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[MODCOMP] Patriot mod with unofficial patch V 0.2

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Mods and Files' started by Kailric, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Kailric

    Kailric Jack of All Trades

    Mar 25, 2008
    Marooned, Y'isrumgone
    Version 0.2 Alpha View attachment Patriot Plus Patch Mod.zip

    New things and bug fixes for version 0.2 Alpha

    1. Added a new Patriot Promotion that is only recieved by units that have aquired the Patriot status. This promotion adds an attack and defense bonus against Regulars and Artillery.
    2. Artillery have their own class now and Dragoons now have a bonus versus Cannon and Artillery
    3. Fixed a bug that caused units to wrongly recieve the Patriot status

    Original Post:

    This modcomp adds the Patriot attribute to specific units. Patriots consider themselves seperate from their mother country and do not count against rebel sentiment when they join your Colony's population. Under the default rules each new colonist that joins your colony decreases rebel sentiment. But Patriots do no reduce rebel sentiment they are considered to be 100% for a Revolution and are opposite of Torys, colonist that support the mother country. There are currently four ways to aquire Patriots.

    1. Home born units, that is units aquired by accumulateting 200 food
    2. Converted Natives are all Patriots
    3. Free Units Granted by Founding Fathers
    4. Units that are sent to Learn among the Natives return as Patriots

    Also, when you mouse over a Patriot unit you will see the word "Patriot" colored in your team color in its help text. Other than whats listed above Patriots function the same as other units.

    I created this mod to add a little more realism and to attempt to make it somewhat easier to begin your revolution before the turns run out or the REF becomes way too powerful. This mod also helps those who like a more peaceful approach to winning independence.

    The SDK source files are included and the added code is marked between the comments //tk and //tkend.

    The unofficial Patch is also included with this modcomp.

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