now have extra build capacity. The Construction ship will not die until 7 builds have been completed. The Crew ship will not die until 20 builds have been completed.
    • The UI tells you how many builds your construction/crew ships have left AND/OR how many events your unit can still host.
    • Fixed a bug in old non-event related code that caused crash when AI tried to steal a tech without results.

    • The great explorer’s AI (for computer players) has not been tested. So computer may or may not use them the way I intended. For the most part, they work like regular explorers, but my goal is to get the computer to put them on ships or group with other units when possible. (This may not happen when a human chooses explore automation… this may use a separate AI routine).
    • Some of the great merchants and great explorers have the same names… (I realized this recently) I will fix this soon.
    • Because some civics are not available until after the UN is built, Dub has pointed out that we need to keep UN votes being available for civics that have not yet been discovered. I will fix this soon.

    New version 0.8!
    (There is a lot!)

    When you download and install this update, please take the time to read the events expansion manual because in some ways the addition of events changes gameplay and strategy. The manual is located in [This Mod Folder]/Mod Readmes.

    New Concepts to the game:

    • Events: Random events, Natural events, Environmental events, Commerce events (either add to or take away from commerce and yields of a city), and unit triggered events. Pretty much any kind of event we could conceive of has been added to the game to make game-play much more challenging, fun, and dare I say eventful!
    • “Event Ages:” normalize periods of history where events occur with greater or lesser frequency
    • Graded invisibility: which allows units of a higher tech to see invisible units of a lower tech (within the same tech concept/domain. See the graded invisibility mod thread for more information.)
    • Vision Improvements: improvements that expand your vision range and can see some types of invisible units.
    • Event Improvements: improvements designed to reduce effects of natural events. (AI not done)
    • Buildings/building codes which reduce chances of damage due to events.
    • New type of unit: the “camouflage unit” which is a type of unit that can be either invisible or visible depending on its environment.
    • New Process available with “Social Economics”: Infrastructure (a city can build “infrastructure” which increases the upgrade rate of surrounding improvements such as villages, towns, suburbs, etc…NOTE: AI DOES NOT USE YET because as far as I know, the AI does not use processes.)
    • New town upgrades:suburb, urban sprawl, metropolitan area

    Changes to game Concepts:

    • More advanced spies can now see “lesser” spies.
    • Invisibility for nearly all units now works differently. (See “Graded invisibility” above).

    Interface Changes:

    • Right clicking on an area where a unit can move will show chances of any event that may affect units within a selection group on that tile.
    • With astronomy, plot latitudes will also appear with above information.
    • Events have been added to the civilopedia but the information screen for each has not been completed
    • New graphics for menu, and game loading screens.
    • New music for menu, and genetic eras
    • New message colors for events (though most are still variations of red and green!)
    • New sounds for events


    Event Ages (New Concept):

    • Age of Civilization 4000 BC – 2040 BC
    • Age of Prophets 2000 BC – 500 BC
    • Age of Reason 400 BC – 200 AD
    • Dark Ages 1000 AD – 1450 AD
    • Age of Explorers 1600 AD – 1800 AD
    • Age of Revival 1820 AD – 2000 AD
    • Information Age 2001 AD – 2040 BC
    • Millennial Age 2050 AD – 2295 AD
    • Space Age 2300 AD – End of Game

    Natural Events (New Concept):

    • Earthquake. Destroys improvements, buildings, population
    • Hurricane. Only happens on coasts facing an eastern sea/ocean. Destroys improvements, buildings, population.

    Environmental/Circumstantial Events (New Concept):

    • Frostbite (above 60 degrees latitude) kills units.
    • Lost at sea prior to “optics” tech kills units
    • “Lost” in the doldrums (between 25-35 degrees latitude kills units
    • Heat Exhaustion (on desert tiles) kills units
    • Plague (cities with a bad health of 2 or higher) before biology. Kills population
    • Bacterial Infection (cities with a bad health of -1 or higher) kills population

    Random Events (New Concept):

    • Great person: gives a random great person
    • Drought: loss of food production in a turn
    • Good Harvest: gain of extra food production.
    • Famine: affects food production, health, and happiness for several turns
    • Insect Infestation: affects food production for several turns.
    • Landlord tribute: extra gold
    • City Fire: loss of buildings and population in a city
    • Bubonic Plague: loss of population, health, happiness for several turns
    • Stock Market Crash: loss of gold
    • Bacterial Outbreak: loss of population
    • Viral Outbreak: loss of population
    • Technological Discovery/Breakthrough: discovery
    • Research Destroyed: loss of research
    • Computer Virus (loss of research)
    • Hackers: loss of gold
    • Good investment: extra gold.

    Great Person Events (New Concept):

    • Prophets Plague (Great Prophet city attack) kills up to 2 population
    • Insect Infestation (Great Prophet city attack) same as above
    • Famine (Great Prophet city attack) same as famine above
    • Festival of the Arts (Great Artist). Brings money, lots of fame, and happiness to a city for a few turns.
    • World Fair (Great Merchant). Brings money, lots of fame, and happiness to a city for a few turns.
    • World Olympics (Great Engineer). Brings money, lots of fame, production, and happiness to a city for a few turns. Raises some gold for your empire. Also improves attitude towards your empire with any country who attends.
    • Scientific Convention (Great Scientist). Brings science, health, production, and fame to city for a few turns

    Jester Events (New Concept/Unit)

    • Revel (Available with Music) Brings happiness, and fame to a city for a few turns.
    • Festival (Available with Drama) Brings happiness, money, food, and culture to a city for a few turns.


    Camouflaged Units (New Concept):

    • Thief (Available with Mountaineering). Invisible on peaks, and in all wooded areas.
    • Bandit Horseman (Available with Camouflage). Invisible on peaks.
    • Outlaw (Available with Camouflage). Invisible on peaks, and in all wooded areas
    • Bandit (Available with Camouflage). Invisible on peaks, and in all wooded areas.
    • Guerilla (Available with Guerilla Warfare). Invisible on peaks, and in all wooded areas.
    • Sniper (Available with Guerilla Warfare). Invisible in cities and in all terrain except flatlands
    • Commando (Available with Satellites). Invisible in cities and in all terrains except flatlands

    Naval Units:

    As requested, we really focused on naval units with this update, particularly when it comes to invisibility as some requested. There are 5 levels of invisibility with naval units and units that see invisible units of a certain level will see all units with that level and lower. Below is a chart that shows the new units and informs you of what they are capable of seeing (and hiding from).

    • Uboat: Invisible Level 1, Sees Level 1
    • Submarine: Invisible Level 2, Sees Level 3
    • Nuclear Submarine: Invisible Level 3, Sees Level 3
    • Silent Submarine (Think Hunt for Red October!): Invisible Level 4, Sees Level 3
    • Kraken: Invisible Level 5, Sees Level 5
    • Destroyer: Invisible Level, Sees Level 2
    • Battleship: Invisible Level *, Sees Level *
    • Aegis Cruiser: Invisible Level *, Sees Level 3
    • Flagship: Invisible Level *, Sees Level *
    • Leviathan: Invisible Level *, Sees Level *
    • Future Aegis: Invisible Level *, Sees Level 5
    • War Foil: Invisible Level *, Sees Level 4
    • Carrier: Invisible Level *, Sees Level *
    • Nuclear/Super Carrier: Invisible Level *, Sees Level 2
    New sea worker units: the workship (can do everything a work boat can do, but it can travel across the ocean). The Crew ship the workship of the future, capable of building undersea tunnels, mines, and sea farms.

    New transport vessel: cargo ship.

    Other Military/Exploration Units:

    • Airwolf: a modern gunship
    • Canoe: early boat
    • Cog: first ocean going vessel with lower mobility but higher combat than a caravel
    • F117: a new stealth fighter
    • Camel fighter: first airplane.
    • Zepplin: first air ship available with physics
    • Tomahawk: new missile
    • A-bomb: exactly what it sounds like

    New Worker/Non-combat Units:

    • Utility Chopper is basically a significantly more mobile and productive geologist.
    • Jester: the new “events” unit.


    I am not altogether sure if any of these were included in the last version but new resources include: rubber, sulfur, natural gas, bamboo, barley, trout, heavy water (only available with heavy water plant… required for units and buildings that require fusion), and on peak tiles only: diamonds and thermal vent (non-tradeable).

    Special note about “Thermal Vents:” I (primem0ver) take full responsibility for this one. Dub wasn’t sure he wanted to include it but geothermal power is a viable source of energy and I wanted it to be associated with a resource. In future versions I may make it so that one can only build a geothermal power station if a peak has a thermal vent.

    Note about trout: the graphics for an inland fish on the river were not easy to do. I had to create a special graphical only improvement in order to get fish to actually exist on the river instead of the middle of the tile. For the most part, the fish jump around in the river but on occasion they get beached!


    Vision Improvements (New Concept):

    • Guard Tower (Available with Mountaineering.) Expands vision range by 4. Sees (land) wooded cover camouflage out to range of 2.
    • Sonar Buoy (Available with Quantum States) Expands vision range by 6. Sees uboats, submarines, and nuclear submarines out to a range of 3.

    Event Improvements/Buildings (New Concept):

    • Seismic Station (Available with Geophysics)
    • Weather Station (Available with Meteorology)
    • Building Code (Available with Microprocessors)

    Other new improvements: Fishing Expedition (lodge – gives trout), Peak Mine, Geothermal Power Station, Natural Gas Refinery, Solar Array (Now works properly),


    • This is a “beta” version of what might be a “final” version of our mod (At least for a while). There will be two upgrades to this mod. This does not necessarily mean their won’t be future versions (which will occur at least with updates to the event engine), but it does mean that there probably won’t be any major additions in future versions unless the map processing limit is breached (i.e. one map per game). Two possible exceptions are a new map script/SDK class designed to produce more realistic and more scientifically valid maps; the second exception might be the addition of canals; but these additions probably won’t be for at least another half a year. We are a bit worn out of modding… not that we don’t enjoy it anymore but debugging really is a drag and there are simply other things in our lives that must get done and need our attention. With that being said, there are several more things that will be added to the final version:
    • The primary purpose of the first upgrade will be to include a faster AI_explore() method in the SDK which will dramatically reduce the turn times when this method is used. This will NOT affect all turn times but will significantly reduce most turn times during the renaissance, industrial, and early modern eras (until just after satellites is discovered). NOTE: on the turn satellites is discovered for any of the teams in the game, there will probably be a significantly long turn time (but not much longer than what already occurs for this discovery). This update may also include one or more of the following:
    • A new “great” unit: The Great Explorer. Though all the specifics of this units abilities are still on the drawing board, here is a sneak preview: Immunity to all “environmental” unit events for any unit in its selection group; adds an extra move to any ship in the selection group to which the explorer belongs. The ability to turn tribal villages into cities for your empire (“conquering” the natives).
    • Age events. Most (if not all) event ages will bring new things to your empire. Two examples are the gift of a prophet for the age of prophets and the new Great Explorer for the age of colonization
    • More balanced and possibly more futuristic events. Maybe a few more natural events such as “volcano” and “forest fire” (if we can find a way to crack a few problems I am having with new terrain/feature graphics).
    • The removal of any bugs found in the event engine
    • Better events interaction and information in the user interface
    • A Civ “Chronicle” or timeline of the main events in each civilization’s history and an event summary screen.
    • Completed Civilopedia screen for events
    • Completed quotes and new sounds for techs and possibly new sound effects for the Genetic Era City screen.
    • The addition of some new Civs
    • Possibly the addition of the revolutions mod and/or a few other mods we really think help add some realism and/or good information (such as the “Great Persons” mod).
    • Possibly a version of this mod compatible with BtS.
    • The first update should be done mid-summer.
    • The “final” release should be done by the end of summer or early fall.


    At this point there are only two official members and one unit artist of the Genetic Era Team:

    Dubmetender: Project leader, XML, Movies, Buttons, Text, Soundtrack, Artwork, Playtesting, Python
    Primem0ver: C++ (SDK Developer), XML, Python, Menu and loading collages (based on original drawings not my own), Sound effects, Quotes, Buttons
    Hrochland: developed most of the original 3-d graphics.

    Other contributers:

    The jester unit came from the Fall From Heaven mod.
    Various units came from several contributors at CF. These contributers will be mentioned as I have information available (I have lost track of where I got some of the units... sorry!).
    GE Sound : Pitch Black_NZ, Duberman, Massive Attack & Mad Professor, Moksha, Ozric Tentacles
  3. ocedius

    ocedius C++ induced baldness

    Jun 27, 2003
    TX and proud of it!
    If the screenshot is any indication, this mod looks amazing Dubmetender. I am downloading it right now to see how it plays out. But I think I already know.

    Brilliant and dazzling, quite a drift from the regular mods with standard eras. :goodjob:
  4. hrochland

    hrochland Prince

    Apr 9, 2006
    Czech Kingdom
    I am going to download it now! I look forward to it.

    @Dubmetender: I prepare any more sea surprise
  5. Dubmetender

    Dubmetender Dub's the way of the life

    Feb 27, 2006
    @ hrochland : i reskinned your sea factory, hope you think it's good

    @ Ocedius : thanks
  6. saint1979

    saint1979 Heavy drinker

    Nov 21, 2005
    "All download slots (500) assigned to your country (Poland) are in use.
    Please try again later."
    - dammit! how about you upload this mod somewhere else too?
    Btw, how big is it?
  7. saint1979

    saint1979 Heavy drinker

    Nov 21, 2005
    nvm, i can see the file size.
  8. coko

    coko Prince

    Aug 9, 2006
    Seems really impressive, although when can you start building water colony's? And how do you build improvements on them?
  9. Dubmetender

    Dubmetender Dub's the way of the life

    Feb 27, 2006
    @ Saint1979 : don't understand what you mean, i don't know if Poland is restricted, but i don't think so...
    the files size little more than 20 meg...

    @Coko : you can start building sea colonie with "sub" tech and settler sea, and build improvement with "advanced sub" tech and workboat.
  10. saint1979

    saint1979 Heavy drinker

    Nov 21, 2005
    Yeah, its restricted to 500 slots and all slots are taken. But nvm, i will try to download this mod at night.
  11. Dubmetender

    Dubmetender Dub's the way of the life

    Feb 27, 2006
    OK, send me a pm if it don't work, and i will find another "uploader"
  12. MasterJ

    MasterJ Chieftain

    Aug 18, 2006
    Yes, yes and yes again i'm waiting for this long time agoo i now nothing like: programming and modding so i have lot of idea for this but i can't get more :p. that's totaly what i search thanks a lot.

    mmmm it's really impossible to have a third type of road for civ 4? why?
  13. ocedius

    ocedius C++ induced baldness

    Jun 27, 2003
    TX and proud of it!
    It may be a good idea to release the SDK changes alongside the mod. That way, modders will know where and what has been changed and how. Helps a lot in merging mods and features. :)
  14. darkedone02

    darkedone02 The Suggestor

    Mar 9, 2006
    Louisville, Kentucky
    holy lag-a-molly... this is going to destory my computer if i try to run this.
  15. Wow, this looks crazy! I'm definitely gonna have to make time to try this out. Looks great :goodjob:
  16. turlute

    turlute Chieftain

    Feb 23, 2006
    I second that, and great mod btw.
  17. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    Sweet looking mod. I can't wait to actually use my Warlords CD now! ;)
  18. Ket

    Ket Composite Of A Composite

    Jul 26, 2006
    Austin, TX
    Ok talk to me about this secret nuclear program, how is this done?
  19. fenceman

    fenceman Chieftain

    Jan 27, 2006
    What happens when the United Nations discovers your secret nuclear program and demand that you stop enriching uranium, but you defy them claiming that you're only trying to develop nuclear power to supply your nation's energy needs? :p
  20. Every 4 turns the UN passes a resolution (which you see as a pop-up) that expresses strong concern over your actions and a need for a stronger resolution. This continues till the end of the game. :D

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