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[GS] (Mod Potential) Cavalry units classes: Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, and Tanks

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Lonecat Nekophrodite, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    Lonecat Nekophrodite King

    Jan 10, 2019
    Yet another Modder friend thread XD
    1. So what do you think about Combat unit classes Firaxis uses in civ6? particularly the two cavalry classes?
    - Light Cavalry (Begins with Horseman, ends with Helicopter)
    - Heavy Cavalry (Begins with Heavy Chariot, end with Modern Armor)
    2. Do you think Tank and Modern Armor fits well with Heavy Cavalry class? or should they be Tank/AFV class?
    Personally i'd like Tanks and Modern Armor to be AFV/Tank class (also two Antitank units will become Antitank class. not particularly good against light cavalry. who use bazooka against horse cavalry with SMG/Assault Rifles?
    3. If you aren't okay with Light and Heavy cavalry and tanks being lineage to Knights/Cuirassiers. what should they be?
    Should there be a successor class that behaves like Light Cavalry but not affected by vulnerability against Anticavs? and do you think should Light and Heavy cavs upgraded to this successor unit class (Modern Cavalry, picture below) instead? or just light cavalry while heavy cav could become tanks?
    WW2 German cavalry on horseback.jpg
    ^ WW2 German cavalry on horseback (Horseman's saddle even!). I think they use MP-40 too!
    ^ My proudly work. this one comes from my very own previous version of my mod XD

  2. Naeshar

    Naeshar Warlord

    Oct 22, 2016
    I think the combat unit classes are about roles these units fill in warfare, e.g light cavalry is mobile and suitable to raiding while heavy cavalry is a hard-hitting unit suitable for breakthroughs. It also contains various other non-horse unique units like the Varu and later tanks and helicopters. I think they too fall into this role, while not being strictly horseback cavalry.

    Modern warfare and weapons changed a lot from the more medieval and industrial battlefield. I recently read a historian article about polish cavalry being ridiculed for using cavalry against tanks - while this was used for propaganda there may be records of actions where it was effective, like surprise raid in the first days when people got off tanks or in terrain unsuitable for machinery. Also until second world war horses were used for mobility or ground troops. If you were to adjust the unit succession, you might want to create a separate class for vehicular units, as opposed to a unified representation of mechanized infantry - but then you should either cut the upgrade path short at cavalry/cuirassier or integrate them all into mech. inf. Heck, my country sent bicycling units to fight Soviets... they would get off bikes to fight as ground troops, just like the units with horses. And they didn't require Oil to be effective.
    I do not question the effectiveness of bazookas agains horse cavalry with assault rifles - after all the unit is not strictly fighting with a specific weapon, but applying individual tactics, effective against mounted or mechanized units. Any firearm scares horses, I think a bazooka might have similar effect. So whould SMG. Firing one while being on horseback seems like a bad idea.

    If I were to branch off mechanized units, they should be a separate weapons class with vulnerabilities to guerilla tactics, but not general anti-cav units. The modern warfare would not continue with rules of previous eras.
    Modern Armor would be an upgrade for Tanks, but Helicopters would be a separate tree without upgrades, but sharing the same unit class.

    Also, that is one amazing model! Very representative of modern (first-half of 20.century) cavalry use.
  3. Sostratus

    Sostratus Deity

    Jul 31, 2017
    Minnesota, USA
    IMo the best course of action would to simply give extra tags/modifiers to tanks and helicopters. You can tag tanks as "armored" and then create the needed modifier for AT units.

    It really depends on the numerical balance of the tanks. If tanks are supposed to be much stronger than other units, give them an armored tag and create modifiers around that. If you bring them back in line with normal units, then they can stay as heavy cav with no real changes.

    Helicopters do need a change though. Either get rid of their aluminum usage, or making them competitive with planes in combat presence. That might be too OP, but if you went that route then i would grant them a ranged attack, similar to immortals. Aluminum is precious, after all.
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