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[Modmod] New DLL for RaR 1.7 - limited combat rounds and limited entering of mountain

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Mods and Files' started by Commander Bello, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Commander Bello

    Commander Bello Say No 2 Net Validations

    Sep 3, 2003
    near Koblenz, Germany
    Just for the fun of it. :)

    I've created a new DLL for Religion and Revolution v1.7

    This new DLL does two things:
    a) it limits entering mountains (peaks) to units in the profession "Pioneer" only.
    All other units (meaning any unit not in that profession) are disallowed to enter peaks. By this, you will have to build a road on a mountain first, before any unit can enter this mountain.

    b) Combat is now limited to 7 rounds.
    This means that after 7 rounds, the combat just stops and the units will survive, if not have been killed in the meantime. They will get some XP from that combat, but only half of what they would have got if killed the enemy.

    As this is just work in progress, for the moment I will only release the DLL.
    (Still not finished making these things optional)

    Any comments and critique welcome. :)

    • Download the attached file
    • Decompress it with 7zip (or any compatible tool)
    • You should now have a file "CvGameCoreDLL.dll" (creation date: 8th of October, 2013)
    • Go into your mod folder
    • Go into the folder "Religion and Revolution\Assets"
    • Create a new folder "Original DLL"
    • Copy the existing DLL (creation date should be 21st of September, 2013) into this new folder (so you can always copy it back)
    • Copy the decompressed CvGameCoreDLL.dll (the one from October :) ) into the "Assets" folder
    • Confirm when asked to overwrite existing files.
    • Load game and play :)

    Attached Files:

  2. raystuttgart

    raystuttgart Civ4Col Modder

    Jan 24, 2011
    Stuttgart, Germany
    How often does combat last longer than 7 rounds ?

    By the way:
    It will not be too long until Release 1.8 will be released.
    (DLL modifications will be quite heavy.)
  3. Commander Bello

    Commander Bello Say No 2 Net Validations

    Sep 3, 2003
    near Koblenz, Germany
    Well, depending on the strengths of attacker and defender, a combat may last between 3 rounds (very strong attacker vs very weak defender) and 11 rounds (both are of almost the same strength). Of course, the RNG plays an important role in that game, too.
    So, a rough estimation would be that appr. 40 per cent of all combats tend to last longer than 7 rounds.

    I just wanted to have the chance for some variety in the outcomes of the battles.

    And regarding the DLL changes - I guess, DiffMerge will be my friend :)

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