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  1. Houman

    Houman TR Team Leader

    Jan 24, 2002
    Civilization 4's - Total Realism
    by Houman, Israfil and Nightravn

    This thread will be closed soon:
    The new version of this Mod is under:

    Version 1.09 Released (21st April 2006)
    Install it under Realism folder !!!! (e.g. .../Civ4/Mods/Realism)


    Special Aknowledgement:
    All the guys @ civ fanatics bouncing ideas back and forth :)

    Thanks to our team members who are working really hard on this Mod:

    Israfil for his administrative duties, OpenSource management and bug fixings

    Nightravn for his awesome map reworking and outstanding mod balancing

    12Monkeys who is working as freelancer for us and helping us in our cause.

    Coming 1.61 CivPatch compatible Release: (May 9th 2006)
    We are making very good progress and just for your information:
    - The XML files are now 100% 1.61 compatible
    - The Python files are now 90% complete.

    We have added plenty of new mods like the Slave Mod, Creative Trait Mod, Military Leader Mod, Modified TechConquest Mod, Updated Cultural Decay Mod, upgraded Great Person Mod, Animal Mod and much more to come inclusive new Black African Warriors, new Settlers, new Nuclear Submarine model, new UU for France and some other Civs. New Units in general etc.

    Very good news; since we have not just made our Mod compatible with 1.61, just to make it run and keep everyone happy, but rather starting from scratch and considered all changes the developers have done and inserted out modifications back to the new files. With this approach nothing has been left out. e.g. Music if there is a peace treaty etc.
    Since we have redone all the python codes we have discovered some skeletons in the closet. Few very old and outdated mods that caused a loop problem after each turn. This was the reason why Realism Mod was slower than competitors. The new Mod is much faster than the Mod 1.09. :)

    Just to keep you updated. We are working hard and are waiting for some models to be finished by Rabbit White and some new Mods and SDK Mod mergings by our freelancer 12Monkeys. Meanwhile we are still finetuning the whole timeline Techs and Units once again and implement the last important mods. Stay tuned and be patient since the Mod of the Mods is awaiting you soon. ;)


    Improvements in this release:


    - Map improvement incl. the forgotten Gameoption: NO_CITY_RAZING
    - Zoroastrian TXT_... popup message now fixed.
    - Catapult/Trebuchet/Artillery Game Crash fixed
    - Scouts got their Dog back
    - Religion spread rate now :
    Judaism 33% | 1 Missionary
    Christianity 12% | 6 Missionaries
    Islam 37% | 4 Missionaries
    Hinduism 50% | 2 Missionaries
    Buddhism 50% | 3 Missionaries
    Zoroastrianism 45% | 1 Missionary
    Taoism 45% | 2 Missionaries
    - Religion costs now:
    Polytheism cost increased to 160
    Dualism cost increased to 130
    Monotheism cost increased to 120
    - Unit changes:
    Immortal is now replacing Archer and not Hyapist anymore and cost now 30
    Hyapist costs decreased to 35 from 40.
    Cataphtracts need now Iron working (despite the need for Copper or Iron as Bonus)
    Mongolian Horse Archer and Keshik's cost both increased by 25%.
    USCavalry doesn't need any Horse bonus anymore (since they have virtually to import it from Europe) Cost increased by 10%
    Nubian Archer (Egyptian UU) gets an additional first strike change + 10% vs Melee
    - DownScale patch (without Regiment) provided
    - Due more health bonuses from new resources:
    All unhealth producing buildings now output twice as much unhealth as before (-1 to -2 | -2 to -4).
    Jungle, Floodplain and Fallout now output 33% unhealth instead of 25%.


    - Assassin Mod implemented
    - Adding ActualQuotes_v1.21 Mod
    - ReinitInterceptorMission-v1.1 Mod added
    - SEVOPEDIA Mod upgrade from 1.9 to 1.93
    - Added Leaderhead Mod 1.0
    - Added GreatPeople Mod 1.6
    - added TechWindow Mod
    - Added U.N. Mod (Votesystem + Charta)
    - Added Snaitf's Show Attitude Mod
    - Added Disableintro Mod
    - Added Snaitf's Unit Allegiance Mod
    - Added TrainingBarracks Mod 1.1
    - CIVIC: Universal Suffrage changed to - requires industrialism, +50% great people rate in all cities, No War wariness, instead 25% War Weariness that came originally from Universal Suff. will be given on top of Free Speech.
    - StackAid (and other Aid promotions) have been fixed for Naval units. Units inside a ship cannot fight on water anymore!
    - All Promotions have been rebalanced. The 3-tier promotions are now 15%, 20%, 25%. 5-tier promotions are 4 times same value, only the last promotion will add a bit more.
    - Aid promotions have been nerfed to very little to balance the game.
    - Promotion Collateral damage is now possible for all mounted units. Most mounted units with heavy armor can cause col.damage. Not as much as an elephant and to less units as well.
    - Arabia has now the two UU.
    - More Unit balancing for Persian Immortal, Arabian Camel Archer, Knights, Cataphtracts, Spanish Inquisitor, Persian Knight, Indian War Elephant, Arabian Ansar Warrior, Mali Cavalry, Rome and Greek Cataphtract, Mujahid, Crusader
    - Persian Immortal moved from Archer to Hyapist
    - Hyapists no longer needs copper or iron
    - Ship and Submarine movements adjusted
    - Caravel moved to Optics and changed to explorer (special unit cargo)
    - Galley now updates to galleon or Frigate
    - Private moved to Gun powder
    - Minor tweaks in AI for all units
    - Financial Trait and Industreous Trait changed. Both give now an additional gold or Hammer to a yield with 3 or more gold/hammer output
    - Add leader Ali Ibn Talib for the Arabs.
    - removed Exotic Foreign Advisor
    - removed Special Domestic Advisor
    - Added Plotlist 2.0
    - Added Enhanced Foreign Advisor
    - Added Classic Domestic Advisor (HomeGrown + Rabbits patch)
    - Forest Chopping: Change forest production from 30 to 15 and jungle production for 0 to 10.
    - Forest chopping now takes twice as long and Jungle now takes 3 times longer than chopping a forest
    - Lumbermill moved to Machinery
    - Lower the bonus from Free Speech to 1 commerce to Towns instead of 2 commerce (nerfing Cottage spamming)
    - Reduce the production bonus from cash rushing given by the Kremlin from 100% to 25%. Make the Kremlin go obsolete with Satellites instead of Fiber Optics.
    - Increased interception rates of Fighters
    - Aggressive Trait renamed to Militaristic
    - Militaristic Trait now gives a Combat I to all units.
    - OpenTech Mod 0.81 implemented
    - AI set to aggressive
    - State Property CIVIC doesn't improve food output for Workshop and Watermill. Intead Railroad on those improvements will raise the food output.
    - Inquisition Building will now remove every turn all religions other than the state religion and not only when it was once built.
    - Unitbalancing (Archers, Catapults and Trebuchets can't fight Tanks anymore.)
    - Samurai, Jaguar II, Teuton and Praetorians rebalanced
    - Changed Winery to Pottery and Cottages to Monarchy
    - Gold Rush rate now 7 gold for 1 production instead of 3 gold for 1 production
    - Moved Theology before Feudalism
    - Added New Opening Music
    - All Tech Costs from Middleage to futuristic raised by 10%.
    - Only living resources are revealed straight away, all the rest will be revealed after the related technology has been discovered.
    - Further Promotion balacing
    - Moved Trebuchet to Engineering
    - Moved Castles to Construction
    - Serfdom added +1 bonus commerce from farms
    - Pacifism upkeep increased to low
    - Slavery upkeep increased to low
    - Mercantalism - no longer gives +1 free specialists. Now gives +10% gold to all cities.
    - Free Speech - now allows unlimited artists.
    - Free Market - now allows unlimited merchants.
    - Free Religion - now allows unlimited scientists.
    - Caste system - no longer allows unlimited specialists. Only the +1 free specialists to all cities as it was before.
    - Improved environmentalist civic (more happiness for recycling and clean energy - less happiness for pollution generating buildings, dangerous buildings like Nuclear Plants and noise pollution like Airports)
    - Informant unit (Ancient Spy) added
    - Nationalist Promotion will apply to all units within the friendly borders if Player has the Nationalist Civic.
    - Zoroastrianism spread rate reduced to 90 and reduced number of missionaries to 2. (Make it a bit harder to spread)
    - Make Zoroastrianism dependent on Dualism Tech.
    - All Cathedrals need a temple to be built in the same city as the Cathedral since the effects of religions upon the daily life are bound to the temples. In this case the city that builds a Cathedral behaves also as it should (e.g. Muslims don't eat pork)
    - All Cathedrals now have a second happiness or Health goody depending on a resource. (Wine for Christians, Cannabis/herbs for Taoist)
    - Temples (33%) and Cathedrals (66%) can now be conquered if the city falls to Enemy hands. In history the religious buildings were not always razed if a city had fallen. Jewish and Muslim temples (40%) and Cathedrals (80%) are harder to raze if the city is conquered. People do not forget their former religion so fast.
    - Taoist completely reworked: Each temple now gives +1 health and +1 happiness. However all material luxury goods cause unhappiness.
    - Zoroastrianism is as one of the oldest Monotheistic religious quite brake able: its temples (25%) and Cathedrals (50%) are more expensive to build, much easier to conquer (people forget faster their former religion) but they produce 15% more culture than other religions.
    - Nuclear Silos (ICBM) problem fixed!
    - removed Polytheism pre req. from Literature.
    - Monotheism set to 100, Dualism at 120 and Polytheism at 130
    - Monarchy costs now 125 and increased it for Meditation about 100, so that Buddhism gets younger. Iron working has also been increased about 100.
    - Iron working costs increased by 100
    - Theology requires now Monotheism
    - Divine Right requires Theology but doesn't require Monarchy anymore, since Monarchy is prereq for Theology
    - changed the Grid of some techs to make it visually more visible.
    - Spread rate of Religions and their Missionaries rebalanced
    - Capture a city base loot reduced from 100 to 30
    - Global warming chance increased from 0 to 20
    - Resource bonuses scaled down about 10% smaller
    - More TechTree rebalancing (Library moved to Alphabet, Techtrading moved down to Writing.
    - Raze city cost now 15 gold per population
    - Taking city gives 15 gold loot per population
    - Added the Regiment Mod (If you wish not to downscale the Units but still have the Regiments then do not Copy the CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml from the Regiment_Patch into the Assets/XML/Art Folder)
    - Soldier Specialist now available with Barracks
    - Fixed Great General Mod (Now it is possible to set Soldier Specialist in the City)
    - Soldier specialist now gives culture and production instead of gold and production (otherwise he does the same as a priest, culture means border expansion and make sense)
    - Great General now gives 1 gold less but 1 research instead. (Military has always pushed science)
    - Rebalanced Immortal vs Axeman
    - Incense now revealed with Calendar not Mining.
    - Minor fixes (City Names, More Great General Names etc)


    Spoiler :


    - Cavalry and USCavalry will move 3 instead of 2
    - Fixed Wonder Movies
    - Fixed Inquisition
    - Immortal Unit will only be buildable for Persians as intended
    - Immortal Unit won't need Copper or Iron anymore
    - Renamed Egyption Archers to Pharao's Guardian
    - Rebalanced Pharao's Guardian, Persian Immortal and Mali Skirmisher
    - Fixed Cold Fusion Wonder
    - Fixed a bug with the Manhatten project and Nuclear Silos / ICBM
    - Manhatten Project and/or Nuclear Silos need now 2 Nuclear Plants in total
    - Nuclear Silos got a nice button grafics
    - Fixed the Inquisition Strategy text
    - Defense Promotion will now deduct the Combat rate
    - Improved World Map, even better Barbarian AI


    - Implemented Enhanced-Nuclear-Mod
    - Implemented Realism Religious MOD (Abbamouse)
    - Updated Promotion&Traits MOD v0.5 to 0.8
    - Intense and realistic Unit Balancing + realistic Unit Resources
    - Modified Map Generator modified to produce better worlds
    - Exotic foreign advisor
    - Enhanced Military Advisor
    - Religious specific Inquisitor Units
    - Including more parts from GreenMod 2.1 (second UU, Demotroops, Razing and inquisition)
    - Realistic World Map with a total new barbarian experience (Modified version)
    - Sulphur renamed to Saltpeter
    - Muskets & Muskets_Factory Removed
    - Caraval carries now 2 Cargo.
    - Cities distance reduced to 2 instead of 3.
    - Razing cities possible - 50 Gold per Pop
    - Razing Wonders and Catheral possible against gold
    - Tomb of Mousolus Wonder has been completely reskinned!
    - Temple and Monastry of Zoroastrians have been reskinned (red brick)
    - New Shrine building for Zoroastrians (reskinned)
    - The Native Americans have their Indian looking Scout back + Native Warrior, Native Archer and Native Longbowman.
    - Japanese Samurai has a new skin.
    - Sipahi Persian Knight and German Teutonic Knight have removed their religious symbol to make them more generic.
    - 8 New resources from Greenmod + Realism World Map 1.4.1

    - Desert percentage changed, from 5 to 15, original value is 35.
    - Increased BASE_REVOLT_FREE_UNITS to 2, from 1.
    - Increased NUKE_POPULATION_DAMAGE_BASE to 50, from 30.
    - Increased NUKE_UNIT_DAMAGE_BASE to 50, from 30.
    - Increased minimum city distance to 3.
    - Increased max national wonders per city to 3
    - Added Promotion and Traits mod v0.5
    - Returned the original 25% bonus against Cavalry for Rifleman and Redcoat
    - Changed movement Privateer to match that of Caravel, which is now 5.
    - Added Snaitf's Great General mod, adapted as per Exavier, not giving soldier specialist for Palace and Barracks
    - Fixed links for the Lost Wonders movies
    - Added French translations from dbkblk of Lost Units, Lost Wonders, Nuclear Reactor, Nuclear Sub and Carrier, Gunsmith.
    - Added the IceBreakerMod, v1.0
    - Added new resources from GreenMod 2.10

    ----- **** Mods included **** -----
    - Barbarian Hordes
    - CulturalDecay v0.2
    - CultureConquest v1.3
    - Lost Units v1.2
    - Lost Wonders v1.0
    - Promotions and Traits v0.5
    - Proper Score Graph v1.8
    - RealFort v0.4
    - Sevopedia v1.9
    - Simple Game Clock
    - Special Domestic Advisor v0.92
    - TechConquest v0.3
    - Terraform v1.11
    - Unit Allegiance
    - UnitUpgrades
    - UnitXP v1.0
    - IceBreakerMod v1.0
    - GreenMod v2.1 (Only new Ressources)

    ----- **** Credit and thanks **** -----

    This mod would not have been possible without the wonderful work of the following people:

    - Naf4ever

    - Vladimir for designing the new Nuclear ICBM mod

    - Rabbit, White for his awesome Immortal unit

    - tlucky4life for his awesome Native Warrior, Archer and Longbowman skins

    - Kristine and Jaynus for the previous modding

    - Frontbrecher
    Lost Wonders and Lost Units
    - Bhruic
    TechConquest, RealFort and CulturalDecay
    - Sevo
    - Vovan
    UnitUpgrades (included in the Sevopedia)
    - Tywiggins
    - Stone-D
    UnitXP and CultureConquest
    - Ulfn
    Proper Score Graph
    - Snaitf
    Unit Allegiance
    Great General
    - Requies
    Special Domestic Advisor
    - Homegrown
    Simple Game Clock
    - Kattana
    Barbarian Hordes
    - Dbkblk
    French translations of Lost Units, Lost Wonders, Nuclear Reactor, Nuclear Sub and Carrier, Gunsmith
    - Zuul
    Promotions and Traits

    - Master Lexx
    GreenMod 2.1

    - Optimizer
    IceBreaker Mod


    ToDO List for next version:



    Important Note
    This Mod is not yet 1.61 compatible, but I assure you we have put 2x more improvements in the game than version 1.61 did to 1.52. To be able to use the new patch AND still play this MOD you have to make a Dual install

    Dual install is pretty easy.

    1. Copy "Sid Meier's Civilization IV" in Program Files/Firaxis Games, to "Sid Meier's Civilization IV v1.52".
    2. Rename "Sid Meier's Civilization IV" in My Documents/My Games, to "Sid Meier's Civilization IV v1.52".
    3. Install the patch.
    4. Run from one directory or the other to get the version you want. You'll also be able to install mods separately for the two versions, save games will be separate for the two versions, etc. The new version will have a clean install with no mods, which is probably what you want (since many old mods won't work).

    Though if you have you already installed the patch you can rename the game folder to V1.61 then reinstall the game and update to to old patch, then rename that to V1.52 and change the V1.61 back to the original folder name.

    You can now download the whole Mod as one file from the country you are from:
    We ONLY use this Forum as communication platform between Fans and us. Do not use the Forum in the SourceForge!

  2. Houman

    Houman TR Team Leader

    Jan 24, 2002
    --- reserved ---
  3. acantoni

    acantoni Chieftain

    Feb 13, 2006
    No problem here :)
    A little suggestion... if the size-increase isn't too much what about make the archive self-extracting ?
  4. junter

    junter Chieftain

    Jan 22, 2006
    What does "Increased BASE_REVOLT_FREE_UNITS to 2, from 1." mean ?:goodjob:
  5. Houman

    Houman TR Team Leader

    Jan 24, 2002
  6. Lachlan

    Lachlan Great Builder of Civs !

    Mar 27, 2002
    European Union
    Yes i follow this thread ;)
  7. junter

    junter Chieftain

    Jan 22, 2006
    What does "Increased BASE_REVOLT_FREE_UNITS to 2, from 1." mean ?:goodjob:
  8. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell

    I think it defines how much damage the unit can do other units via collateral damage. so 75 means that you can them them down to 25% health.
  9. Houman

    Houman TR Team Leader

    Jan 24, 2002
    @ acantoni
    Maybe a self extract would be a good idea. It adds 100KB to the file, but still is 1.9 MB smaller than the ZIP file. Thanks for the idea.


    "Increased BASE_REVOLT_FREE_UNITS to 2, from 1."

    This is a change that has been done before my time. Maybe Kristine can explain it. I don't know what it is either. :)


    I hope you are right. :) The catapult has a value of 50. i have to test this to see, which way around an increase would affect a stack of unit.

  10. KGrevstad

    KGrevstad Warlord

    Dec 14, 2005
    Pacific Northwest
    I think is the minimum number of units a city gets when it revolts. And they are free to the new civilization.

  11. junter

    junter Chieftain

    Jan 22, 2006
    The cities can become indipendent state ??? :nuke:
  12. Houman

    Houman TR Team Leader

    Jan 24, 2002
  13. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    yep, that's right :goodjob:
  14. Lachlan

    Lachlan Great Builder of Civs !

    Mar 27, 2002
    European Union
    You take Earth Realism 1.3 ? Meraviglioso ! Wonderful ! Merveilleux !

    Since the time that i waited it !

    But why not forbide the maps not designed for the mod ?
  15. junter

    junter Chieftain

    Jan 22, 2006
    Answer me please ! :goodjob:
  16. V. Soma

    V. Soma long time civ fan

    Apr 13, 2004
    I also follow this, keep on the good effort! :goodjob:
  17. KGrevstad

    KGrevstad Warlord

    Dec 14, 2005
    Pacific Northwest
    Perhaps you've heard of patience, junter. It's a virtue.

    The revolution referred to is that one which happens prior to cultural flipping and these cities wind up as either yours or your opponents, depending on the direction of flip, of course.

    Reading the manual can possibly substantially enhance your understanding of the game.

  18. Houman

    Houman TR Team Leader

    Jan 24, 2002
    @Lachlan & Soma

    Thanks for following this thread guys. :goodjob:

    Regarding the Realism Map; I have already taken the map and placed all the new resources. I am testing it right now. My idea was to put each new resource in its original place. e.g. Potato and Coffee comes from South America, Lemon comes from Iran while Cotton comes from India.

    If anyone has more information where to place the following new resources according to their origin please help me: I know that nowadays every country has its own potatoes, but if we place each resource everywhere, AI won't trade anymore with you. So stick with the country of origin please:


    Regarding forbidding other maps, well some people might to like to play generated maps rather than the Earth map. :) I know I don't understand them either. :D

  19. Mikkeman

    Mikkeman Chieftain

    Mar 17, 2005

    I like this mod, but this feature is bad:" No City Razing defaulted to true. I dont like this option. You should be forced to deal with a capture."
    Could this be turned off, or can city be destroyed after capture, or is destroying own cities possible at all?

    Sorry for my noobisness. Im quite new at civ 4, though old veteran with other civs.
  20. Houman

    Houman TR Team Leader

    Jan 24, 2002
    The question is valid. Razing a city was indeed possible and would make it more realistic from my point of view.

    1) I was actually looking for the option where this can be turned on and off. Can someone help me finding it?

    The reason is, I am not sure if the Razing is still forbidden. As far as I remember I was given the possibility to raze a city upon capture. I haven't tried to raze any city yet.

    2) Can the testers give any comment please?

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