[Mod] True Culture Location and Territory Naming for the Giant Earth Map

Vanilla Feline

Oct 14, 2016
Hey Gedemon,
I was following this mod at its beginning, and then dropped off for a long while. Just hopped on yesterday and saw it was published. Followed all of the installation processes properly, and got all mods working aside from TCL. I could get the giant map going with true starts, but the culture selection wasn't region locked. Is this something you are aware of and working on, or is there an updated version not on Mod.io?

Keep up the great work!


Aug 18, 2020
Hi,does anyone get this to run on the Giant Earth Map after the expansion? I basically only want to play this game with these 2 mods :crazyeye:. I followed installation instructions, downloaded the latest versions, and set number of competitors to 10. But whichever map I pick (the one with -DLC or not) I just get this message and it won't start:

"The operation was canceled.

at Amplitude.Mercury.Game.Game+<DoStart>d__4.MoveNext () [0x00157] in <173fc3c1c3214bc89b88c03b179ae28b>:0
at Amplitude.Coroutine.Run () [0x00019] in <479babf06a1f4b9498857d4c8c52dc95>:0"

Tried to change a few selections but always the same result. Have no other mods installed.


May 8, 2023
IF you want to follow this guide Please OPEN up https://mod.io/g/humankind/m/true-culture-location and FOLLOW along
The guide you're looking for: How to reactivate this amazing mod in 2023. Its May 2023 its working as of today 5/8/2023. I'll try to keep this short since people don't read. Make sure you have the latest version of Humankind downloaded first, then you can start.
1. Open up the Steam Console on steam. How do you do this? Press WINDOWS + R
2. When the "Run" window appears, in the blank text you will put. steam://open/console
3. Search up SteamDB on your browser. When you get to the website, in the search bar, look for Humankind
4. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP IS THIS ONE. Download the correct previous manifest of the game. How? You will need APP ID, DEPOT ID, and Manifest ID. But fudge all that noise im going to give you the 3 ID's I chose to make this mod work. IMPORTANT: IF THESE ARE NOT CHOSEN, IT WILL NOT WORK.
5. In your Steam Console that we opened earlier, you will copy paste the whole following line: download_depot 1124300 1124301 6434925583739347129 This command will download the February 24th, 2022 version of Humankind. BEWARE IT WILL NOT TELL YOU ON STEAM ANYWHERE WHERE IT IS DOWNLOADING. To see if it is downloading, open up task manager, look at your network performance and it will show you if something is downloading. Also p.s. the SteamDb downloads are super fudging slow, no matter your internet. Be prepared.
6. ON THIS WEBPAGE: Scroll up from this comment and go to where it says." Download Files Manually." Instead of downloading the latest version that the Mod owner has up, instead you will click on, "View other versions." You are going to download version off the the list we see.
7. Now when your download off of Steam DB is done, remember that thing we did in the Steam Console? Yeah, it will most likely download a folder path like this. ../Steam/Steamapps/content/app_1124300/depot_1124301
8. Now youre going to open your current Humankind Folder. The easiest way to do this, if you're not sure where it is, is to go to your Steam Library, hover over Humankind in your list of games and right click it. Hover over manage, and then click browse local files. This will open up the folder we want.
9. Now you should have 2 folder tabs open, the depot folder and your humankind folder. Copy everything from the DEPOT to HUMANKIND folder. It will ask you if you can replace files in destination, you will hit YES.
10. Now that we have the previous version of the game downloaded, and we also have the corresponding version of the True Culture Location mod we can almost make this work. If you already have BePinEx stuff downloaded and figured out, you can skip these next couples steps, im just gonna simplify the process since the instructions on this page for BePinEx installation can be a little hard to follow.
11. BePinEx INSTALLATION: IF you are on windows PLEASE CLICK THE LINK THAT SAYS x64 that the mod owner already listed. Can't find that on this page? ctrl f the words "x64"
12. When you click the link, scroll down to the BepInEx 5.4.21 version. Keep scrolling till you see these 5 files names:
Source code
Source code
13. Click on the your appropriate ZIP file, I have windows so that would be the x64 zip. After downloading, youre then going to extract that zip file into the same folder that you have Humankind in.
14. IMPORTANT STEP: RUN HUMANKIND NOW AFTER INSTALLING BEPINEX. You need to do this because if you look at your Bepin Ex folder, it has one folder in it called "core". After running the game you should have 4 more folders: cache, config, patchers and plug ins. THE ONE WE CARE ABOUT IS PLUG INS.
15. If you've done everything correctly up to this point, this is your current folder path most likely. ../Steam/Steamapps/common/Humankind/BepinEx/Plugins
16. Remember the True Culture Location file we downloaded? It should read gedemon.trueculturelocation. You're going to extract that file into your BepinEx/Plugins folder
17. Now if you don't want to Undo all that amazing work you just did, go to Steam, right click on Humankind in your library again. Click properties and go to updates. Change the option from, "Always keep this game updated" to "Only update when I launch it." We're done You have reached the end, if you followed everything to a T it should be working. Just wanted to say thank you to @Gedemon for the mod. Amplitude please add this mod to the game. Please.
18. I am not a modder or modding inclined in any way, I just read. If I can do it, so can you :)
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