Mod Idea: Eliminate Pollution Penalties and Climate Change


The Gangster of Love
Jul 14, 2013
The Climate Change mechanics in Humankind are the most poorly implemented in the game.

Because the game designers were more concerned with being didactic than creating an interesting choice that one has to carefully consider given the various conditions, addressing Climate Change (which occurs regardless of anything leading up to it) is always mechanically beneficial and ignoring it is always severely detrimental.

A much more interesting mechanic would have been if Climate Change were randomized; in some games it occurs, in others it doesn't, and when it does, the severity is highly variable, and only somewhat mitigated or worsened by pollution levels. Very costly research projects could increase your idea as to the probability of Climate Change in a given game, but never with a hundred percent certainty. Extremely expensive and draconian measures that slide you significantly towards the Authority axis could then be implemented, but there's always a chance that their more injurious than ignoring Climate Change. There's a real dilemma put before the player.

Since that would almost be too difficult to mod in, I'd just as soon prefer eliminating the Climate aspects of the game.
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