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[MOD]Multiplayer Mod

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Mods and Files' started by eddieballgame, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. eddieballgame

    eddieballgame Chieftain

    Aug 15, 2002
    Anchorage, Alaska
    Have been playing this game with a couple of friends on a weekly basis. "We" like it very much. Using the 1.06b patch ( thanks guys, for that ),
    we have made a few adjustments for our gaming pleasure. Thought we would share with some of our fellow gamers. BTW, works with the FaireWeather map script.

    1.06b EE2X-ASA ( Enormous/EPIC-2X bldg-All Ships Attack )

    Assets/XML/Interface--------CIV4WorldPickerInfos----added size = ENORMOUS

    Assets/XML/GameInfo--------CIV4GameSpeedInfo-----ONLY SPEED is NORMAL, TURNS are Monthly, TOTAL= 3600, adjusted FF %

    Assets/XML/GameInfo--------HandicapInfo------------EXPLORER (default) gives 1000 GOLD

    Assets/XML/GameInfo--------CIV4WorldInfo-----------Enormous Map is 100 by 200 in SIZE

    Assets/XML------------------GlobalDefines-----------Tax Increase Chance = 10 ( was 20 )

    Assets/XML/Buildings---------CIV4BuildingInfos--------All Building COSTS have been cut in HALF

    Assets/XML/Buildings---------CIV4BuildingInfos--------DRYDOCK & SHIPYARD adds +1 FISH respectively

    Assets/XML/Buildings---------CIV4BuildingInfos--------WAREHOUSES have their storage capacity DOUBLED

    Assets/Python/Screens-------CVRevolutionadvisor-----REF has been DOUBLED

    Assets/XML/GameInfo--------CIV4GoodyInfo----------GOODY TREASURE reduced to approx Half

    Assets/XML/Civilizations------CIV4CivilizationInfos-----ONLY FREE BUILDING = TOWN HALL

    Assets/XML/Civilizations------CIV4CivilizationInfos-----ALL CIVs start with a MERCHANTMAN

    Assets/XML/Civilizations------CIV4CivilizationInfos-----ALL CIVs start with 2 PIONEERS ( 1 HARDY )

    Assets/XML/Units------------CIV4UnitInfos-----------ALL SHIPS can now ATTACK

    SHIP OF THE LINE now has an attack of 10 ( 8 ) & bonus vs FRIGATES

    is now 20% ( 50% )

    MAN OF WAR bonus vs FRIGATES is now 40% ( 50% )

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