MOD: Mizaq's Root Mod for the MultiTool Challenged (36 blank buildings, etc.)


Feb 15, 2002
San Diego, CA

In this mod I've made 12 blank city improvements, 12 blank small wonders, 12 blank great wonders, 20 blank units, 9 blank citizens, 8 blank resources, 1 new resource, and written pretty clear (I think) instructions on how to change the text files and use the editor to point to your new building name when you change it.

The blank things are not so much "new" as they are just copies that are there so that people that don't know/can't figure out the MultiTool can just pick up this mod and make a few text changes and play the game. BTW, the MultiTool is easy to use, thanks Gramphos!

In later versions I'll add even more versions of existing units so there can be minor upgrades to unit strength as the game goes on (or for whatever the heck you want to do with them, this is the "Root" mod after all). I also plan on adding citizens and resources, and also adding the comprehensive city/leader name corrections to the mod.

I don't know how to set the graphics for the new citizens and I'm not even sure if governors use new citizens. Working on it.

- Added 9 blank citizens
- Added 8 blank resources
- Added 1 new resource (Timber w/ graphic)

- Added 20 blank units (4 each of 5 different types: Settler, Explorer, Worker, Marine, Scout). Make sure to run units.bat to ensure they work correctly.

- included the buildings-large and buildings-small pcx files

- added 12 blank city improvements
- added 12 blank small wonders
- added 12 blank great wonders

Attached is Root Mod v1.8


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Version 1.01 is out. I had left out the buildings-small and buildings-large pcx files. put them in your art\city screen\ directory. Soon a version with 25 blank units will be out (and possibly about 8 blank citizen types as well).
Updated to version 1.8. Added 8 blank resources and created 1 new one named Timber (so 9 more resources for you guys to mess with). I also added 9 blank citizens, but I haven't figured out how to match new citizens with graphics yet.

Should I have added more resources? Or concentrate on adding more blank units?

Btw, the readme in this thing is getting to be a lengthy treatise on editing the civilopedia.

- Mizaq
Personal opinion - I vote for more resources. By the way, how does all this fit with the new patch and editor. I am in a good game of 1.16f so won't be using any of this for awhile but look forward to making use of your stuff.
It's tested with the new editor (the correct version of the editor mind you).

Btw, I think the coordinates of new citizens is put into a file somewhere that isn't readily visible; thus, I cannot make the new citizens point to a new graphic. As it stands now, the new citizens will point to a laborer on the top row of the popHeads.pcx file. It's not graphically beautiful (especially if you're using labeled popHeads like I am), but we have to live with it until someone figures out how to change the coordinates in the file where they are stored (or the code that predetermines coordinates).

I don't think I can add more resources, the editor crashes when I add more resources and then try to edit them, so I'm sticking with the number that currently exists in my mod (31).
Is it possible to have more than 24 resourses?

I,ve tried to add them but anything after #24 doesn,t show while playing the game. It would be cool to add more. As i have a use for timber products. And a few others.

If it is possible, do tell how. I would use your mod, but i have had many changes to the one i have and don,t really want to transfer things over to a new bic.

Is this compatible with the 1.21 patch? I was thinking of downloading it and using it. If we are to believe the new patch info, it sounds like this would be a good thing to add in.
Mizaq, thanks for this mod. I can't get the MT working to save my soul.

Could you add some more military-type units? 16 of the 20 you made are non-combat, and the AI stategies are blocked out for attack, defense, etc. They also can't be naval or air units.
if you load it into the new editor and then save it again, it should automatically update the bic to the next version.

With the latest patch you should be able to use new strategic and bonus resources with no problems; however, do not add new luxury resources that will crash the game.

Don't the AI strategies allow you to change them when you change the type of unit they are? If not, which may be the case IIRC from trying to add new ICBMs, I will try and find some time this coming up weeked to go through and make a default unit (or 4) of a few basic AI strat types, such as ICBM, transport, and misc attack and defense units.
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