Modders' Craigslist: offer, request, teach, learn, and exchange


May 16, 2021
Modders' Craigslist: offer, request, teach, learn, and exchange

Civilization 5 has been around for 12 years, but I'm glad to see there are still a fair number of people playing. Some people own Civ 6, but almost everything I've heard is that Civ 5 is a lot better. And, who knows when Civ 7 will come out, if it ever does. And even if it does--with inflation getting higher and higher lately, how many people are going to go buy it when we already own Civ 5?

So, I think Civ 5 still has a fair lifetime left to it.

And with that said, I've already released around 20 Civ 5 mods on Steam, and have a big one in the works that I'd like to get built.

I also know a couple other modders that have big mods they'd like to get built.

Unfortunately, a lot of us don't have a lot of time--or simply don't have the skills to do certain things when it comes to modding.

I'm starting this thread as a place for both modders and non-modders, to kind of exchange and teach and learn skills and such, but also request--almost like a sort of Craigslist for modding, where modders can join forces, make mod requests, help other modders, etc. Also, I'd really like it if this thread became a place for modders to point out the best tools available out there for modding. And even if you're not a modder, you may want to make requests here for mods you'd like to see.

When posting I'd ask that you please format the applicable part of your post with a bold Request, Offer, Exchange, Teach, Learn, etc, and then a very brief summary in italics, followed by the description.

I'll start it off.

I've been doing modding for Civ 5 in xml off and on since 2019, though I only released my first actual mod in 2021. I can do a fair amount of xml-related stuff, but some of the stuff that requires deeper knowledge eludes me (for people not familiar with modding, xml's will let you modify most of the stuff in the game, such as civs, units, buildings and such; but usually not most advanced stuff, such as formulas the game uses). And there's a lot of stuff that I simply don't know where in the files I would change it, or how to do so.

Offer: Smaller or possibly medium-sized XML mods.
If you have some small xml requests--like, create a mod that lets you play on maps that are 100 tiles tall but only 2 tiles wide, or let the windmill produce 1,000 food, or give the Horseman 500 moves instead of 4, or even just reduce the cost of paratroopers by 1%--I could probably whip up such mods in 10 minutes, and lots of other stuff too. I can't guarantee that I'll make every mod, but . . . the quicker and easier to make--probably like 2,000 bytes or less, the more likely I am to try :)

Offer: An excellent tech modding tool.
There's a lot of stuff I don't understand about the depths of Civ 5, but there are definitely those times when I see something that I recognize as being just amazing. Here is one of them:

Indiestone - Visual Tech Tree Editor

This is a tool that lets a modder very easily modify, add, and otherwise edit the techs in Civ 5. It does all this with a visual editor, meaning you barely need to worry about the xml files. So for any modders out there interested in working with the tech tree, I strongly recommend this tool.

I've only used this tool a little, but already I can tell it seems great. When I finally get to work on the tech for my big mod, I expect it will save me tons of time.

Request: Artwork--especially the more advanced stuff
I know a modder that builds textures for buildings and stuff in the game, but he doesn't know how to do the artwork-related stuff beyond that--rigging and other stuff I'm not familiar with at all. Maybe there are some modders out there that are familiar with such advanced stuff, who'd either be willing to do it themselves or teach others how to?

Request: lua, sql, and other experienced modders
I would personally also like to work with some modders that know lua and sql. I have lots of ideas that I'd love to see implemented, but I have very little experience with lua or sql.

Anyway, I think I'll leave it there.

I hope this thread will help us modders accelerate our mod building, and perhaps drum up interest among players to see what mods people actually want to play.

Finally, here's a link to this thread's sister thread in the Creation and Customization forum:
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