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Modder Resource - Custom Diplomacy Modifiers

Discussion in 'CivBE - Code Snippets' started by lilgamefreek, May 4, 2015.

  1. lilgamefreek

    lilgamefreek Warlord

    Oct 30, 2014

    What is this Resource?

    This mod is intended as a resource and guide for other content creators seeking to add new Diplomacy modifiers to their own mods. Currently, adding diplo modifiers result in some buggy UI and workarounds tend to step on one another's toes. Mods can either utilize this code completely or create simple, compatibility code snippets to avoid compatibility issues with others that do without affecting the behaviour of their own mod. Adding custom diplomacy modifiers involves Lua coding, with an example included in the download. This was made to accompany my upcoming Social Engineering mod.

    What does this Include?

    When downloaded, you'll find the following inside:
    - Critical files to include in your mod.
    - A README with detailed instructions on how to include the files.
    - An example .lua that shows how to use the necessary function calls. The example is fully formed and can be added to your mod for testing purposes.

    Important Notes

    - This mod is designed to ease compatibility between different mods. It is vulnerable to game changes through official patches and DLC. Not to say your mod would NOT be vulnerable to the same kinds of changes if you don't use this compatibility add on (hint it totally will), but look for updates to this whenever a patch hits.

    - The mod does not allow for customized diplomacy decisions. These diplomacy modifiers are passive modifiers, and the mod helps prevent competition for string resources between these modifiers.


    initial upload (v1):
    - Ability to add customized tooltips and diplomacy modifier descriptions through Lua.

    External Links

    CivFanatics download page
    Steam Workshop link

    Attached Files:

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