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Aug 23, 2005
This is a repost of an old thread I started a while was suggested that I start a thread here, so...if you find this thread helpful, please help me get it stickied...

these are posted here:
huge unit 32 pcx template
LH_ALL template
blank city improvement Icon template
"diamonds" which is the template for hills, or other similar Terrain sets..

Weasel Op's Terrain Template

Kal-El's tech tree tutorial (inlcudes arrows and background template) (thanx to Weasel Op for finding this one) The file structure for a MOD...all folders empty(Submitted by Lou Long)

blank building icons by Ukas...

City Template

Small Luxory Icons Template

Map Templates

"Future Era Mod" template

tnt.pcx template (post #13)

Building Template(Post #4)


city radius template

wonder splash template

larger Wonder splash Template

Tech Tree backgrounds

mini map grids

Luxory Icon on City screen template(not so much a template as a mod that could be edited)

Title Screen Template

Resource PCX (LARGER) template

Civilization Traits Spreadsheet by Blue Monkey
I have used most of these templates and I agree it should get sticky status....:thumbsup:
This thread should be stickied. But to have it in the utility forum is next as good (the wormwhole thread from 15th october 2005 is still under the first 25 threads in this forum).

It seems, that several links in this thread are not working yet: Weasel Op's Terrain Template, the file structures by Lou Long and the last link to Casus Belli´s cleaned up megaresource file.
Yes the links are working now :goodjob: . But I´m astonished about Lou Long´s file structure for a MOD...not only all folders are empty ...the zip-file is empty too :lol:
ex'huse me for the :bump: , but since I use this thread frequently, and it itself is very useful, can we stick this?
thanks for the bump...I didnt ever really want credit for this, just a place to get all the stuff I found...

I also hope it gets stickied, but if not, remember you can always get to it through my siggy :)
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