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MoDA comments 1180 AD

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy III' started by TheViking, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. TheViking

    TheViking The world is not enough

    Mar 31, 2001
    The N hemisphere near fire and ice
    MoDA comment 1180 AD

    Only a very short turn by turn to-do list from the MoDA this time since in the polls it was decided to leave the exact implementation of building the stuff in the build queues to the president.

    Some points:

    (A) Deliver caravans from cities that do not yet have 3 trade routes in Dou, other caravans will be used for building wonders in Neumatic.

    (B) Follow the build queues in the relevant polls. Tim's points make a lot of sense and the MoDA recommends these suggested adjustments except maybe for 7 (LP), the reason for getting the MP ASAP is to get rid of Elvis.

    (C) Rush buying should mainly occur in less developed cities like FJ, BP, BBF, BS etc., we want to get all size 3+ cities to a similar stage of development.

    (D) Keep rush buying and partially rush buying since we are not going to collect a lot of cash.

    (E) Finishing improvements ASAP in cities near Neu that do not need many additional improvements (e.g. LC and RF) so they can start churning out wonder-building caravans is a good idea.

    (F) Triremes must be kept near BP and FJ to transport caravans from these cities to Coresux (they are to be delivered in Dou).

    (G) Build the crusaders in the build queues ASAP. Due to changed circumstances the fortress near Ipec will not be necessary since Naer will build crusaders meaning the elephant near Ipec should be stationed in VM.

    (H) Rehome the settler currently stationed in VM in Naer, Ipec is not well prepared to support two settlers.

    (I) The road being built N of Superstorms is a great idea. When it's finished a road to Electrical seems like a good idea or mining the coal.

    (J) Maybe explore a bit SW of Trollhättan.

    (K) Fine tune tax/sci as necessary from 1220 AD.

    (L) BBF can celebrate by hiring an Elvis. This should grow it to size 4 but hardly more, especially since it doesn't have a temple yet.

    (M) The MoDA's shopping list is rather long so unless something big happens it looks as if many (6-10) turns can be played now.

    1180 AD
    Lower luxuries to 20%, set tax=70%, sci=10%. Adjust production in BS and Naer (work more ocean squares) and hire a temporary Elvis in LP.

    The MoDA also recommend rush buying the following:

    Stock exchange in Dou
    Caravan in LC
    MP in RF
    Caravan in LP
    Temple in Igl
    Temple in FJ
    Temple in BP
    Crusader in Superstorms
    Diplomat in BBF
    Probably also rush buy some of the other items marked with an "RB" in the build queues

    1200 AD
    LP builds caravan, start Marketplace.

    1220 AD
    Set tax=50-60%, sci=20-30%. Rush buy MP in LP.

    1240 AD
    LP builds MP, Elvis can probably be eliminated.

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