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[Mod] Salty's Civ3 Unique Units Mod

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by salty, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. salty

    salty Prince

    Jul 22, 2005
    Adds Unique Units from Civ3. Absolutely no attempt to balance game play has been made. No new graphics or skins.

    New Version 0.3

    Changed from 0.2 to 0.3:
    Legionary and Camel Archer no longer buildable by everyone (only Rome and Arabia)
    Restored barbarians to original (no more chariots coming out of no where)
    Added new playable barbarian civilization which can build orphaned units

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  2. salty

    salty Prince

    Jul 22, 2005
    Salty Civ3 unique units for Civ4 mod version 0.2
    (by salty on civfanatics forum)

    No new graphics or skins, stats only
    Playable Barbarians Enabled

    Base stats from v1.52 patch (including jag35/praet45 bump)

    Mod seems to work, but hasn't been tested extensively AND CERTAINLY HASN'T BEEN BALANCED
    1) Install in your Mods folder
    2) Use the Advanced -> Load a mod -> saltymod option

    Nationless units are barbarians, except Numidian Mercs for Malinese, and Swiss Mercs for French and Germans). Yes, some Civs still only have 1 unique unit.

    Added Units:
    Enkidu Warrior = Warrior with 50% vs melee
    Jaguar Brave = Warrior, move 2, cost 20, picture is Jaguar, 10% city attack, 25% jungle def, city attack ai

    Chasquis Scout = Scout with ignore terrain move costs (was v0.1 added attack, free Sentry Promotion, added attack ai, removed pillage)

    Bowman = Archer, str4
    Javelin Thrower = Archer, 2 first strike, immunity to first strike

    Three-Man Chariot = Chariot, str6, cost 35

    Legionary = Swordsman, str6. 25% vs melee (was v0.1 replaced axeman class due to conflict with praetorian, str6, 50% vs melee)

    Immortal Soldier = Swordsman, str6, 25% vs horse
    Gallic Swordsman = Swordsman, move 2, cost 65, city attack 20%

    Impi = Spearman, move 2
    Numidian Mercenary = Spearman, str5, cost 40, 50% vs. melee, 50% vs horse

    Conquistador Squire = Explorer with attack, goodie huts not guaranteed, pillage on, added attack, pillage AI

    Mounted Warrior = Horse Archer, str7

    Swiss Mercenary = Pikeman, str7, city def 25%, hill def 25%

    Ansar Warrior = Knight, str 9, move 3, cost 80
    (Camel Archer moved to new class in order to coexist with Ansar)
    Heavy Keshik = Knight, str9, cost 80, ignore terrain cost, 50% catapult
    Indian War Elephant = Knight, require Copper or Iron, and Ivory, 60% vs. mounted, not immune to first strike
    Rider = Knight, move 3
    Elite Samurai = Knight, 2 first strikes, 50% vs melee, not immune to first strike, get defensive bonus

    Berserk = replaces Longbow unit with axeman, str 10, cost 90, amphibious, req. iron working, iron or copper, 50% vs melee, ai city attack default, add city attack ai, no city defend

    Man-o-War = Frigate, str10,

    Hwacha = Cannon, str 16, doesn't need Iron, collat damage limit 70 (was str18)

    Sipahi = Cavalry, str 21, cost 150

    F15 = Jet, str27, intercept 80

    Carrack, Dromon not added (too lazy to figure stats)
    Panzer, Musketeer, Hoplite = Phalanx, War Chariot, Cossack already exist as pretty much the same unit from Civ3
    Ancient Cavalry, Crusader, Trebucet, others also not added

    To do:
    clean up AI/not AI
    add new skins or pics
    run code formatter
    may give Berserks to Russian, Numids to Egypt, Legion to Greeks later, just so everyone has 2
    figure out why .ini description isn't showing in menu
    fix 'salty mod' pop up screen (not included)
  3. Rshu

    Rshu Chieftain

    Aug 30, 2005
    Pennsylvania, USA
    Good mod, finally some civs have more than 1 UU. I was wanting something like this for Civ 3 and it is finally here for Civ 4. Good job!
  4. salty

    salty Prince

    Jul 22, 2005
    Glad you liked it. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
  5. Lucius Sulla

    Lucius Sulla Gens Cornelia

    May 19, 2004
    Gandia, home of the Borgia
    Suggested special UU for Spanish Empire:

    Spanish Tercios: Would replace Musketman (rather than Pikeman, since gunpowder weapons use - arquebus - was vital part of their tactics).

    Strength 10 - +50% against Mounted units, +50% against Melee units.

    The Spanish Tercios were the dominating military unit in the XVI and first quarter of the XVII century. They effectively ended with the units that had dominated the lower middle ages: the heavy knights and the pikemen (specially the famed swiss pikemen). The dominion this unit had in the field faded with the advent of modern artillery and the new tactics of line riflemen/musketeers developed by Gustav Adolph of Sweden, and brought to maximum by the new regimental system of the french armies.

    The tercios had their swan song in 1625, as they still scored major victories against the now more modern enemies... the Swedes in the White Mountain battle, the taking of Breda in the Dutch war. But in 1640, they were defeated decisevily for the first time against the new French army in the battle of Rocroi.

    In their moment of glory (late XVI century, early XVII century) the reputation of the tercios was so widespread that there were several records of enemy units (specially mercenaries) refusing to fight a battle when they knew there were native Spanish tercios in the other side.

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