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Modding help

Sep 19, 2005
Ok I'm getting ready to start my adventures as a modder. I have a few questinos before I get started

1. I have downloaded python and an XML reader, is there anything else I need to download and can I just one of them or will I need to use both?

2. I have BTS and I am going to start out making new events, how can I make these new events into a "Mod" so i don't have to change my entire game around and risk screwing things up?

Thanks in advance for all the help guys I hope to become a functioning part of the modder community.
Basic changes are made in XML. More advanced changes are made in Python.

To set up a mod create a folder in Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\ folder. Use whatever name you like. Copy the original file that you wish to change into that folder keeping appropriate file paths. For example:
Beyond the Sword/Assets/XML/Events/CIV4EventInfos.xml
Beyond the Sword/Mods/your mod/Assets/XML/Events/

Happy Modding ;)
so if I wanted to create say 12 new events I create them in XML then copy the rest of the events into the XML area and create a folder in the mods area which will become the mod and replace the original coding without causing any problems?

Thanks for your help

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