[MODMOD] Mandatory Shipyards


Mar 25, 2011
Over in my Units thread, I posted the idea about making a shipyard mandatory for building warships. Since I got very little feedback either way, I decided to make it a modmod instead. That way you can play with it if you want. It is a very simple, XML-only modmod.

This modmod makes a Shipyard-class building mandatory for building any warship. Work boats of all types and transport ships are not affected. A Drydock is required for later steam ships. A Naval Yard is only required for the fusion ships. Many ships can be built in a couple different yards. These do not show up in the game text very well. I tried to make it so that after you upgraded, you wouldn't lose access to any ships you couldn't otherwise build.

To install:
Download and unzip the attached file. Copy the entire folder Vokarya to your Modules folder. It should appear right underneath the Modern_flags folder.

Either copy the MLF_CIV4ModularLoadingControls.xml file to replace the existing one, or open the existing MLF_CIV4ModularLoadingControls.xml file and insert this code between the last </Module> and the </Modules> line (at lines 22-23).

If you replaced the MLF_CIV4ModularLoadingControls.xml file and you use either Modern Flags or Formations, you will have to reactivate those modules. Change <bLoad>0</bLoad> to <bLoad>1</bLoad> for the module you wish to enable.

Let me know if you run into any issues.


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