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Modifications to Future Techs

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by dragonkeep, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. dragonkeep

    dragonkeep Chieftain

    Sep 4, 2007
    I like to say, great mod guys. I loved AD&D in my younger days and this mod is a good likeness.. Some suggestions for Future techs though,

    Make future tech branch out to different aspects of the games bonuses

    You get Future tech (once you have exhausted whole tech tree) which opens up the specialized tech tree.

    Specialized tech examples:

    1) Happy Tech = +1 Happy in cities per level
    2) Health Tech = +1 Health ...
    3) Food Tech = +1 Food ...
    4) Money Tech = +1 money ...
    5) Production Tech = +1 production ...
    6) Weapons Tech = +1 Strength (in the weapon class) for units per level
    7) Mana Tech = +1 spell power (in the circle) ...
    8) Unit Tech = +1 strength (in the unit class) ...
    and so on...

    I mention this cause like vanilla civ, I have 150+ turns (in a quick game) for future techs and +1happy/health at tech level 20 is kind of useless... so this allows good usage of all those extra tech dollars.

    Also, the enchantments for for weapons like poison blade, flaming arrows and so on should be set up like bless where it is a +1 bonus and then allow the combat promotions of the mage add to the plus.. for example a mage with combat 5 casts flaming arrows on an archer it would be 2/4 (6 fire) and if the civ researched Fire Mana Tech upto 3 - the archer would be 2/4 (9 fire).

    This would force civs to focus on specifing branchs of future tech for top bonuses..

    About starting techs and traits. Maybe a D&D setup would be good here where each player gets x number of points to which they can spend on techs and traits. All avialable techs and trait have a specific point cost and the player adopts the techs/traits they wish by spending thier points.

    One last thought, would be nice if mages got xp for killing mobs with spells or summoned mobs - not sure if this is an easy thing to implement or not. It takes a long time to level up an archmage and it sucks to have it die to an assassin which just got created in 2 turns. Now you have to spend 100 turn getting another archmage (I know, you should have a bunch around - I do, because you know they are gonna die and you have one there to take his spot. But your mages should level at the same rate as your active physical classes - if your mage is actively killing mobs with spells/summons)

    Just my thoughts!
  2. Khai

    Khai Chieftain

    Feb 17, 2004
    I really like this idea...
  3. kenken244

    kenken244 Grammar Nazi

    Feb 26, 2007
    Grammar Nazi Conclave
    some of them are a bit overpowered but i mostly like that idea. maybe instead of future tech being at the end of the game there is a future tech at the end of each branch of the tech tree and maybe ones after the religion specific techs. personally i think it is kind of bland that the future tech mechanic is only at the endgame. i think it would be much more fun if you could choose between doing recearch to get you new stuff or research to improve your existing stuff. and it keeps you from being forced down a line of the tech tree you never intend to use and instead improve what you already have
  4. Chip56

    Chip56 Chieftain

    Jan 19, 2006
    Most games dont even last long enough to use them.
    But it would be nice to have more future techs for those rare cases.
    However I doubt tha many of the above examples would be good as they are.

    A split into two sligthly cheaper techs could be good.

    Unless the food tech costs 5x more I would never research health.
    Also calabim could get unstoppable in a really loooong game.

    Again I would prefer food.

    I dont know what the difference is between those two.
    But that suggestions is easily abuseable (warriors after a couple of this tech= cheap & strong)

    I think that one is impossible for most spheres of magic.
    How do you want to make courage better? How bloom? How.. you get the point. Also even if somebody came up with good ideas for all those spells that one alone would result in 21 new techs.
    Next thing: How would this affect summons? +to strength? Again to abusable: imagine nightmares with this.

    I could imagine a tech that reduces inflation by a few %.
    Or maybe two techs that influence AC: One raises it by a small % and one lowers it. Altough that one might be to simular to sheaim and elohim.

    No risk but full exp?
  5. giddion

    giddion Crusader

    Aug 7, 2007
    Melbourne, Australia
    This is kind of implemented with the "Advanced start" option (maybe this is only in BTS???). Which provides some dosh to purchase cities, techs, units, etc...

    I like the idea, but I would prefer it to be per branch. Some civs may only focus on a specific tech tree like magic, and as such they will want to improve this over all other techs.
  6. Sureshot

    Sureshot Goddess

    Feb 2, 2006
    ya per branch seems best, and giving raw strength seems insane, better to give bonus XP to new units of that type, so at the end of the mounted branch you could get a tech that adds +1xp to new mounted units etc.

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