[MOD] Homeland


Feb 6, 2010
With this Mod, it's possible to make maps that contain information on which civilization type BarbarianCivs and Rebels will have.
So when a new Civilization rises in Spain, it will be the Spanish Empire!

I used the ScriptData property in the Scenario Files.

Up to now I converted just one map, Rhyes Earth Map with 4 players to start from standart LoR.

1. Make a backup of your LoR Folder
2. Download the zip file and extract it
3. put the 3 Python Files into /Mods/LoR/Assets/Python/Revolution/Gameready and the Map into /Mods/LoR/PrivateMaps
4. Play the Scenario "HOMELAND - Rhyes Earth 50 civs - 4 Civs to start"!


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Very cool idea. I will work to merge your code in by default, once I have a look at it. One thing I'd really like to do would be to have it so that barb citys of specific names would spawn specific civs when they settle. Anyway I'll take a look at this code, thanks.
This might be a worthwhile addition to the Giant Earth Map I have in the works! I'll have to figure out how to incorporate it--I don't intend to use any other Earth map out there (closest would be Genghis Khai's, but definitely not Rhye's or Carter's).
Sadly, I lost the advanced version of this mod (see the link in my last post) that also changed civilization names appropriate to a specific era etc.

I actually forgot about this thread. I'll see if the mod attached to the first post works.

If you make a map yourself, you'll have to specify a civilization for every land plot in the scenario file (ScriptData=civ:CIVILIZATION_ANYTHING). I could try to find and upload the utility I was using to do this, if you are interested (doing this by hand would be quite tedious...).
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