Mod to just swap Civ colors, music, icons and leader pictures of existing civs? Details inside.


Sep 28, 2014
Since i'm no good at modding, i was wondering if someone could make a mod that i can then edit depending on which civ i'm playing at the moment.
I tried downloading a custom civ and then cutting out everything that doesn't have to do with what i ask here, but i still haven't made ot work.

Ideally, i would like a "blank slate" mod, where i can just edit the text file of which civ it should swap with and be good to go (while knowing where to place the custom music/images i wish to use as replacement).

So to recap, the mod should:
1) replace an existing civ (you choose) aesthetically only (no gameplay changes)

2) refer to a folder in which i can place any pictures (of the proper format) to replace both Nation Icons, Leader Icon, and Leader Scene

3) Same as above for custom Peace/War themes

4) A text file i can edit to choose border/national icon colors

5) nothing else but the above

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me, if you know of places where i can ask pr commission such mod let me know!
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