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[Mod] Mylon Mod - New Culture Model, Terraforming, and more!

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by Mylon, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Mylon

    Mylon Amateur Game Designer

    Nov 4, 2005
    To do list for next Mylon Release:

    [=] Playtest BtS to get a feel for the new gameplay elements. (Must playtest moooooooore!)
    [=] Update mod to BtS. (I started from scratch. I am making use of my old mod as reference.)
    [*] Do the cultural model in the SDK instead of the python so it's not such a hack (Done!)
    [*] Incorporate the expanded cities code so higher cultural levels means more workable tiles. (Done!)

    Playtesting notes:
    [] Religion should add espionage points for the holy city owner. It is tempting to simplify this to making the great prophet building add espionage points in addition to wealth, even if it espionage should be applied towards the civs with the religion.
    [] Spies should generate espionage points by sitting in an enemy city.
    [] Espionage cost should be based on player size. A smaller empire would have an easier time infiltrating a larger one, for example. Also, it should be possible for smaller empires to generate more espionage points than a larger empire. Currently, more cities = more espionage points, which I do not agree with.
    [] Spies (or possibly only great spies) should be able to establish a front. Basically a building that grants the original player espionage towards the victim. This would help solve the problem of above. The trick here is how this espionage gets modified, or if it should be modified at all.
    [] Corporations should add espionage points for the HQ owner. It is tempting to do this as above for religion.
    [] There must be a coffee corporation. This corporation might provide double espionage in foreign territory. :)
    [] Great Generals should be immortal. When a warlord unit dies, the great general respawns. Great generals would add no exp, but instead give a bonus to combat for the attached unit, much like a combat upgrade.
    [] Great Spy's infiltrate mission should be replaced by the option of doing a mission for free with a 100% success rate.
    [] Add embassies. These buildings would increase trade between two civs. And they would happen to also generate espionage points for the civilization owner. May require a great person, or only be able to be constructed in the target player's capital.
    [?] Spies need more missions and more powerful ones. Particularly unit-based missions.
    [?] Corporations should add culture for the HQ owner?
    [?] Espionage is generated mostly at a flat rate capped by the number of cities built. This was fine for culture and how location specific it was, but this promotes city cramming if a player wants to go espionage focused and anything that promotes city cramming is not good. I think I'll make all improvements +% based and make espionage powerful enough to force players to invest at least 10% into it.

    General to do list:

    [] Update Inquisition units
    [] Add flavor to religions
    [] Add flavor to leader traits (unique buildings, possibly units based on traits)
    [] Extend the production -> (money, culture, research) options such that they provide permanent boosts and are not merely something to do when there is nothing else to do. That is, hammers invested into money might provide a permanent (cumulative hammers^0.5)% boost to money.
    [] Tweak the values of promotions. Make Combat Promotion more useful.
    [] Make the commerce slider scale. After some value (40%?), additional commerce invested into one area suffers an overdrive penalty.
    [?] Change health/happiness so buildings/civics can provide multipliers and make health/happiness
    [?] Change how EXP works: All EXP values as-is would be multiplied by a number and units would gain and/or certain buildings would add small amounts of exp per turn.
    [?] Make a few bonuses for having fewer, bigger cities. Maybe a free specialist for every 5 citizens beyond 10, starting at 15? Or something else.

    === Mylon Mod 0.34 ===

    Download 0.34 (not working ATM)
    Download 0.33

    The idea of this mod is big cities, more meaningful cultural clashes, and somewhat slower gameplay to make for more interesting battles.

    === Installation Instructions ===
    To install, delete any previous version of this mod in your mod directory and extract the contents into your mod folder. To play, launch Civ4 normally and go to the advanced menu to choose "Load Mod" and pick Mylon Mod, or create/edit a shortcut to Civ4 to include [ mod="Mods\Mylon Mod" ] after the Civilization 4 executable in the target field for a faster way of playing.

    === General Changes ===

    Game pace has been considerably slowed. Techs are slower to research but building and training rates are nearly the same. Even normal should be fairly long and epic should be, well, epic. Marathon game speed is not for the faint of heart.
    Resources are much more important now. Strategic resources give a +5% production bonus and food resources give a +5% food bonus. All of the food resource enhancing buildings give a further +5% food for their respective resources. Luxury resource enhancing buildings give a further +5% gold for their respective resources.
    Culture works much differently. Cities produce culture according to their nationality. This means border cities will be less effective at pushing back the borders of a rival nation and the inner cities are what keep the border cities "pure" so that they can push the borders back. Also, trade spreads culture, so this provides another means of spreading one's culture far and wide. Also, religion spreads culture for the holy city founder. Spreading a neighboring civilization's religion and building buildings for that religion may be detrimental to the cause.
    Lots of new buildings, new technologies, and other additions. Cities can now build sewer systems, museums, military academies, parks, city monuments, a repeatable +5% food or +5% industry buildings, and more. There's a new tech, terraforming, which can make all land slightly more useful. It's a very slow and expensive process to perform. Also, inquisitors which remove non-state religion and also travelling performers which allow a civilization add a little extra cultural influence here and there.
    A few balance changes. Techs are now considerably slower and city maitenance costs have been increased. One of the goals is to remove inflation totally and instead make regular expenses fill this role. Civilizations should still be founding cities even later in the game as their economy permits. A few other tasks have been slightly lengthened to regard this change and the extra production as well.

    === Release Notes ===

    This mod is currently in a public beta stage. There will be bugs and balance is not a big priority at the moment. I thank you for your patience and helping me by testing out this mod.
    This mod is English ONLY. Sorry folks, but I'm just one person. Translating this mod into other languages would slow development down considerably.

    Known bugs:
    +Bonus modifiers for food, production, and commerce are not updated immediately. If a resource is acquired, it won't start affecting with the +5-10% bonus until next turn.
    +Mouse overing the extra entries in the build list shows the mouse over information for the last building in the XML file. Not sure how to fix this, but it is a simple bug to ignore.
    +A city will report its borders as expanding twice, sometimes more. This is because culture is assigned the usual way (I don't think it can be stopped), then removed, and added again according to the new cultural model.
    +Terraformed Tundra is spawning when the map is generated. This is curious since none of the other terraformed terrain types spawn.
    +Bureaucrats are displaying in an odd position. The +- buttons are fine, but the icon itself is bugged.

    === The change Log ===

    -- 0.34 Changes --
    + (Change) Hydroponics Farms and Automated Production Plants are no longer kept track by means of specialists and instead are stored in a custom variable. Keep an eye out for bugs.
    + (Change) Military units now heal much slower. The rates are now 1 for enemy territory, 2 for neutral and friendy, and 3 for city healing.

    -- 0.33 Changes --
    + (New) Unhealthiness now decreases the bonus food by 5% in addition to the -1 food penalty. Otherwise unhealthiness only increases the food per population to 3 which is not an appropriate means of limiting growth given how food works in this mod. Food bonus cannot go below 0%, however.
    + (New) I added several popups that should appear if anything goes wrong with some helpful messages, including the affected city, the source city (if applicable), and which segment of the culture code is causing the error. This should make troubleshooting those negative culture problems easier. I'm uncertain whether these messages will pop up for computer controlled cities (the PyPopup may only work for the active player), but it's a start.
    + (Change) The Civics XML file has been deleted. This is to reverse the Bureaucracy = unlimited bureaucrats because of how this could be used to create infintely sized cities too easily.
    + (Change) The default chance of buildings surviving a conquest is now 80%, up from 66%.
    + (Change) Plot culture is now given a slight bonus if within a decent maragin of cultural borders. The formula is now Culture Amount * (0.70^Distance from City)^(0.8^(culture level - distance)). Larger borders will now mean culture spreads faster in the areas it can reach.
    + (Change) Civic upkeep has been increased moreso than in the 152 patch.
    + (Fix) I changed how the random number was grabbed for the Inquisition. Hopefully it won't cause a synch error in multiplayer games now.
    + (Fix) Many of the changes made to incorporate the 152 changes had not been added. Hopefully this has been fixed. This includes the Marathon game speed.

    -- 0.32 Changes --
    + (New) Added some more German text thanks to Grimaldi.
    + (New) Some buildings should now generate culture solely for the civilization that built them. These buildings are the same buildings that do not generate culture if captured. Some additional buildings, such as City Monuments and National Monuments, which cannot be captured, still generate culture exclusively for their owner, as opposed to being split according to nationality. This feature has not been well tested.
    + (change) Merchants now give 4 gold. Great merchants 8. (Down from 5 and 10, respectively). Engineers no longer give 1 research. Great Priests give 5 commerce (down from 6). Artists no longer bring in 1 gold, Great artists no longer bring in 2 gold.
    + (Change) Acadmies changed back to +4 culture (from +20%). National Monuments are +15% culture (down from +20%). National Parks are +10% culture (down from +15%). State University is now Community College and it doesn't require universities. It's also only +10% culture (down from 20%). Town Halls now only require Writing, so expansion should be able to occur a little earlier given the higher maitenance costs. District Banks have been lowered to +20% gold. Casinos are now -4 happiness. Under most circumstances where a casino would be built, the penalty is hardly a concern.
    + (Change) Cities only favor their own civilization by 30% now instead of 40%. This means culture is generated at the rate of Culture rate * (0.3 + 0.7 * nationality%) for the city's native culture. The other formula is slightly longer, but you get the idea.
    + (Change) Made a few tweaks to the culture code regarding how it cycles through players. This may or may not fix some bugs.
    + (Change) Automated Assembly Plants no longer advertise their +5% bonus. The AI would build them in place of happiness buildings or other improvements.

    === Change Ideas ===

    |+Amusement Park +happiness, requires consumerism tech
    |+Mass Transit System +health
    |+Solar Power Plant +Clean power
    |+Cure for Cancer +Future tech, +health, +happiness
    |+National Library
    |+Crop Rotation Plan +15% food. Available with Crop Rotation.
    |+Food Processing Plant +15% food.
    +International Space Station. National/team Project: +5% research for each International Space Station built. The initial maker only gets +5% out of it, but once more people jump on the bandwagon...
    +World Wonder: Artificial Moon. +2 happiness for all cities, +50% culture rate for all cities, +40% revenue in all cities from ads. +Great Engineer rate.
    +Particle Accelerator. Either a National Wonder requiring labs, or requires 3 labs per instance. +Research
    +Oil Refinery. Adds a +10% production bonus with oil.
    +Ion Satellites. Orbital city bombardment. Maybe treated as a nuke without the baggage.
    +Hospitals lower food consumption per population. This simulates less people dying by the population raising until the food consumption equals it's old value.
    +Heros! Well, generals/whatever. A national unit that retains its experience in between dying and being reborn.
    +Change how bombardment/city defense works: A catapult completely destroys the defenses of an influential culture city with the same number of turns as a lesser city. Cities might retain a permanent +5% bonus per culture level that cannot be shaved from bombardment.
    +Specialist: Soldier. The "Great Person" is a unit that auto-upgrades to the latest technology available and is given great bonuses to make it very formiddable in combat.
    +Atrocities. These are acts which cause unhappiness to cities of civilizations that consider these acts atrocities if at peace with the person comitting the atrocity. Not only do atrocities cause a diplomatic hit, but they also affect your civilization in a way to encourage the diplomacy hit such that players regard these atrocities in a similar manner as AIs.
    |+ Razing cities. Maybe only an atrocity for civs with Emancipation.
    |+ Attacking structures in orbit, including the space ship before it launches.
    |+ Black Market. Chance of being discovered.
    |+ The Draft. Considered an atrocity by peace-loving civs.
    |+ Slave Rushing.
    |+ Inquisition. Removes foreign culture, reduces city population, causes temporary unhappiness, removes a non-state religion.
    |+ Napalm. A devastating air bomber that gets a large bonus versus infantry and mech infantry.
    +Change Diplomacy such that the modifiers towards nations affect city happiness directly. This makes the AI's behavior more sensical and encourages players to consider how they conduct diplomacy with one another more carefully. One of the civilization clones mentions how AI-Player and Player-Player interactions are so different and I would like to follow this example.
    +Random events. Political situations which break open border agreements, metoers, earthquakes, and other random events that keep the game interesting.
    +Raise the upkeep costs of all new units to be proportional to the era they belong in.
    +| Lathe. This is a very important tool that made industrialization and interchangable parts possible.
    +| Water Purification. Well water wasn't always of trustable quality and this represents the technologies that combined together to provide consistantly good quality water to people. Obsoletes the health bonus of Breweries and allows building of Sewage Treatment Plants.
    +| Fermentation. Requires pottery. Allows Brewery and winery. Leads to Monarchy.
    +| Atomic Theory. Leads to Fission. Allows construction of Lab.
    +| Calculus. Leads to Physics.
    +| First Aid. Represents a publicly offered course focusing on the bare necessities such that anyone can learn and be helpful in an emergecy situation until professional help arrives. +health. (Maybe a national wonder instead?)
    +| Applied Fusion. Required for Fusion Power Plants.
    +| Artificial gems. Future era tech. Obsoletes gems but provides +2 happiness.
    +| Carbon Nanotubes. A supermaterial. This represents a cheap method to actually make a useful amount.
    +New Civic model. Include on/off options like legalization of gambling, legalization of drugs, Legalized Abortion (slower city growth, more happiness, can cause a reputation hit (atrocity)).

    === Dreams ===
    + Integrate a variety of different projects and present these all as game startup choices. A player can choose among traditional buildings, nested and specialized buildings (3xlibraries = 1 university, 3xuniversities = 1xobservatory, ect.), abstract buildings (Build up infrastructe by means of a process, much like wealth, but instead of increasing gold it increases gold modifier of the city). They can also choose between different styles of technology and different styles of units. I imagine this might require a ton of different XML files with possibly an SDK generated package that selects the appropriate XML files for the situation.

    === Credits ===
    rjwoer/Byrjw for his resource mod
    tywiggins for his Forestry Mod and his Terraform Mod
    TheDarkside and tywiggins for the ability to destroy buildings
    ChaosLord for the holy city missionaries idea
    Frontbrecher for his wonderful Lost Wonders mod.
    Snaitf for his Great General Mod, which is not explicitly used, but the interface code is.
    Grimaldi for his work in translating some of the text to German.

    Below is a screenshot from this mod. Note the large city size, the number of specialists this city size allows, the bonus production and food, and the nationality makeup of the city.

    Attached Files:

  2. Agraza

    Agraza Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2003
    wow. inspiring work.
  3. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    Wow indeed. Tons of stuff thrown in there. Too bad I'm at work....

    I'll have to take a look at the files and see how well this and some of the changes I've made work together. That and to see how easy it will be to keep adding other civs. Nice work and ideas.
  4. JamieCiv4Files

    JamieCiv4Files Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2005
  5. Agraza

    Agraza Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2003
    I wish civ4 had a more flexible (power) system for the factories. The on/off is pretty weak. Different methods for providing electrical power are a pretty big issue in real life, and it's nearly inconsequential in the game. Seems like you could say tag building increases with +10% with solar, 20% with coal/hydro, 25% with nuclear or something. Hell maybe you can, I still don't understand how far the XML can go, but I imagine adding in things like that would require tying new schema into the program code.
  6. Mylon

    Mylon Amateur Game Designer

    Nov 4, 2005
    I don't quite like the power system either. The power buildings aren't exclusive, just as an example. If I have a hydro plant, why would I need a coal or nuclear plant? Plus, nothing depends on power. That doesn't make too much sense, really. One would think there'd be broadcast towers or something else that requires power.
  7. Mylon

    Mylon Amateur Game Designer

    Nov 4, 2005
    Mod updated to v0.27. Now includes Travelling Performers which spread a nation's culture and 3 new buildings, including a new national wonder, and a +production repeatable building.
  8. David Smith

    David Smith Warlord

    Jan 5, 2005
  9. Agraza

    Agraza Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2003
    yar. missing the url= part.
  10. Aussie_Lurker

    Aussie_Lurker Deity

    Jul 21, 2003
    Adelaide, South Australia
    Mylon, you are my HERO-seriously. I am curious, have you been reading the culture-spreading thread that you can see in my Sig? The reason I ask is that a lot of your culture model sounds a LOT like what DH_Epic has suggested in that thread. Now, the only thing is-will Firaxis be ultra-smart and adopt this model now that it is seen that it can be done? Oh, btw, is it possible to make the culture you recieve from local and foreign trade dependant on Economic civics? So, mercantilism might give extra culture from local trade, whilst reducing that of other civs. By the same token, Free Market may have the opposite effect. Just a thought.

  11. seamus75

    seamus75 Warlord

    Jul 31, 2005
    Lowell, MA
    Alright I'm probably showing my complete lack of computer skills here but I don't understand the installation instructions.
    First when I open the file to extract to my MODS there are several items there:
    -Clear Cache.bat
    -Mylon Mod Cache.bat
    -Mylon Mod.bat
    -as well as a read me
    Which do I extract to the game?
    Secondly what do you mean by making a seperate shortcut - can you not begin the MOD from inside the game itself?
    I really, REALLY want to try this MOD as it seems to meet everyone of my Civing needs - someone please help & allow me to join in the fun.
  12. Agraza

    Agraza Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2003
    you can add the mylon mod folder to your mods folder within the civilization 4 folder and load the mod normally like every other mod. I don't use his little toys myself, but I do think they're neat.
  13. Mylon

    Mylon Amateur Game Designer

    Nov 4, 2005
    Mylon Mod.bat will clear the cache and launch the game. A nice, fail-safe means of running the mod. Mylon Mod Cached.bat will not clear the cache. Saves a little bit of time. Clear Cache.bat will simply clear the cache and do nothing else. These bat files are meant to be run from the mods folder and the pointer to the Civ4 exe won't be valid anywhere else, thus the need to make a shortcut if you want to put them anywhere else.

    The mod can be loaded like any other mod, but I find that process to be slow. :)

    I'll read up on the cultural model myself. I still have to test my mod to see how well it works. I recently ran into a crashing problem in one of my games and it's bugging me. The crash happens somewhere between telling units what to do and the game asking to end the turn, which shouldn't have anything to do with the mod, since 99% of the python involves what happens between turns.

    As for how trade works... Domestic trade routes only provide 50% of the culture that a foreign one would. Thus, merchantalism doesn't really reinforce culture too much. Free trade provides more trade routes, which in turn increases the number of possible influences. On an odd side-note, I noticed a couple of cities weren't trading symetrically: Two cities claimed to be trading with my capital, and my capital only claimed to be trading with another city which wasn't of the first two. This means the culture model could be working a bit, well, oddly with asymetrical trades.
  14. Zuul

    Zuul Mod lister!

    Nov 13, 2005
    Missing a few names.

    I like this mod. But I would like it even more if you incorporated more mods into it :).
  15. Suki

    Suki you will get nothing

    Oct 23, 2002
    I haven't got the game yet, but I'm now more interested in playing this that the origional...:goodjob:
  16. seamus75

    seamus75 Warlord

    Jul 31, 2005
    Lowell, MA
    Thanks for the tutorial - I'm loading it now & will let you know how things go. Thanks again
  17. Mylon

    Mylon Amateur Game Designer

    Nov 4, 2005
    I noticed the same and I've fixed that problem which will be released with the next version.

    As for other mods, which ones are you thinking of?
  18. Lachlan

    Lachlan Great Builder of Civs !

    Mar 27, 2002
    European Union
    Can you add "Caravans mod" and "more civics mod" of Civ fanatics

    It would be cool to make trade with a caravan like in Civ 2

    And "Super Civs mod" ? And what about splitting Civs ? If a civ with no science or culture is negative should split in two or three parts

    More variety should be cool ....

    Problem with vanilla leaders of Civ 4 : some have blanks or decaled eyes ...

    At least : what do you think of a standard world map for your mod ?
  19. Anima Croatorum

    Anima Croatorum Prince

    Oct 24, 2005
    Vukojebina, Croatia
    I took a quick peek and noticed that entries and object names for your improved terrain and all missionaries(MISSIONARY2) are missing too. Its somewhat difficult to start with something new and different when names are missing. Also, no action buttons for planting forests and terraforming, just greyed out in civilopaedia.

    I see this mod was epic work. Here's an A for effort. :goodjob:

    BTW. How does your cultural/border revamp work with conquest and new cities?

    Edit: another strange thing, some kind of bug with terrain generation. I started a new game, and one of the tiles next to my settler was what is supposed to be improved tundra(missing name, but uses a tag that is probably improved tundra), anyway, I started world builder and found a dozen improved tundra tiles. The only thing they had in common was that they were all next to flood plains, along the river, IIRC.
  20. seamus75

    seamus75 Warlord

    Jul 31, 2005
    Lowell, MA
    So far I am loving this MOD far more than any I've downloaded so far. I was a "Realism MOD" junkie until progress seemed to halt - no offense to the author.
    As noted above I too am missing text, but you say that is fixed in next update - kudos.
    Some concerns I've had so far:
    AI is building far fewer cities because their cultural borders are so large - I was able to wipe out two civs altogether in only a few turns since they only had 2 and 3 cities respectively
    Also it seems the AI is generating GP's a lot faster than I - but that could be attributed to my style of play
    Offered Terraforming for research in the late classic age - highest known tech was Theology. Granted it would have taken 100+ turns to research but to learn Terraforming before Machinery, or Scientific Method, or Biology even seems wrong.

    I love the Inquisitor, however I feel that she (icon is female) is somewhat incomplete. If you're going to be evicting heretics and destroying their places of worship should there not be a monetary gain due to looting and property siezure? Also the forcable conversion of heretic should cause negative reaction among all other civs who share the heretic religion, as well as among citizens of the city.
    In the vein of the Inqusitor I was thinking of a Jyhadist unit that could covertly convert rival cities. May be a bit unbalancing, but with proper restrictions it could make for very interesting gaming. Depending on the level of each civ's religiousity (ie # of religious buildings) there could be a chance to detect attempted conversion. Failure would result in war with that particular civ & a serious reduction in relations with all other civs of same faith.

    Don't get me wrong - I love this MOD - just some very minor critiques.

    You asked which other MODS would be good for inclusion - well IMHO the addition of the "Random Events MOD" would be stellar.

    Thanks - Seamus

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