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[MOD][WARLORDS] ViSa Modpack

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by TAfirehawk, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk WoC Team Manager

    Aug 25, 2006

    ViSa Modpack Team
    keldath, mrgenie, TAfirehawk and rockinroger

    Latest Patch Version: 2.10

    Latest Full Version: 2.00

    Designed for Warlords

    ViSa has its own Project & Mod Development Forum now!!!

    Please direct all posts to that forum, thank you.
  2. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk WoC Team Manager

    Aug 25, 2006

    Download Area

    • Automatic Installer Download for Full v2.00 for Warlords v2.0.8.0
    • RAR Download for Full v2.00 for Warlords v2.0.8.0 - Extract RAR and run Automatic Installer
    • RAR Download for Manual Patch v2.10 for Warlords v2.0.8.0 - includes fixes from ViSa v1.20 ***Please Read Known Bugs Section Below***
    • EXE Download for Manual Patch v2.10 for Warlords v2.0.8.0 - includes fixes from ViSa v1.20 ***Please Read Known Bugs Section Below***
    • Registry Key Fix for anybody upgrading from ANY version of ViSa BEFORE v2.00 ***Please Read Known Bugs Section Below***


    • RAR Download for Full v1.20 for Warlords v2.0.0.0 ***Only use for old save games***
    • Old Version for Patch v1.40 for Warlords v2.0.0.0 ***Only use for old save games***
    • Old Version for Patch v1.50 for Warlords v2.0.0.0 ***Only use for old save games***

    If you haven't installed v2.00 as a full and clean install, it is STRONGLY recommended that you delete the entire \Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods\VISA directory and install a fresh, full version of ViSa v2.00 and then the latest patch, which includes all previous patches. Version 2.00 Full includes registry settings that are required by ViSa python files.

    A 'letter' increment in the Patch Build indicates a save game compatible update, whereas a 'number' increment usually means the update is not save game compatible.

    Please play with language set to English as full translations to any other language are not fully supported at this time.​

    ViSa Installation

    Full Version
    1. This mod is contained in an Automatic Installer, run the EXE (extract from RAR if you chose that download) and follow the directions.
    2. To have the mod load automatically at game startup, edit the CIVILIZATION.INI file in your \My Documents\My Games\Warlords directory. Change the "Mods=0" to "Mods=Mods\VISA".
    3. The Automatic Installer will clear the cache AND the custom assets directories.
    4. Please use Add/Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel to remove ViSa to clear the registry keys.

    Patch Update
    1. The latest patch is contained in an EXE and RAR format. Please run the EXE or extract the RAR to the \Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods\VISA directory.
    2. You may need to clear the cache by deleting everything in the C:\Documents and Settings\{YOUR USERNAME}\Application Data\My Games\Warlords\cache before starting the game (highly recommended).

    ViSa Highlights

    Amra's Modpack
    Spoiler :
    Description/List of Mods Included
    - 25 new civs with animated leaderheads (many with different animations)
    - 140 new units including 2nd UU for ALL civs & Ethnically Diverse Units
    - 135 new Great People with GP mod art & quotes
    - 15 new resources & 5 new Wonders
    - 25 new Unique Buildings
    - First contact dialogue & more city names
    - Full pedia entries (In English when translation not available)
    - 5-man formations by anhu for Melee units
    - Actual Quotes v3.0 by Willowmound
    - Additional Color Values by SimCutie
    - Better Ship Scale v1.0 by Elhoim
    - Dawn of Man mod v0.2 by TheLopez
    - Dead Civ Scoreboard Mod v0.2w by TheLopez
    - Enhanced Tech Conquest v0.4.2 by Bhruic & TheLopez
    - Ethnically Diverse Units v2.35 by Rabbit, White
    - FexFx's Endurance and Marathon speeds
    - Great Person Mod with Renamer Mod v1.0 by Patricius
    - Mehmed II LH Bug Fix by Thunderfall
    - Not Just Another Game Clock Mod v0.3.3w by TheLopez
    - Promotion and Trait Mod v0.5 by Zuul
    - Real UN Resolutions Names by Rufus T. Firefly
    - TechWindow Mod v1c by Roamty
    - Unit Allegiance Mod v0.4w by Snaitf & The Lopez
    - Unit Statistics Mod v1.42 by Teg_Navanis
    - New flags, Era graphics, misc unit skins & roads by various modders
    - New techs & Improvements

    Gameplay Changes
    - Minimum city range increased from 2 to 3
    - Tech trading has been moved from Alphabet to Guilds
    - Upgrade costs reduced
    - Ironclad moves 3 (not 2)
    - Transport now has cargo capacity of 5 (instead of 4)
    - Animal/Barbarian maximum XP values increased
    - Maximum experience on upgrade changed from 10 to 16 allowing the unit to keep an extra promotion
    - Aggressive trait gives the Combat promotion to melee, gun, recon, archer & mounted units (as opposed to only melee and firearms)
    - Chopping down a Jungle now produces hammers (Third of forest production)
    - Scouts can build forts & explore Ancient Temples

    ViSa Modpack Additions/Changes
    Spoiler :
    * 37 buildings , not including unique buildings
    * over 40 nations
    * 200+ unique units and classes
    * Dale's Combat Mod V1.03
    * Religious Victory by Rodman49
    * Partisan Unit System by GIR
    * Air Forces Mod by TheLopez
    * Mercenaries Mod by TheLopez - disabled for now due to MP issues and balance
    * Tech Leak Mod by Sevo - totally re-wrote code and screens for ViSa
    * 2 extra civic catagories and 1 more civics to each civic catagory
    * Most of GIR's Mod Componants
    * Cultural Influence by TheLopez
    * Great Doctor Mod by TheLopez
    * Great Statesman Mod by TheLopez
    * Plot List Enhancement Mod by 12monkeys
    * Scrolling Civic Screen
    * JFort Mod by Jeckel
    * Great Generals From Barbarian Combat Mod by TheLopez
    * ViSapedia based on the great work by Sevo
    * 3 City Radius Mod by RogerBacon ***ViSa added 2 or 3 radius selection in Custom Game screen
    * Blitz Game Speed - 200 turn game by NeverMind
    * Random Barb Spearman spawns
    * Random Barb Navy spawns
    * Customizable Domestic Advisor Mod by TheLopez
    * Enhanced Foreign Advisor Mod by TheLopez

    ViSa Credits and Thanks
    Spoiler :


    We would like to thank all who made this mod possible:

    sevo - the maker of the great sevomod

    arma - creator of 2uu arma mod - who was our inspiration

    gir - special thanks for helping with problems and for his lovely mod - gir mod

    fitchn - for the great mod civmore

    ganart - for the extended mod

    TheLopez - for all the mod additions

    Gerikis - for the Multi-Player help

    all unit model makers out there - we used a lot of models and we can't remember all - we are sorry and very thankful for them.


    A VERY BIG THANKS TO RABBIT WHITE, WOODELF, SEz's nautil, sharick, the conquasts, snafusmiths, and all those we don't know of who brings Civ 4 to a whole other level and game depth for their great units and models.

    We thank all the people who helped in reporting bugs to us
    just by playing this mod, you are doing us a great help and joy.

    And last but not least, thanks to Firaxis for making such a great game and platform to mod.

    ViSa Screenshots
    Spoiler :
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

    ViSa Updates

    Known Bugs
    Spoiler :
    Memory Allocation Error on saving games (AutoSave or Manual) has been reported in multiple mods and multiple threads on CivFanatics. Our recommendation is to not play on any map size greater than LARGE. Other work-around is to change Graphics Settings to Low and disable all Effects. Any other setting changes to reduce save game file size will also help avoid this error. This appears to be a Firaxis save game issue, not any particular mod problem.

    SmartMap can cause errors in the two new Civic Categories (Education and Health Care). The default civic in those two categories sometimes is not selected on game startup. This also can happen on a 'normal' map immediately after SmartMap is used. Our recommendation is to not play with SmartMap.

    Languages besides English can cause errors throughout the game. Our recommendation is to play ViSa in English only.

    ATI Video Cards can cause numerous problems with this mod and vanilla Civ as well. Our recommendation is for all ATI people to download the latest video drivers without Catalyst.

    Upgrading from version before ViSa v2.00 Registry Key Fix can be downloaded and double-clicked anywhere to set the proper registry keys for ViSa. Download this and apply it (by double klicking it) from any place, if you have installed both Warlords and ViSa to standard directories. If you didn't choose default installations (We assume in this case that you know what you are doing), please proceed with the following rules.
    Only take these steps if you're NOT using default directories:
    open the "ViSa-210-regkey-fix.reg" with your windows Notepad
    change the "AppDir"=""C:\\Program Files\\Firaxis Games\\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\\Warlords\\Mods\\ViSa" to the proper directory you used for your personal installation.

    Note: it is highly recommended that you reinstall warlords and civ to the default directories "C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords" on your computer.

    Enabling DCM Ranged Bombardment AFTER starting a game is possible thanks to the directions of chipper_30:
    1) Go in WorldBuilder
    2) Save it
    3) Edit it with a text editor and add Option=GAMEOPTION_DCM_BOMBARD in the options
    4) Reload it and continue your game

    Patch Notes
    Spoiler :
    Version 2.10 ----------- 11/10/2006 (USA) - 10/11/2006 (World)

    ADD Blitz game speed by NeverMind - 200 turn game

    FIX Barbarians can spawn Spearman, Galley, Trireme, Galleon, Caravel in Fog of War
    FIX National Wonders in a city limit changed from 2 to 4

    FIX Dales combat mod, ranged attack now shown on the screen
    FIX Some Unit statistics random Python errors are handled properly
    FIX CTD occuring with Extended City Radius option enabled
    FIX Great Doctor SDK code causing wrong health values
    FIX Improvements outside Borders issue in the SDK improved
    FIX Several random fixes in the SDK
    FIX Roman Roads now working properly for 3 City Radius and 2 City Radius
    FIX City Razing option now working properly
    FIX Units are now displayed in the cityscreen
    FIX Dawn of Man screen

    ADD Advanced Foreign Advisor, F4 screen
    ADD Advanced Domestic Advisor, F1 screen

    Version 2.00 ----------- 11/02/2006 (USA) - 02/11/2006 (World)
    ***Compatible with Warlords Patch v2.08***

    ADD v2.08 Kublai Khan sound
    ADD v2.08 Walls bombard defense 25
    ADD v2.08 Castle bombard defense 25
    ADD v2.08 Factory Organized Trait
    ADD v2.08 Library Creative Trait
    ADD v2.08 All Religious Shrines get immunity to nukes
    ADD v2.08 Military Academy pre-req tech of Education
    ADD v2.08 Military Academy gives 3 culture
    ADD v2.08 4 Celtic city names
    ADD v2.08 Barbarians can build Spearman
    ADD v2.08 Railroad +1 shield bonus for Quary
    ADD v2.08 Guerilla 3 promotion withdrawal chance 30
    ADD v2.08 Navigation 2 promotion requires Flanking 1
    ADD v2.08 Aztec Jaguar free woodsman 1 promotion
    ADD Barbarians can build Trireme, Caravel, and Galleon
    ADD Currency prereq tech Alphabet

    FIX v2.08 Barbarian leader art button
    FIX v2.08 Kublai Khan art swapped with Qin Shi Huang
    FIX v2.08 Diplo Music volume reductions
    FIX v2.08 Yawn_Vox_Low 3D sound
    FIX v2.08 Collateral and March sound - 2 files obsolete in VISA\Assets\Sounds folder
    FIX v2.08 Walls obsolete with Rifling
    FIX v2.08 Spanish Citadel (castle) Siege experience increased to 5 from 2
    FIX v2.08 Colosseum cost reduced from 120 to 80
    FIX v2.08 American Mall Commerce changed from 10 to 20
    FIX v2.08 Stonehenge, Great Wall and Oracle no longer available in Classical start
    FIX v2.08 Military Academy increased military production from 25 to 50
    FIX v2.08 Great Wall chance of Great Engineer reduced from 2 to 1
    FIX v2.08 Expansive Trait health reduced from 3 to 2
    FIX v2.08 AI tweaks
    FIX v2.08 Bureaucracy upkeep increased from medium to high
    FIX v2.08 Louis diplo text
    FIX v2.08 Masonry religion flavor increased from 1 to 8
    FIX v2.08 Leadership promotion experience increased from 50 to 100
    FIX v2.08 Aztec Jaguar jungle defense bonus removed and strength reduced from 4 to 3
    FIX v2.08 Celtic Gallic Warrior required resources changed from iron to iron or copper
    FIX v2.08 Axeman power increased from 2 to 3
    FIX v2.08 Zulu Impi power increased from 2 to 3
    FIX v2.08 Ottoman Janissary power increased from 6 to 8
    FIX v2.08 Carthage Numidian Cavalry power increased from 3 to 4
    FIX v2.08 Korean Hwacha power increased from 3 to 4
    FIX v2.08 Trebuchet cost increased from 60 to 80
    FIX v2.08 Tank text
    FIX v2.08 Unit withdrawl probability short text
    FIX v2.08 Specialists pedia text
    FIX v2.08 Stonehenge strategy text
    FIX Barbarians can no longer build the Great Wall
    FIX Hannibal ancient diplo music
    FIX All Monuments obsolete moved to Philosophy to match Stonehenge move from v1.4
    FIX King Tut's Guard name typo
    FIX Slavery strategy typo
    FIX Blood Skinner upgrade to Rifleman
    FIX Maria Theresa of Austria diplo music
    FIX Fort Knox commerce per specialist reduced from 2 to 1
    FIX City radius and plotsize resized for 3 city radius option on 1024x768 resolution

    ADD Added to handle newline in SDK instead of sevo's python code..SDK is safer and faster
    ADD Option to enable the always war in the INI
    ADD Option to set the Max Experience Level granted by your Military Academy

    FIX Lower left corner info pane now properly dissappears when you move away your mouse from the unit/stack
    FIX Python error Pedia leaderheads, removed the code from sevo(buggy code), moved it to SDK solution
    FIX Great Statesman and Great Doctor showing pink has been fixed temporarily showing the light bulb
    FIX Python now looks for Regkey's set by ViSa Installer
    FIX Optimalization of the Great Person Routines
    FIX ViSapedia now correctly updates to the proper ViSa Modpack Version

    Version 1.5 ----------- 10/27/2006 (USA) - 27/10/2006 (World)

    FIX Tech requirement for Art Museum and Sciend Museum - only buildable by Great Person
    FIX City screen distance has been enlarged by 15% to incorporate the 3radius within the view area
    FIX City Guard Trebuchet build icon
    FIX Diplomacy Music
    FIX Oil trade tech moved from Combustion to Refining
    FIX Fort Knox cost increased from 750 to 1250
    FIX National Water Park properly named
    FIX Sid's Tips for Alphabet, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Flavian Amphitheater, Angkor Wat, Temple of Artemis,
    The Art of Artillery, Military Strategies and Tactics, Broadway, Castle, Chichen Itza, Coal Plant, Crusade,
    Courthouse, Forge, Natural Gas Plant, Globe Theater, Granary, Great Library, Great Palace, Grocer,
    Gutenberg's Print Shop, Hanging Gardens and Harbor
    FIX Carthage War Elephant pedia typo
    FIX Spear Horseman cost reduced from 120 to 100, upgrade to Cavalry, removed attack bonus against Infantry
    and requires Guild tech.
    FIX Castle obsolete tech moved from Economics to Flight
    FIX Natural Gas reveal tech moved from Combustion to Physics, trade/enable tech unchanged at Combustion
    FIX Pyramids obsolete tech moved from Education to Democracy

    ADD City Radius is now optional extendable to 3 in the custom game, 2 is default - based on work from RogerBacon

    FIX Natural Religion Spread Ini setting enabled by SDK
    FIX Plotlist buttons should now appear and disappear properly
    FIX Great Person Splash Screen True/False in INI file works properly
    FIX Turned off Super Specialist Stacking in INI file by default

    Version 1.4 ----------- 10/19/2006 (USA) - 19/10/2006 (World)

    FIX Pyramid cost increased and made obsolete with Education
    FIX Sphinx obsolete moved back to Divine Right
    FIX Stonehenge obsolete moved forward to Philosophy and cost increased to 180
    FIX Marco Polo's Embassy obsolete moved forward to Combustion
    FIX Hippodrome prereq moved to War Art
    FIX Art Museum now only buildable by Great Artist
    FIX Science Museum now only buildable by Great Statesman
    FIX Great Doctor points from (2) Red Cross, (2) Hanging Gardens, (2) Universal Suffrage, (2) Cure for Cancer
    FIX Bronze Cannon strength reduced to 10 and movement increased to 2
    FIX Monarchy now requires War Art instead of OR condition
    FIX Music now requires Literature instead of OR condition
    FIX Gunpowder removed Education as prereq and now requires Engineering
    FIX Divine Right now requires Philosophy instead of OR condition
    FIX Aeronautics double listing of Leads To: Flight
    FIX Oil reveal and trade moved to Combustion tech
    FIX Typos in Tech Leak windows
    FIX Theodosian Walls no longer go obsolete
    FIX Alphabetized Civs and Leaders in Custom Game Screen pull-downs
    FIX Ivory trade moved to Animal Husbandry, reveal still at Hunting
    FIX Sid's Tips for Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Commodity Exchange, Masonic Hall, Botanical Garden, Superhighway,
    Ranch, Networks tech, Tallest Building, Sewer System, Hippodrome and Flavian Amphitheater
    FIX Pacal II's typo
    FIX Hector initial greeting quote
    FIX Milstar Satelite no longer upgrades to Explorer
    FIX Reduced City Guard Trebuchet art size
    FIX All Civs will start with proper Education and Health Care Civics
    FIX Civilopedia text changed to ViSapedia

    ADD Real forts with ZoC and Promotion system
    ADD VisaPedia (SevoPedia)
    ADD Unitsupgrade pedia addition
    ADD PromotionTree Pedia addition
    ADD Option to enable/disabled the "Great Person Splash screen" in the INI
    ADD Splash screen upon first technology Lead/Recieve by trade routes
    ADD INI setting to turn on/off allegiance of animals
    ADD Set the minimum city distance in the INI
    ADD 3 Static movies for "Marco Polo, Adam Smith, Fort Knox"
    ADD Great Generals From Barbarian Combat Mod
    ADD Natural Spread of Religion number is now in the INI
    ADD Info when moving mouse over the plot list buttons

    FIX VisaPedia unitstats out of border
    FIX Great Person using random name generator showing pink screen
    FIX Rewritten code for the Military Academy, units granted will be upgraded to the latest techs
    FIX Some plotlist button enhancement buttons not resetted properly
    FIX Preventing exception for python reloading
    FIX Issue with the plot list button mod and the unit statistics mod

    Warlords Sound Bug Patch added to CivFanatics Downloads ----------- 10/18/2006 (USA Date) 18/10/2006 (World date)

    City Distance @ 2 Patch added to CivFanatics Downloads ----------- 10/13/2006 (USA Date) 13/10/2006 (World date)

    Version 1.3 ----------- 10/13/2006 (USA Date) 13/10/2006 (World date)

    Complete re-edited civic screen to scroll
    Cultural Influences Mod by TheLopez added
    Great Doctor Mod by TheLopez added
    Great Statesman Mod by TheLopez added
    Not Just Another Game Clock Mod fixed
    Regular Stock Exchange now buildable
    Artillery now upgrades to Howitzer
    Building and Unit descriptions fixed thanks to Alondin
    Moved Uranium access to Reveal point, Physics
    Roman Road cost decreased
    Marco Polo Embassy cost increased
    Sphinx cost increased
    Mausoleum of Halicarnassus cost reduced
    New SDK files "VISA_DLL_SOURCECODE_2006_October_11.exe"
    Several python fixes to the Tech Leak messages
    Tech Leak button double-click fixed
    Some xml tags edited - related to changed civic screen

    ViSa Future Changes

    ViSa Modpack Team List
    Spoiler :
    * Genetic Era for Warlords
    * Additional Civic Category
    * Inquisition Mod
    New Netherlands Mod
    * Multi-Building Unit Requirement Mod
    * Building Heal Rate Mod
    * Building Civic Prereqs Mod
    * Resource Tech Research Modifier Mod
    * Upgradeable Buildings Mod
    * Enhanced Warlord Unit
    National Security Agency National Wonder to reduce Tech Leak
    Roads and Lands
    * Update to New Air Forces Mod to v0.2w
    Replaced by Unit Mod by TheLopez
    * Update Specialist Stacker Mod to v0.8.1w - part of Great Statesman and Great Doctor Mods
    Look at code for Barb Great Generals
    * Sid's Tips for units, buildings, tech
    * Military Bases Mod by TheLopez
    Fix PLE Unit display reset on city view exit

    Player Request List
    Spoiler :
    Mercenaries Mod fixed
    My Multiplayer Military Mod
    MAD System fixed - may switch to version by TheLopez instead of Dale
    * Unit Balancing
    SmartMap update/fix
    * Furious attitude of some leaders with no negative points
    Secret Tech Mod
    Manhattan Project to national wonder
    * Plant Forest worker ability at Paper
    * Mastery Victory
    Revolution Mod
    * Armenia Civ
    * Blake's new AI by Blake
    Variable Wonder Cost formula
    * Limited Era Modpack by Jeckel
    Aero Engineer unit to create Airfields like in Civ3
    Domestic Advisor Screen fixed
    * Tweak Musket Manufacture
    * Tweak TNT Factory
    * Isaac Newton typo
    * Phoenician Sub typo
    * Jungle Rocket Launcher typo
    * Kashir Archer oversized
    * Endeavourer typo
    Great Statesman and Great Doctor Splash screen pink
    * KGB Wonder missing BIK
    Tiger Tank crash on build
    * Balance Ship of the Line
    Animated Leaders: Charlemagne (by C.Roland), Vitorrio (By C.Roland), Adolf Hitler v2.0 (by Hadrean, Kodzi & Elhoim) Hirohito (by WYZ sub10) & Saddam (by Iloveplayciv)
    True Prophets Mod by Kidinnu
    abbamouse Realistic Religions mod by abbamouse
    SD Religion by Stone-D

    Items with a * are anticipated to be in next patch.​
  3. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk WoC Team Manager

    Aug 25, 2006
    Reserved for future
  4. ibcoltscrew

    ibcoltscrew Chieftain

    May 2, 2004
    Quebec, Canada
    Looks good, downloading now !
  5. ibcoltscrew

    ibcoltscrew Chieftain

    May 2, 2004
    Quebec, Canada
    Download speed a 10k/sec ... is this possible to get another server... something for high speed plz.
  6. Lachlan

    Lachlan Great Builder of Civs !

    Mar 27, 2002
    European Union
    What about a world map for the VISA 1.20 ?

    A standard, a large and an huge ones ?

    With 32 Civ ? :crazyeye:
  7. Axil

    Axil Chieftain

    Jul 28, 2006
    from the land of the Ddraig coch
    Slowly playing through a game using the normal map generator now I've abandoned smartmap visa and quite enjoying myself though I did make sure Atilla wasn't in my game (find the static picture instead of animated head a tota switch off). Love the fact that part of Gir's mod is now part of the mod and find myself triggering golden ages just to get unique units :). Also see warlord military academy is adding a little extra which is great :).though a minor issue (doesn't affect game at all) is that then you get the axemen/swordsmen bonus on the first academy it's reporting them as our old friends the Special Forces and Marines (remember how much problems that caused the first time lol) though you do get the correct units
  8. Arlborn

    Arlborn Legendary Noob

    Jul 29, 2006
    So folks, is that the last-almost-ctd-free-version? Great job men, great job! When do you sleep?? :)
    Last days I'm too focused in Sevo mod, but for mods like your guys, I always have time :p
    Downloading! But its slow lol
  9. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk WoC Team Manager

    Aug 25, 2006
    OK, should be able to get the full v1.20 on my website/alternative link here and from the main website. Let me know if that speeds things up.

    Also, using a free download manager like Download Accelerator Plus (search Google) helps alot.
  10. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk WoC Team Manager

    Aug 25, 2006
    Maps are not up on the To Do list yet....we have a TON of mod components to add to ViSa yet, in fact every single mod out there is at least on the maybe list :)

    I recommend downloading the full v1.20 and starting fresh...I haven't gotten 'great' starting locations with SmartMap but it doesn't crash either...

    And yes I wiped out my VISA directory completely to be 'clean' ;)

    Yes this should be CTD free and most bugs (except text) are fixed :)
  11. J-ROD

    J-ROD Chieftain

    Oct 7, 2006
    Do I need to DL 1.20 and patches or just 1.20 (b/c 1.20 contains all the patches)? Also, is the pakbuild included in 1.20?
  12. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk WoC Team Manager

    Aug 25, 2006
    v1.20 includes the whole thing, patches, pakbuild...all the latest and greatest in one install file but must be used on a 'clean' install of ViSa.
  13. rockinroger

    rockinroger WoC Team Member

    Feb 6, 2006
    Overland Park, Kansas
    current game of visa 1.2, playing as the huns. i love the deer riders, they look great. sorry to see griffons and werewolfs go. those are the little things that add flavor, imho. playing visa smartmap, huge. no problems so far. good job team!!!!!!!!
  14. rockinroger

    rockinroger WoC Team Member

    Feb 6, 2006
    Overland Park, Kansas
    possible mod addition would be "my mp military mod by officer reene." tons of cool, good military stuff. I dont remember how do we get the great person mod activated again?
  15. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk WoC Team Manager

    Aug 25, 2006
    We decided to keep the units a bit more realistic so those two are gone for now.

    Great Person art is not working...we will have a patch out in the next few minutes to enable them AND keep them in the pakbuild. mrgenie is an AMAZING programmer and I will hint that we will release next week something no other modder has been able to do, but has wanted to do :mischief:
  16. Axil

    Axil Chieftain

    Jul 28, 2006
    from the land of the Ddraig coch
    Actually I'm using a Clean pak build plus the pak patched build and the non pak build just for testing purposes. so far Smart map visa is flaky on all of them, and pakbuild patched is doing something strange and crashing the graphics driver (more likely crappy ATI driver though) however I have great persons working (i do have the art directory folder though ). to get GP mod just install the great persons art folder.

    BTW any work being done on getting Gir's perk system into the mod?
  17. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk WoC Team Manager

    Aug 25, 2006

    This patch is save game compatible and includes Patch 0.20a as well. GreatPerson art should now be working from the PakBuild file as well...no other changes.
  18. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk WoC Team Manager

    Aug 25, 2006
    I haven't looked at GIR's perk system....keldath might know more about putting that in than I do.

    Well Version 1.20 along with Patch 0.20b are different than either of those setups you are using so give it a try.

    BTW, I can max out my cable modem at over 300KB/sec with a download manager from the Alternate Website :)
  19. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
    my first post!!!!

    first time i see this thread! looks lovley!

    my little 2uu for sevo....my god look what became of it!!!!!

    a stand alone huge mod!!!!!

    what started from adding two nations for a small multiplayer - grown to be a huge modpak :)

    about the huns,
    need to be fixed some stuff there - not complete,
    bout gir stuff, also - ill see about the perks,

    and maps for visa, well i for one would love if someone can make a world map for it :)
  20. rockinroger

    rockinroger WoC Team Member

    Feb 6, 2006
    Overland Park, Kansas
    got a update, visa 1.2 patched to b. playing as huns, huge map, visa smart map. the patch is save compatable. the plotlist enhancement and great person mod are working fine. looks great plays great so far. yes this mod has grown just a little bit,lol

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