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Dec 20, 2005
welcome to song of the moon 2
total conversion modification !


first ill start with the very important part, the credits, id like to credit those who first started this mod, so long ago, the first song of the moon creators :
Woodelf, GeoModder, DSquared, Belizan, Matthewv and JBG

They inspired the whole modding community with this first sci fi mod.


So, what the story line you ask? its simple: 15 mega earth corporations started on the race to colonize and control the bright side of the moon, for its abundant with metals, and the crowns jewel - helium3. the moon now is a more fruitful moon then before, since earth did some work prior to the invasion, it seeded the moon with bacteria's, crystals and some no atmosphere nutrients, so that the first colonists wont be starving too much. so do you have what it takes to stand in the coldness of the moon, the radiation - oh and the aliens that invaded the moon too (barbarians)?

here are the highlights of what song of the moon 2 includes:

1. You don't have a lot of food bonuses on the moon - each civ can import a unique bonus.
2. Helium is the most important bonus - it gives a lot of money with some buildings.
3. There are 7 unit class with different function in the game play.
4. Most units can walk all over the terrain.
5. There are 15 mega corporations to play with.
6. Religions are named ideologies - each have a unique unit.
7. Corporations for now are out - i will add them later.
8. New unit models by me, buildings and cool names :)
9. Theres no fresh water on the moon - instead you have energy - you build an energy node and its supplies you with
up to 3 energy on tiles away. most improvements require to be energized - lie irrigation for farms.
10. kmod 1.40
11. Units use multi bonus requirements.
12. Barbarians are now alien nation - they have their own units.
13. New Map Features.
14. complete music&sound conversion.
15. unique civ religion/ideology.

And Much more...

mod components included:

1. kmod 1.40
2. jeckel mod components - some cool improvement stuff.
3. platypang python mods
4. mountains back to service
5. fresh water from improvement by deliverator.

Credits = there's many people that made stuff thats inside this mod:
Spoiler :

maniac and plantfall
the_j - mars now.
the dune team - deliverator, davidlalen, ahriman, and the rest who helped.
lord tirian.
the lopez for many of his mods and help.

grave for tons of his work

fanatic demon
Minor Annoyance
Minor Annoyance
the bug mod team, alerum
glider for the great revdcm mod.
thanks jeckel fot his great work and help
The Capo, achilleszero
Walter Hawkwood
asioasioasio, Servius
zappara and rom2

download :

version 1.3:




install notes:

after download - put it in your mod folder and press on the mod - it will extract it self, then just load it - preferably with another mod chooser.

known issues:

* many buttons are missing, i did most for the units, there's still the building ones.
* no Much events - i need help with that
* for now there's only archipelago map - although any map can be used (Ask me How)
* the mod might not be balanced In some areas like costs, units and such.


- Change terrain art
- Build a music pack
- Add unique civ buildings
- Add aerial units
- Edit Promotions
- Add events
- Make a lot more button art
- Balance
- edit the improvements.

If you Have a crash, a bug or anything - plz attach a save game


Remember - the more feedback i get - the better youll help make the mod better.


keldath, your friendly modder.

i'll Add more Pictures Later On.

mods original thread : http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=160498


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So I've had a bit of time to play through it a bit and I have a few thoughts...

First, the earliest buildings are too expensive. The Bio Lab and Collector are okay, and probably the Air Recycler too (the one that gives both health and happiness), but a lot of them are too expensive. It probably isn't a good idea to have an early era building go over 120 hammers. I mean, just look at the Vanilla Barracks, it's only 40 hammers. I can understand things being a little harder to build here, but it's still Civ.

Second, the Import Wonders are too cheap. Don't get me wrong, I love cheap stuff, it just seems like it's easier to import food or corn than it is to build an air filter. For crying out loud, it's a wonder, you only get one ever. I'm not looking for a huge increase, just an increase.

Third, the units scale up in strength waaaay too fast. If you're unlucky enough to not have any resources, your strongest unit is a Shock Trooper which can easily be smacked down by a Wolf Drone or even a Sparrow Drone. I was only half way through the game and my strongest unit was Strength 6 while my opponent had a strength 14 unit that he didn't even have to use to spank my empire...and he didn't even have a tech advantage.

Fourth, Colonizers are too expensive.

Fifth, the earliest available techs are probably fine in costs, except for one...Duricrete. As the cheapest tech, it's bound to be the first researched and it immediately unlocks Fundamentalism. Not a bad Ideology, but I try not to monopolize them in order to give the AI a chance. Plus, a really cheap Ideology might be a bad idea. Still, it's just my opinion, I could be wrong. A player will jump at it though, usually without thinking. :lol:

Sixth, there's nothing to upgrade the Strider to. The Quad requires Aluminum and that ain't easy to find. I think a good rule of thumb should be that your city defence units shouldn't require resources. After all, if you can't defend yourself from those nasty machines the Aluminum users build, what's the point?

Seventh...how the heck do you take advantage of Dust Waste and Dust Sea resources? That's pretty much the only thought I'd like an answer to, the rest you can just absorb and reflect upon.

...okay, so maybe that's not the only thing I'd like an answer to.

Lastly, I've noticed a large volume of spelling errors, weird sentences and other grammatical errors. Being the intrepid modder (and grammar nut) that I am, I've decided to fix those errors...as many as I had the guts to edit. Unfortunately, they're all in key files since they were all named directly instead of through TXT_KEY_ETC. Still, if you trust me I think you'll see I fixed most of the spelling errors. My fixes don't appear to have affected the stability of the Mod at all...hold on...let me check again...yep, doesn't crash. I didn't change a single tag...even the misspelled ones...they don't matter to the computer anyway, it just bothers me. :p

Feel free to test them out for yourself, but I fixed as many spelling errors as I could. I notice it's not exactly your strong suit. I'd be willing to do so in the future as well, and maybe even write a bit for the Civilopedia if the mood strikes me.

Also, if you could tell me where to find the opening text for the Game Start window, that'd be great. You know, where you're normally told "your people have settled down and need leadership. Build a Civilization to stand the test of time!" in regular Civ, except for SotM2.

And last of all (slightly more lastly than the previous lastly), I've been having fun. Well, up until the point I was invaded. Still, fun!

P.S. OSEC are double-dealing bastards who will claim friendship but then send Wolf Drones to your under-defended cities. Course, maybe I should have broken off trade with their enemies. I certainly would have if I'd been paying attention.


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Tssha hi!

wow excellent feedback, thanks a lot for the text fixes!

okay, about the units - i thought theres gonna be something with them, since all of them require a bonus preqeq, so, what ive thought is to add another unit class, that will be weaker then most units, and have different attributes, but still lower then all of the rest, and that unit wont require a bonus, so straggling civs, will be able to defend them selves in some manor, what do you think?
do you think i should change the preqeq on the other units?

about the techs - i will re examine the strategic techs and perhaps add more preqeq to some, and maybe some more cost.

my goal is to have a complex unit set - with an alternative to any unit so everyone will be able to get a kind of an army, a complex system of rock paper scissors.

dust sea resources - thats my bad when i changed the map set to water based, i didnt ade the changes to the improvements - i left them as land improvements...so i need to add 2-3 improvements for dust sea, my bad - i forgot.

Feel free to test them out for yourself, but I fixed as many spelling errors as I could. I notice it's not exactly your strong suit. I'd be willing to do so in the future as well, and maybe even write a bit for the Civilopedia if the mood strikes me.

that is very kind of you and again much thanks for the fixes. my weakest part is indeed the spelling, i know, through all of my modding time, u was weak on grammar..i try though :)

the opening text - i think its located in the water text file, or in the gameinfotext, i will check it tomorrow and tell you.

any thing you can bring up will be great, i build the patches according to what ever feedback i get here.

i do not play my mods usually, i like the modding, so i cant supply feedback's, rarely i start a game...

im extremely happy you had fun, that means my work was not in vane!

tomorrow i will get everything you commented here into a patch, and maybe even add that no bonus unit class.

thanks for the great suggestions and the help!

id be sure love to here what you think about the improvements, the units tiers, bonus appearance on the map and what ever you have.

p.s. i love game play reports! i hope ill be able to make the civs more unique by giving each some different stuff.

if theres any more players that play the mod, plz help me make this mod better by feed backs, its very important.

cheers, keldath!

The_J, thank buddy.
aragogthebest, thanks, ill be waiting to hear your thoughts on it :)

edit: i didnt test the helium decay system - any thought there? is it working well?
I'll *try* to find some time to take a look at this between Planetfall's new internal patch and a little project of my own for an old game before the CiV demo comes out... ;)
I still have to get the python working for this, because the code looks right, but I still get an exception. I'm doing something wrong somewhere >.<

for some reason, i dreamt about what to do with the corporation system,

how about calling it - "he3 refining method" - all corporations ca not spread , and you basicaly choose what kind of refining you what to use - say - grind refining - and you get cash per he you have in your empire, plus you can get other resources in exchange.

the same way i can call it - he3 exchange market - and choosing a market - each one provides different resources and credit levels.

how about that?
Congrats on releasing the mod.

By the way... "the race to colonize and control the bright side of the moon". There is no such thing as "the bright side of the moon". For any given point on the moon, except maybe a few spots by the poles, it is bright sometimes and dark sometimes. The "lunar day" is, not coincidentally, about one month long. The same side always faces the earth (give or take a percent or so) so when the moon is on the side of the earth that is opposite the sun that side is bright (full moon) and when the moon is on the same side of the earth as the sun that same side of the moon is dark (new moon).

Unless you mean that the cities and other facilities are mobile and move around the moon to stay on the bright side...
At least your second moon mod could run in my pc... the first one never worked properly... by the way... i would like to see the leaders of the moon ever... i just saw the logos of the space agencies... by the way... check this link: Paraterraforming or the worldhouse might be a possible tech into your mod... or the worldhouse might be a wonder kinda chinese great wall...
hello all,

although civ 5 is here,
for now i will keep doing updates here.

so im now working on an update, mostly according to what was reported by tssha.

so far 50 people downloaded the mod,
i would be very happy if i can get more feedback.

hi, leaders, well your right, but for now, thats not the list, im concentrating on balancing the mod. perhaps in the future.

thanks for the building offers and the tech - i think i wil ladd those - good ideas :)


oh i see that the dumb ai wont build the life dome...well ive fixed this.
Certainly yes. Well... now this mod not working. CIV crashes by beginning a game. And it would be interesting to play. :(
hello civ4 lovers,

i got my modding bug back (hope not for a short time), and i started updating this mod,
i plan to do some serious tweaking stuff, since i know the initial release had many game play imbalance and such.

i already updated the mod to work with revdcm 2.90 (latest), and i have many more things to fix.

again, i still hope there some who will play this, and more over - if any one have some spare time and wants to help - from ideas to actual xml modding, ill be more then happy.
That's great to hear. I don't know why, but I can't play CivV for too long, I become bored and come back and play CivIV again... So new mods are always great, and yours is truely nice :).
Have you released a new version?

I had troubles getting last version of mod to play.

Does this mod use Planet Generator?

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