Modding excluded wonders into a conquest game


Oct 30, 2005
I always play Conquest-only games - and as such, several wonders get disabled (UN, Space Elevator, Apostolic Palace{apparently...}).

I'd like to add these into conquest games (but -- without seeing games end with diplo, space, etc victories).

I see pretty clearly that I could enable them in conquest games in the civ4buildinginfos.xml file... what I don't see is how/if I can disable the game ending results that some of these wonders might fire --- or is that control handled by game setup (i.e., I disable diplomatic victory, that option just doesn't work in my game - no UN vote option?).
Hmmm, that's a very good question. I suppose you could always edit the XML and then just play a fast test game. :dunno: Also, you may want to try re-posting this in the main BTS forum. I think that this sub-forum isn't about modding, but rather the mods that came with BTS. Either way, I'd love to know what you find out!
In CIV4VoteInfo.xml remove VOTE_VICTORY and VOTE_RELIGIOUS_VICTORY. Then either change UN & AP to not require a victory type or turn diplomatic victory on.

I don't understand why you would want space elevator in the game without space victory on. Unlike UN/AP the only purpose of a spaceship is to win, is it not? Or did I miss something? (I've never built it.)
This is a GREAT idea. Playing a military-victories-only game, you might as well quit if any of the enemies gets nukes because they WILL destroy the world. But if you add the UN to allow for the nuke ban vote, you also get stuck with the absolute requirement that you must build the AP and the UN to avoid diplomatic victories.

From the very first time I played the game, I was surprised and annoyed that these two wonders, which both have many other purposes, are removed from the game if you turn off diplomatic victories. It's very very annoying.

And given that BtS added modular XML mods, it would be possible to make a module to do this, and just add or remove it before starting a game when you don't want diplomatic victories. But it would be so much nicer if the game code were fixed to distinguish the victory from the wonder.

A modified version of Snarko's suggestion seems to have worked -- at least, I've gotten these wonders into the game by simply eliminating the victory conditions flags. Before seeing Snarko's suggestions about the victory conditions - I basically just went wild changing flags (not having the file in front of me, don't recall the exact fragment, but basically changing some '1' to '0' flags) and also making the the conditions so onerous as to render the diplo votes moot.

In any event - over 20-30 hours of playing, I haven't seen a victory vote come up at all. It's awfully nice having the AP - being a builder, nothing like being able to stop a war dead in its tracks ;-)

I might go back and test whether the game condition settings (i.e., enabled ONLY conquest) would override the possible diplo votes anyway -- really interested to see if these controls lie in the wonder or in the game settings -- but at any rate, I'm now playing cnquest only, but with all wonders!

BTW - I changed the space ele's effects a bit to make it worthwhile outside of a space race game... really, wanted it more for flavor than anything else.
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