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[MODMOD] Legacy of Erebus: Nuova Alba

Discussion in 'Orbis Modmod' started by Opera, May 29, 2009.

  1. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008

    Legacy of Erebus: Nuova Alba
    [size=-2]version .40[/size]
    [size=-3](click to download)[/size]​

    A note

    Please be aware that the following posts aren't updated yet. Be also aware that .40 changelog has been lost due to CFC... So I'll update all those again later.

    Briefly: What's this?

    This is a modmod for Orbis. With it, my aim is to expand the leaders: adding some more, tweaking the others. Tweaks will change traits (some new ones added) and enhance the leaders' personality in order to differentiate each other more than now.

    Be aware that even though the name is friggin' cool, it will be refered to as "LENA".

    Longer: Why?

    It all began with the MinorLeaders modmod by Notque. Seeing it made me want to add my own "minor" leaders which, beyond being off-canon roster, have a very interesting mechanic: they gain new traits according to the player's gameplay.

    However, when I looked to the files of the new leaders (at least in Orbis), I saw that many of them were just, personality-wise, the copy of a standard leader. I then checked the standard leaders and saw such similarities in some areas. This made me want to tweak all the leaders to give them an interesting personality.

    While playing the History of the Three Kingdoms modmod for BTS, I noticed several interesting thing, especially the leaders' relations and some traits. I imported many of those things into this modmod.

    Planned features

    Let me describe all the features I'm planning to add for now. Clicking on the links in the list below will direct you to said post in parenthesis:

    Spoiler :

    • New MinorLeaders (post 05)
      A big lot of minor leaders will be added. I always felt that there isn't enough choice with some civilizations when it comes to leaders. Basically, I added 1 leader to every civ; some got more.​
      1. Art
      2. Traits
      3. Names
      4. Personality
      5. RandomCompactLeaders
        This feature will make it so that, anytime Mercurians or Infernals enter creation, one leader is chosen at random, including, of course, minors. This means that it will not always be Basium or Hyborem.​
        • Infernals
        • Mercurians
    • Traits Reworking
      1. New Traits (post 03)
        I added some new traits because I felt we could use them. I also brought back the Imperialist one.​
      2. Tweaking MinorLeaders Traits (post 04)
        Some minors had to much traits, enabling them to gain up to four traits, so I toned this down. Also, to use my new traits, I changed some.​
      3. Tweaking Leaders Traits
      4. Tweaking Civilization Traits (post 03)
        While developping this mod, I thought of some ideas concerning civilization traits.​
        • Amurites
        • Elohim
        • Sheaim
        • Sidar
        • Grigori
    • Personalities Revamping
      1. Inter-leaders relationships (post 02)
        This component I wanted for a long time before even seeing it in the HoTK mod. I finally added it!​
        • Importing from the History of the Three Kingdoms
        • Displaying modifiers in diplobubble
        • Displaying leader-specific diplotext
      2. Tweaking MinorLeaders Personalities
      3. Tweaking Leaders Personalities
    • New Diplomatic Tags (post 08)
      1. Hated Civic
      2. Hated Wonder
      3. Hated Religion
      4. Bonus Attitude

    You can check the current progress here.



    The version .40 is compatible with Orbis 0.24h (which requires FFH 0.41g).


    You can get the files here. This is a link to WePlayCiv for an installer of ~12mb.

    Thanks to KrugSmash:

    You can get FFH 0.41 patch G here.
    You can get Orbis 0.24 here.
    You can get patch H here.


    Just run the installer ;)

    Current changelog

    .40 (will break savegames)

    Okay, so, I lost the current changelog because of this damn CFC... I'll put in together again and post it later.

    Past changelogs

    Spoiler :

    1. [XML][Traits] Removed production bonus of Sly for Ratcatchers' Guild;
    2. [XML][Ngomele] Nga's unique spells (Orders) are now available at level 5, 10 and 15;
    3. [XML][Ngomele] Removed "One with the Sea" promotion, unused for now;
    4. [Py][Traits] Fixed a bug with Zealous that prevented the EventManager to run after the founding of a city while not having a state religion;
    5. [Py][Traits] Now, big cities will have more chance to gain AV with Sundered when it's founded;
    6. [Py][Traits] Fixed a typo causing a python exception in the Sundered trait function;
    7. [Py][Ngomele] The AI won't use Edge of Extinction at the start of the game anymore; in fact, the AI won't use it for now;
    8. [Py][Ngomele] Fixed a typo causing a python exception in the food gaining mechanic when a unit dies near a Ngomele city;


    1. [Art] Reduced size of LeadersEnhanced.FPK from ~14mb to ~8mb, mostly by converting the .dds files to DXT1 instead of DXT3, shouldn't be very noticeable at game launch and won't decrease the download's size;
    2. [XML][Leaders] Tweaked the FavoriteTech of some leaders:
      • Capria has now Mysticism instead of Bronze Working (not a good one to go for);
      • Jurla has now Tracking instead of Way of the Forests (more flexible like that);
      • Palgadee has now Sailing instead of Message from the Deep (more flexible);
      • Ilithiridan has now the Wheel instead of Horseback Riding (more flexible);
      • Dain no longer has one (had Knowledge of the Ether which too far away in the tech to be favorite);
      • Charadon no longer has one (had Bronze Working);
      • Sirvagha no longer has one (had Bronze Working);
      • Furia the Mad has now Mysticism (didn't have one);
      • Hatheim has now Tracking instead of Hunting (which she, has a svart, starts with);
      • Kro'Mear has now Code of Laws instead of Feudalism (like her fellows);
      • Os-Warqa has now Mysticism instead of Corruption of the Spirit (more flexible);
    3. [XML][Traits] Reorganized the TraitInfos file so that traits are in order of major/minor/civ and alphabetically in each category;
    4. [Py][Ngomele] Fixed a bug breaking the gaining food system;
    5. [XML][Ngomele] Fixed a bug preventing them to be able to build their Colosseum replacement (Mbumgwu) required for one of their unique unit (Kha);
    6. [XML][Ngomele] Gnoll Workers are now more worker-like: they gain XP; they also are affected by the Agricultural trait; they aren't produced with food and cost less than normal workers; they move and work slower;
    7. [Art][Ngomele] Fixed Council Tree's button;
    8. [Py][Ngomele] Fixed an oversight preventing them from building a farm on flax;
    9. [DLL] Fixed a bug making religion-converted civ hate non-converted (to any religion) civs -- however, the functions are a bit messy now so I'll likely rewrite them entirely;
    10. [Fluff] Added Saralet, Sirvagha & Angaad defeat quote (thanks icarussc);
    11. [Fluff] Added Angaad pedia entry (thanks icarussc again :goodjob:);
    12. [Fluff] Added Menec pedia entry, completing the triangle Palgadee/Talos/Menec (thanks Jabie :goodjob:);
    13. [Py][Ngomele] Fixed a bug allowing a unit to gain food upon defeating a Not Alive unit;
    14. [Py][Ngomele] Added back the use of Great Hunter and Hunting Tools promotions;
    15. [XML][Ngomele] Great Hunter now requires level 4 instead of level 5;
    16. [Text][Ngomele] Added the TXT_KEYs for the new UnitClasses;
    17. [XML][Ngomele] Added Lengdu, a new "minor" leader for them; he is Peaceful/Wanderer (if you want to see the picture, just check the Ngomele's thread and the post were xienwolf ask me to do a leader with one specific picture);
    18. [XML][Ngomele] They can't build Frigate, Clipper and Man O War;
    19. [XML][Ngomele] Shurmbumgwu is now a World Wonder instead of a National Wonder (2);
    20. [XML][Ngomele] Alchemy Lab isn't buildable anymore;



    1. [Py] Can't build other cultures' palace now;
    2. [Py] Can't build other cultures' settlers now;


    1. [XML] Fixed a bug with an undefined CIVIC_CONSUMPTION;
    2. [XML][Ngomele] Removed Wiri Big-Heart for now;
    3. [Py] Fixed a bug in the beelines;
    4. [Py] Civics requiring a civilization won't show up in the civics screen if you aren't playing said civilization; they'll still show up when discovering the enabling technology, though;


    1. [-] Merged the plug-ins in the base mod per request;
    2. [XML/Py] Added the Ngomele;
    3. [XML] Added Wiri Big-Heart (Ngomele leader);
    4. [XML] Modified trait production bonus for those buildings:
      • Alchemy Labe: +100% with Scientific;
      • Custom House: +100% with Trader;
      • Gambling House: +100% with Greedy;
      • Hunting Lodge: +100% with Wanderer;
      • Monasteries: +100% with Spiritual instead of with Philosophical;
      • Sacrificial Altar, Sacellum of Kalshekk and Temple of the Gift: +100% with Spiritual (a fix mostly as they hadn't that modifier even though all other temples have it);
      • Public Baths: +100% with Expansive;
      • Ratcatchers Guild: +100% with Sly;
      • River Port: +100% with Trader instead of with Expansive;
      • Tavern: +100% with Wanderer;
      • Tax Office: +50% with Greedy;
      • Theatre and Hall of the Covenant: +100% with Creative;
      • University: +50% with Scientific;
    5. [XML] Modified trait happiness bonus for those buildings:
      • Catacomb Libralus: +2 happy for Arcane leaders;
      • Courthouses: +1:) for Organized leaders;
      • Eyes and Ears Network: +2:) for Sly leaders;
      • The Great Lighthouse: +2:) for Trader leaders;
      • Infirmary: +1:) for Expansive leaders;
      • Song of Autumn: +2:) for Creative leaders;
      • University: +2:) for Scientific leaders;
    6. [DLL] Trait happiness for wonders now correctly displayed;
    7. [XML] Saralet's FavoriteCivic is now Purity instead of Social Order. She's also more punishing towards low compassion civic users;
    8. [XML] Angaad's FavoriteCivic is now Social Order instead of Purity;
    9. [DLL] You won't be switched out of your cultural values civic anymore;
    10. [DLL] Loading savegames bug disallowing religion founding/adopting fixed;
    11. [XML] Shekinah now has the Scientific trait;
    12. [XML] Thessalonica now has the Agricultural trait;
    13. [XML] Uldanor now has the Imperialist trait;
    14. [XML] Anagantios now has the Imperialist trait;
    15. [XML] Raitlor now has the Trader trait;
    16. [XML] Volanna now has the Agricultural trait;
    17. [Fluff] Added diplotext for Saralet and Sirvagha from Icarussc :goodjob:;
    18. [XML] Did some tweaks to resource happiness:
      • [Pearl] You won't gain +1:) without a Market;
      • [Whale] You won't gain +1:) without a Harbor;
      • [Fur] You won't gain +1:) without a Hunting Lodge;
      • [Sugar] You won't gain +1:) without a Brewery;
      • [Marble] You won't gain +1:) without either a Cathedral or a civ's Pagan Temple;
    19. [XML] Fort and Keep yields reverted to base Orbis;
    20. [XML] Castle base yields reverted to base Orbis; Castle will gain +1:hammers: and +1:commerce: with Imperial Road;
    21. [XML] Engineering won't affect Fort, Keep and Castle's yields anymore;
    22. [XML]Tweaked resources more generally:
      • [Wine] Not used in normalization routine;
      • [Sugar] Not used in normalization routine;
      • [Olive] Less chance to appear in a group;
      • [Tea] Less chance to appear in a group;
        Not used in normalization routine;
      • [Coffee] Less chance to appear in a group;
        Not used in normalization routine;
      • [Reagents] Now rarer (1:3 player);
        More valued by the AI for trade;
        More chance to appear in a group;
      • [Incense] A bit rarer;
        Not used in normalization routine;
      • [Dye] Not used in normalization routine;
      • [Cotton] Not used in normalization routine;
      • [Silk] Not used in normalization routine;
      • [Fur] Rarer;
    23. [XML][GlobalDefine] Changed the diplomalus from Evil to Good to -4 from -2;
    24. [Py] Fixed a bug that wouldn't stop some functions to be called with some NO_RELIGION options;
    25. [Py][Ngomele] Added a requirement for Edge of Extinction (Ngomele's WorldSpell): cannot be used by the AI for now);
    26. [Py][Ngomele] Added a beeline, if Writing -> CoL;
    27. [XML] Slavery is now a low compassion civic;
    28. [XML] Crusade isn't a high compassion civic anymore;
    29. [Py] FlavourMod doesn't use Normalization anymore;


    1. Splitted some changes away from the Main mod in two plug-ins: Wild Mana and Ngomele;
    2. Updated the leader relations;
    3. Added a new sheet to the editor for leader relations edition;
    4. Fixed an issue with Hawk getting the Centaur promotion;
    5. Agricultural now gives +1 food on tiles with 4:food: (like in Orbis) but cities still start with 2 pop.;
    6. Added these minor leaders:
      • Leasieigh (Sidar);
      • Nakir Thargo (Kuriotates);
      • Talos (Mechanos);
      • Swift Nell (Balseraphs);
    7. Added civilopedia entry for:
      • Palgadee (from Jabie);
      • Saralet (from Icarussc);
      • Sirvagha (from Icarussc);
      • Talos (from Jabie);
    8. Changed Tethira's picture, changed "his" gender to female;
    9. Began tweaking non-LE minor leaders' personality:
      1. Tethira, done;
    10. Sundered trait won't automatically convert human player anymore;
    11. Changed Trader trait:
      • +25%:food: from :traderoute:
      • +25%:hammers: from :traderoute:
    12. Greedy now gives +1:mad:/city, +2:gold:/per city, -25%/:gp:, merged Opportunistic in it;
    13. Removed Opportunistic;
    14. Updated to Orbis 0.24b;
    15. Added the Wanderer and Zealous traits;
    16. Added two new tags: bUniqueCult and bIntolerant in TraitInfos;
    17. Added Humanist civ trait for the Grigori;
    18. Added Emperor's Cult trait for the Risen Emperor;
    19. Removed Agnostic Trait from all leaders; Illians are now using isUniqueCult() from Trait_Winterborn; The Risen Emperor is using Emperor's Cult and the Mechanos are using bIntolerant from Trait_Mechanic;
    20. Added one tag: PrereqTraitNoTech in CivicInfos;
    21. Emperor's Cult enables God King civic even without Mysticism; Humanist enables Humanism even without Printing Press;
    22. Exposed isAgnostic(), isIntolerant() and isUniqueCult() to python;
    23. Tweaked some DifferentReligion and SameReligion values as they are now used even for case where no religion is involved (UniqueCult, Intolerant);
    24. Removed Centaur trait for now (need to find the promotion because I lost it :p);


    1. Added Wild Mana feature, tweaked:
      • Mana isn't hidden with End of Winter anymore;
      • The amount of mana is randomized for each game;
      • Removed Ice mana from being generated until I add the Ice Node improvement;
    2. Changed Mana resources yields:
      • Air: +3 commerce;
      • Body: +1 food, +1 hammer, +1 commerce;
      • Chaos: -2 hammers, +1 commerce;
      • Death: -2 food, +1 hammer, -1 commerce;
      • Dimensional: +2 hammers, +2 commerce;
      • Earth: +1 food, +2 hammers, +1 commerce;
      • Enchantment: +1 food, +1 hammer;
      • Entropy: -1 food, -1 hammer, -1 commerce;
      • Fire: -1 food, +2 hammers, +1 commerce;
      • Ice: -2 food, +2 commerce;
      • Law: -1 food, +3 hammers;
      • Life: +3 food, -1 hammer;
      • Metamagic: +1 food, +1 hammer, +1 commerce;
      • Mind: -1 food, -1 hammer, +3 commerce;
      • Nature: +2 food, +1 hammer, +1 commerce;
      • Spirit: +2 commerce;
      • Water: +1 food, -2 hammers, +2:commerce;
    3. Changed Mana nodes yields (were all +1:food:, +1:hammers:, +2:commerce:):
      • Air: +1 commerce;
      • Body: +1 hammer;
      • Chaos: +1 commerce;
      • Death: -1 food, +3 hammers;
      • Dimensional: +3 commerce;
      • Earth: +1 food, +2 hammers;
      • Enchantment: +2 commerce;
      • Entropy: -2 food, +2 hammers, +2 commerce;
      • Fire: +2 commerce;
      • Law: +2 hammers, +1 commerce;
      • Life: +1 food;
      • Metamagic: +4 commerce;
      • Mind: +1 hammer, +1 commerce;
      • Nature: +1 food, +1 commerce;
      • Shadow: +2 commerce;
      • Spirit: +1 hammer, +1 commerce;
      • Sun: -1 food, +2 hammers, +3 commerce;
      • Water: +1 food, +2 commerce;
  2. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008

    New Relationships Factor: Inter-leaders specific values!


    Better than words:
    Spoiler :
    Spoiler :

    How does it work?

    There's a whole new XML file called CIV4LeaderRelationInfos.xml. One entry looks like that:
    For those that already know XML, it would be crystal clear how to edit. For those who don't, you'll need to wait until I want to write a how-to :lol:

    New! (for version .3)

    I added a new sheet to the xls editor so that you, modmodmodmodders, have an easy time modifying the leaders relations! Here's the screenie. The editor still requires Excel 2007 (maybe the one earlier, not sure though).


    Here's the list of the relations I have already created:
    Spoiler :

    • Arendel Phaedra...
      • ... to Faeryl Viconia: -4
    • Basium...
      • ... to Cassiel: -5
      • ... to Ethne: +4
      • ... to Hyborem: -8
    • Beeri Bawl...
      • ... to Perpentach: -8
    • Cassiel...
      • ... to Basium: -6
      • ... to Einion Logos: +4
      • ... to Ethne the White: -2
      • ... to Hyborem: -6
      • ... to Sabathiel: +2
    • Dain...
      • ... to Ethne: +2
    • Einion Logos...
      • ... to Basium: -4
    • Ethne the White...
      • ... to Basium: +4
      • ... to Dain: +2
    • Faeryl Viconia...
      • ... to Arendel Phaedra: -6
    • Falamar...
      • ... to Perpentach: -2
      • ... to Rhoanna: +3
    • Hatheim...
      • ... to Leasieigh: +6
    • Hyborem...
      • ... to Basium: -8
      • ... to Cassiel: -4
    • Leasieigh...
      • ... to Hatheim: +6
    • Menec...
      • ... to Palgadee: +2
    • Palgadee...
      • ... to Menec: -4
      • ... to Talos: -6
    • Perpentach...
      • ... to Beeri Bawl: +2
      • ... to Falamar: +2
    • Rhoanna...
      • ... to Falamar: +3
    • Sabathiel...
      • ... to Basium: -3
      • ... to Cassiel: +1
    • Sandalphon...
      • ... to Basium: -5
      • ... to Ethne: -5
    • Talos...
      • ... to Palgadee: -4
    • Tebryn...
      • ... to Hyborem: -3
    • Valledia...
      • ... to Arturus Thorn: +2
      • ... to Einion: -3
      • ... to Ethne: -2
      • ... to Kandros Fir: +1
    • Varn...
      • ... to Lethe: -12
  3. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008

    New Traits

    Simple traits

    Spoiler :

    Agricultural (Agr)
    Spoiler :

    Deceptive (Dec) [changed 30/05/09, thanks to Jabie]
    (Merged with Paranoid in Sly!)

    Greedy (Gre) [size=+1]New content![/size]
    Spoiler :

    Imperialistic (Imp) [size=+1]New content![/size]
    Spoiler :

    Opportunistic (Opp)
    Spoiler :

    Paranoid (Par) [changed 30/05/09, thanks to Jabie]
    (Merged with Deceiver in Sly)

    Scientific (Sci)
    Spoiler :

    Trader (Tra)
    Spoiler :

    New in version .2!

    Centaur (Cen)
    Spoiler :

    Peaceful (Pea)
    Spoiler :

    Sly (Sly)
    Spoiler :

    Civilization Traits

    Spoiler :


    More XP for Arcane units depending on how many mana resources the civilization possesses. Arcane trait merged in.


    My idea was inspired by the Iron Willed trait from th HoTK mod:
    Spoiler :

    The idea is to apply this to the Sheaim and for the Ashen Veil religion.

    It's done. I don't have a screenshot yet because I didn't find a way to display a HELP txt_key for civilization traits. Anyway, it's like that:


    Another idea inspired by the HoTK mod:
    Spoiler :


    And another:
    Spoiler :


    All units gain a random "civilization" promotion based on other civilizations in the game. Theoretically, +33%:gp: so minor leaders without Phi won't be penalized for spawning adventurers. When the spawning mechanics will be revised, this will likely be removed.


    Inspired by the Diverse trait of Rystic's FFH TweakMod: all units created by the Kurios get a random race. I will try to make it so the race will depend on surroundings. For example, if there is many forests, there will be more chance for elves.




    +100 gold from start. Mostly to help the AI.
  4. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008

    Altered Traits

    Minor Leaders

    Spoiler :

    keeps her traits (Ind/Mag).

    was Def/Rai,
    is now Rai.

    was Def/Org,
    is now Agr.

    keeps her traits (Arc/ing).

    keeps her traits (Arc/Mag).

    was Org,
    is now Org/Par.

    was Def/Ing/Spi,
    is now Ing/Spi.

    was Def,
    is now Sci.

    keeps his traits (Ing/Mag).

    Minister Koun
    keeps his trait (Phi).

    keeps his trait (Cre).

    was Def,
    is now Def/Opp.

    Tya Kiri
    keeps her traits (Arc/Sum).

    keeps his traits (Arc/Spi).

    keeps his traits (Agg/Agn).

    Weevil & Co.
    keep their traits (Agg/Foo/Rai).

    Furia the Mad,
    was Cha/Cre,
    is now Cha.

    was Def/Exp,
    is now Def/Dec.

    was Mag/Rai,
    is now Gre.

    Rivanna the Wraith Lord,
    was Org/Sum,
    is now Arc/Sum.

    was Agg/Exp,
    is now Agr.

    was Agg/Rai,
    is now Rai.

    Averax the Cambion
    keeps his traits (Agg).

    keeps her traits (Phi/Mag).

    keeps his traits (Cha/Rai).

    was Bar/Fin/Spi,
    is now Spi/Tra.

    was Agg/Bar,
    is now Agg/Imp.

    was Bar/Phi,
    is now Phi/Sci.

    was Agn/Fin,
    is now Agn/Fin/Def.

    was Agn/Org,
    is now Agn/Imp.

    was Def/Org,
    is now Cre.

    was Agn/Cha/Ing,
    is now Agn/Ing/Tra.
  5. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008

    New (Minor) Leaders

    You can click on the buttons to see full pictures. Some art need to be redone (Zodalore, Ukasta, Gauthi). The first two because I did them before knowing the 125% stretching trick and the last because it seems just wrong. Also, sorry for the poor quality. I took screenshots and edited them in Paint for quickness. The three Mercurians leaders have a bigger picture because I took most of the shots in the Play Now! civ selection screen and the Mercurians don't appear here, so I had to take their screens in the Pedia, where the pictures are bigger.

    Spoiler :

    Verlain (Arc/Cre), Evil
    Spoiler :

    Angaad (Imp), Good
    Spoiler :

    Kro'mear (Gre/Dec), Evil
    Spoiler :

    Clan of Embers
    Hehnku (Opp/Bar), Evil
    Spoiler :

    Ji (Arc/Bar), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Sirvagha (Agg/Bar), Evil
    Spoiler :

    Meelais (Fin), Good
    Spoiler :

    Zodalore (Dec/Phi), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Outhe (Sci/Phi), Good
    Spoiler :

    Menec (Cha/Phi), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Ilithiridan (Tra), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Raitlor (Tra/Agn), Evil
    Spoiler :

    Ukasta (Gre), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Cith Mor (Agr/Cen), Good
    Spoiler :

    Palgadee (Spi), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Jurla (Agr), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Kish'rika (Agg/Par), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Saralet (Exp), Good
    Spoiler :

    Mihuatl (Arc/Sla), Evil
    Spoiler :

    Olver (Sci/Ing), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Ferthegis (Phi), Good
    Spoiler :

    Dauvum (Org), Good
    Spoiler :

    Bertus (Cha), Good
    Spoiler :

    Scions of Patria
    Gauthi (Ind), Evil
    Spoiler :

    Os-Warqa (Cre/Dec), Evil
    Spoiler :

    Futiro (Spi/Def), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Hatheim (Exp/Ing), Neutral
    Spoiler :

    Alignments stats

    Good: 8
    Neutral: 11
    Evil: 8

    Lots of neutral leaders now! Well, at least they're more interesting because they are able to found any religion :)
  6. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008

    Leaders: Empty Slots

    If I remember well, Ahwaric wants to stick to a maxima of 5 leaders per civilization. I want to stick to the same idea, giving me a limit to not add leaders every now and then. So, this list is here for knowing whether or not a leader could be added to a civilization. Thus, if you have any suggestion for a new leader...
    • Bannor: 1
    • Malakim: 2
    • Elohim: 1
    • Mercurians: 1
    • Luchuirp: 1
    • Kuriotates: 1
    • Ljosalfar: full
    • Khazad: 1
    • Sidar: full
    • Lanun: 1
    • Grigori: 1
    • Hippus: 1
    • Amurites: 1
    • Doviello: 1
    • Balseraphs: full
    • Clan of Embers: full
    • Svartalfar: full
    • Calabim: 1
    • Sheaim: full
    • Infernals: full
    • Illians: 1
    • Mazatl: 1
    • Mechanos: 1
    • Scions: 1
    Not many slots left... Don't be shy to request leaders (even just a picture you like!). If I really like it, I will add it, even if it means removing a leader a just extending the threshold to 6 :p

    By the way, I'm thinking of extending it to 6 for three civs: Bannor, Calabim and Malakim, because Decius takes many slots...
  7. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Will be used for the new personalities :)
  8. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008

    New Diplomatic Tags

    Hated Civic

    Again, one picture:
    Spoiler :

    What is it? It's four new tags: iHatedCivicAttitudeChange, iHatedCivicAttitudeDivisor, iHatedCivicAttitudeChangeLimit and HatedAttitude. It works exactly like FavoriteAttitude except that you need to put negative numbers in the i* tags.

    Another picture:
    Spoiler :

    It's tricky to add that little line... But that's done :)
  9. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008



    The XLS Editor and the LENA DLL are available with the main download now. The DLL contains only the files I modified and you can find all the changes by searching for "Opera".

    Internal Plug-ins

    No plug-in is up to date yet.

    • ElohimGuardians v0.21 (.36beta compatible): I list it here since Pazyryk is on hold for now. I ported his changes into a plug-in and I will do necessary or wanted changes :) See this post for more information. I hope Pazyryk won't mind!

    External Plug-ins

  10. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008


    This is a little to do list to help me track my changes. I want to share it with you folks, thus you will be able to track my progress in the mod.

    Spoiler :

    • New MinorLeaders
      1. Art
      2. Traits
      3. Names
      4. Personality
        • FfH attributes
        • Basic values
        • Thresholds
        • Contacts (0%)
        • Memories (0%)
      5. RandomCompactLeaders
        • Infernals
        • Mercurians
    • Traits Reworking
      1. New Traits
      2. Tweaking MinorLeaders Traits
      3. Tweaking Leaders Traits
      4. Tweaking Civilization Traits
        • Amurites
        • Elohim
        • Sheaim
        • Sidar
        • Grigori
    • Personalities Revamping
      1. Inter-leaders relationships
        • Importing from the History of the Three Kingdoms
        • Displaying modifiers in diplobubble
        • Displaying leader-specific diplotext
      2. Tweaking MinorLeaders Personalities (13%)
      3. Tweaking Leaders Personalities
    • New Diplomatic Tags
      1. Hated Civic
      2. Hated Wonder
      3. Hated Religion
      4. Bonus Attitude

    Changelog of next patch

    Patch A

    1. [CIV4GameText_Alba-01-Main.xml] Changed a thing related to tips;
    2. [CIV4GameText_Alba-01-Main.xml] Changed the Gnoll Worker's HELP;

    To-Do List

    1. Increasing civic pressure if targeted leader has leader's HatedCivic
    2. HatedReligion tag
    3. Adding a iFavoriteWonderAttitudeChange tag in order to be able to modify the diplobonus given to the civ possessing the FavWonder
    4. Merging StateNames from FF
    5. Tweaked traits of regular leaders
    6. Random leader of according civilization when Mercurians or Infernals enter the world
  11. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008


    List of Fluff done, nearly done, for leaders.
    • Hatheim
      She's an aristocrat of the Svarts who took a great part in the assasination of Faeryl Viconia (and thus in the reunification of the Elven Court). Because of this, she was exiled (though thanked in a way) by the Court. Many Svarts followed her and choose her to rebuild a Svartalfar Kingdom.
      She's smart and very aware of the needs of her citizens. She knows a bit of magic from her past lover (a female Illusionist).
    • Kro'Mear
      She was just another vampire when a people revolt arose in an oversea city of Decius' empire. She took command of the city when the governor died and never ever gave feedback about the situation to the central government, unofficially declaring her independance. The other vampires were eager to split from the Empire.
      She's very greedy. She would do anything for wealth or acquiring things she wants. She's also very promiscuous when it comes to males.
    • Palgadee
      She's a religious leader who's just a captain and a governor of one of the numerous Lanun cities. Before becoming a governor, she was hired by Talos, a techpriest of the new "Mechania", to fool Menec, a Grigori, in thinking he was buying a hair of Sucellus. She and Menec shared a night. She's holding a grudge against him though because he seems to hold a true hair of Sucellus.
      She's a very quiet person when not under alcohol influence. Reserved, daydreaming. When influenced by rum, she tends to boast or cry a lot.
    • Menec
      He's one of the people who are governing the Grigori. He's a member of the council of Junon. He's impetuous but loved by his citizens.
    • Sirvagha
      He's a very aggressive commander of the Doviello. He usually fight in werewolf form and among his fellow warriors.
    • Raitlor
      After Auric's death, she convinced her people he had in fact ascended to true godhood and was watching upon them. She then succeeded to make peace with the Lanun Alliance through a vassalage. However, due to the neverending winter, the Alliance soon freed the little Illian state. She's the highest religious figure of the state. She lost many of her sisters who were willing to took Garduk but failed and died. She has two sisters left (they were 7).
    • Talos
      He's a techpriest from the Mechanos. He hired Palgadee to make Menec think he had bought a hair of Sucellus, thus trying to prove that belief only is making things magical. However, it seemed it was a true hair of Sucellus.
    • Leasieigh
      She's a Sidar commander who tried to lead her people to war in order to expand their territory. She soon was contacted by Gyra, Basium's sister. She told Leasieigh about Laroth's plans and how the Sidars were all fooled. She was nearly killed in battle the day after that. She spent her recovery time thinking about Gyra's revelation and then began to talk to her fellow Sidar about it. Many assassins were sent to kill her but she survived and her believer soon grew in numbers. They led an assault on Celo's palace and recovered some highly guarded books and, more importantly, the Nether Blade. Then they took off south and Leasieigh founded her dissent Sidar kingdom.
      She later saved Hatheim from the Sheaim (they captured her and mostly razed her kingdom), killing Arrhaisle, the Sheaim commander who kept the Svartalfar leader as a personal slave (Arrhaisle then came back and she sought Hatheim but that's another story).
    • Nakir Thargo
      He's a dwarf born in the Kuriotates. He rose to the commander role early in his life and fought against the Balseraphs and Zodalore's Grigori most of the rest of it.

    How to help?

    How can you contribute? There's some ways:
    • Feedback: Always appreciated. Sometimes it's even considered and added! Balance feedback would be greatly helpful.
    • Writing: Fluff stories for new minor leaders would be warmly welcomed. Diplotext for new leaders too. Fluff and diplotext for regular minor leaders should go into the CivPedia thread ;)
    • Suggesting: I consider every suggestion. You can suggest whatever you want: ideas, leaders, etc.

    There's also some specific areas on which I would like to receive help:
    • Inter-leaders relations: Some are already done but I could easily overlook some that you think are obvious. Feel free to say it.
    • Altered personalities: What would you like to see as behavior for leaders? Guidelines for tweaking each leaders would be useful.


    Many traits ideas from History of Three Kingdoms mod.
    Inter-leaders relations from HoTK.
    Many traits ideas from MinorLeaders modmod by Notque.
    Jabie for his work on Talos :)
    Pedia Text:
    Jabie -> Menec, Palgadee, Talos
    Icarussc -> Sirvagha, Saralet, Angaad, Outhe
    Black Whole -> Bertus
    Diplo Text:
    Icarussc -> Sirvagha, Saralet, Angaad, Outhe
    Black Whole -> Bertus
    Angaad -> Jeffrey M. de Guzman (CGSociety)
    Sirvagha -> Michal Ivan (CGSociety)
    Bertus, Hatheim, Futiro -> Kirsi Salonen
    CithMor, Meelais, Ilithiridan -> Justin Sweet
    Gauthi -> Michal~ Bernat (CGSociety)
    Hehnku -> Blaise (ConceptArt)
    Ji, KishRika -> Jason Chan
    Jurla -> Keun Chul
    KroMear -> AlgenPFleger (ConceptArt)
    Menec -> One-Vox (VandalHigh.com)
    Olver -> Mark Winters (ConceptArt)
    OsWarqa -> Troy Packer (CGSociety)
    Outhe -> Kody (ConceptArt)
    Palgadee -> David Revoy (CGSociety)
    Raitlor -> Sara Justesen (CGSociety)
    Saralet -> David Munoz Velazquez (CGSociety)
    Zodalore -> Socar Myles
    Dauvum -> chang liu (CGSociety)
    Ferthegis -> Dwinbotp (ConceptArt)
    Mihuatl -> plue (DeviantArt)
    Verlain -> Sergey Urlapov (CGSociety)
    Ukasta -> Tomasz Jedruszek (CGSociety)
  12. Ahwaric

    Ahwaric Shrubbery-hugger

    Nov 12, 2005
    Kraków, Poland
    Opera reviving operation started. 1000 Volts for starters... Charge... Clear:bump: Welcome back, we still need you :)

    We did minor leaders changes at the same time... Some are the same, some are different (Rivanna the wraith lord without summoner? ;) )

    But anyway, good luck. I am sure I will steal some features for the main modmod :D
    You kept silent about Inter-leaders specific values - great idea.
  13. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Good to know :)

    Well, I guess this is one of the time when my English fails me. And, to be honest, I wanted Hatheim to have Sum and to be the only one Svart to have it... If I recall correctly, Sum isn't a "minor trait", isn't it?

    I hope so :p I hope some leaders will please you, too.

    I mentioned it somewhere (as an idea I would want to add) and then discovered it has already been done by the great team of the HoTK mod (they did so many things!). That's why I asked you about the DLL in the Welcome thread... I still haven't ported the changes to Orbis (only in FfH for now) because I thought you were gonna do some more changes in the DLL. I hope you'll release the source with the 0.23 :p
  14. MagisterCultuum

    MagisterCultuum Great Sage

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    If you are changing the dll for diplomacy reasons anyway, I think ti would be a good idea to change the way resources like death and entropy mana effect diplomacy to be based on the individual leader and/or civ. Currently, leaders have one attribute that is multiplied by a tag in the resource file to determine how resources effect them. Entropy and Death mana are the only resources to effect diplomacy, and Entropy always has twice the effect of death. I really think that the Sidar leaders should hate Death mana more than Entropy. Sabathiel should also probably dislike Chaos mana. I think that Force mana should have a positive effect on everyone's relations, but as it is now 9in my version) it hurts relations with the Infernals and Sheaim and more worrisone it doesn't effect relations at all with a lot of leaders. It could be nice to have all leaders have positive relations towards those using their patron mana (with the exception of the Sidar, since Death is really undeath and is abhorrent to Arawn) and negative towards those with the opposite sphere mana.

    Making it so that religions and/or alignments can change the diplomatic effect of resources would also be nice.

    I also think that adding Hated wonders in addition to favorite wonders could be a good idea.
  15. sputnik323

    sputnik323 Magelord

    Sep 27, 2008
    Very cool stuff! Thanks! it seems like just the post took tons of work... glad Ahwaric could revive you. :) Have a question about the trader trait; is that +15 per trade route or just +15 when a any route is established? If per route that is an Uber-super-ultra trait.
  16. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Hmm... good call. I check in the DLL and found this:
    	if ((iTradeProfit > 0) && (GET_PLAYER(getOwnerINLINE()).getTradeYieldModifier(eIndex) > 0))
    8340: 		return ((iTradeProfit * GET_PLAYER(getOwnerINLINE()).getTradeYieldModifier(eIndex)) / 100);
    It seems that, as I thought initially, the TradeYieldModifiers are percentile, not raw units. So it's 15%/:traderoute:, not 15/:traderoute: ;)

    @Magister: Very good ideas there. I think the Hated Wonder could be easy to add. The mana-thing, however, would be trickier but I can try. I didn't understand what you meant with the "diplomatic effect of resources", care to explain?

    Edit: Nevermind, I understand now. You mean, say, -2 relation if you have Cows?
  17. cyther

    cyther Lord of the Dance

    Jun 9, 2008
    Fane of Lessers
    Some leaders will give you a negative relations bonus if you are using a mana such as Death or Entropy. They will say somthing like "-4 you use death mana!" and "-8 you use entropy mana!".
  18. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Oh, I re-re-understand. So you would like to be able to have an array of tag like BONUS_NATURE_MANA, with an integer value like -2 for each leader and infinite so you could add any bonus? And then, you would like, say, that, if following AV, a civ that would give -8 for having entropy wouldn't give any malus at all?
  19. sputnik323

    sputnik323 Magelord

    Sep 27, 2008
    The art for your new leaders seems different than the other leaders and existing minor leaders. If thats what you intended than forget this post... but if you needed quick art, it seems like there is tons of stuff from the great person popups I think you could steal.
  20. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Sputnik: I think most of the art fits well with the other FfH art. However, I may be wrong... Feel free to tell me once I would have released the first version (and once you would have seen the full arts) ;)

    Or maybe I could just upload and show full pictures now...

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