Modifying religion to be more like Civ IV?


Aug 20, 2013
Yesterday, I purchased the complete edition of Civilisation V, thus
completing my collection of the entire series (until the 2nd of July when
Civ Rev II comes out... I digress). The sheer expansion of the game is
absolutely amazing, but there is one element of the game I do not like....

I do not believe that Civ V handles religion in the best of ways.
The idea of taking on an Akhenaton- or Mahomet-like role and guiding my
people spiritually as well as politically by choosing "their" beliefs is against
my own views. I know it is possible (though difficult) to win the game without
even founding a pantheon, but I don't want to be penalised for my own beliefs.
[Yes, I also know this is only a video-game, but I enjoy immersing myself in
the game and thinking myself not a player but a leader.]

Personally, I prefer the system close to that used in Civ IV; religion
makes people happy, those of the same faith are often freindly, those
of different faiths often hostile, &c. I also like the addition of Faith
to the game and the use of shrines, temples, &c.

Is there a way to take out all Pantheons and Beliefs from the game,
instead replacing them with a simple bonus to happiness that is the
same for all religions? Religions can still be founded by Great Prophets
but they emerge spontaneously (based on Faith; I think this mechanic
is already there) and do not require a previous pantheon to exist.

(It would also make sense to remove Cathedrals, Mosques, and
Pagodas - there being no more 'Beliefs', and since they are all
by definition temples [places of worship]; could this also be done?)

Since this is probably quite a radical change to the game, I'm not
sure how I would do this, but since this is removing coding and
not adding any, I doubt it would be too difficult. How do I find
which files and lines need to be removed?
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