Modders Guide to Civilization V


May 6, 2002
It's a massive document so it may take a while to load. I would highly recommend you save it local.

Moderator Action: ATTENTION, this guide is not anymore up to date, many parts are outdated. Not all is outdated, many things are still worthwile to read, but not everything. So if you have problems following the guide, then this might not be because you don't see the problem, but because this part might just be wrong now. If you encounter problems within this guide, then please create a thread in the main modding forum to ask for help.
Download: Modders Guide to Civilization V

If the Modder's Guide is helpful to you please think about providing a little documentation of your own. Start a thread here and document the process you figured out to make something cool happen. The temptation is to keep our cool little tricks to ourselves, so that our mods are more unique, this is a mistake. The mods we can make alone are time consuming and limited. The mods we can create together are incredible.

Have Fun!

My PM box flowth over. There are lots of great people trying to create mods right now and I know you may be stuck and want help (trust me I feel your pain, imagine when Dale and I were first doing it and trying to teach ourselves). But I can't keep up with the requests. I do want to help, which is why I spent so much time writing this guide.

But I would recommend rather than PMing me that you post your questions publically in the Civ5 - Creation & Customization forum. Chances are other people are wondering what you are, and that someone will be able to answer a lot faster than I can.​

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Excellent guide, Kael!

I've only read the first 13 pages, but from what I've read so far, this is guide is a "must have" for any modder. Having prior Civ IV modding exerpience, a lot of the "lingo" makes perfect sense to me, but you explained everything in such a way that even the a beginner can pick this guide up and dive right in!

Thanks for making this!
Kael, error (sorry more like an omission) in your document:

Deleting a resource you also need to edit AssignStartingPlots.lua as resources (especially strategic resources like horse that you use in your example) are hard coded in the script. If you don't remove the references to the resource in that lua script you'll get lua errors and potential problems as the script will abort if there's a serious error.
I am amazed at how easy modding is in civ5. I just made my first mod, a simple courthouse tweak. it took me 15 minutes, and that included skimming Kael's guide to learn how to use the modbuddy.

Cannot wait to try some more complicated stuff.
All hail Kael!
Cheers for this, really helped me figure out how to add civs. I figured out 90% of it myself but you had that extra step I was missing!
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