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[Modmod] TAC Klein-Venedig - Add-on pack for TAC 2.03_final

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Mods and Files' started by MaCross TAC, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. MaCross TAC

    MaCross TAC Chieftain

    Aug 4, 2013

    Link to video.

    A mod of the TAC community project
    * The Authentic Colonization *

    Lead Design : Logan

    Commander Bello (translation)
    Elwood (leader balancing and texts)
    MaCross (translation)
    melcher kürzer (tips and graphics)
    MrKrutzi (tests)
    Ramkhamhaeng (tips)
    Stöpsel (translation)
    Writing Bull (Tips and texts)

    Thanks for the support :
    Deliverator (3D model Cuirassier)
    raystuttgart (tips)
    The Capo (leader-head-model Von Hutten)

    Spain once ruled over a vast empire over whose numerous colonies and possessions the sun never set. The British Empire as well is looking back at a time, when it still ruled the waves, and even today many French are watching proudly, when the soldiers of the Foreign Legion are marching down the Champs-Élysées. Unknown to many, even the Germans were trying to grab a piece of the colonial cake, however their success throughout the centuries has always been modest. That must have left a profound impact on the nation's soul, as of today the Germans are always the first, when it comes to securing their territory in former colonies with their bath towels ...

    Now you have been given the chance to wipe that trauma out of the history books! With the new add-on package "Klein-Venedig" for TAC - The Authentic Colonization. The house of the Welser, a large trading company from Augsburg, received the exploitation rights for Klein-Venedig (Little Venice), todays Venezuela in 1528. Previously, these wealthy merchants lent Charles V, King of Spain and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, large sums of money that he wasn’t able to repay. In fact, given as a fief, the Welser came to a kind of franchise colony in return. Over the next 18 years, they made every effort to catch up with the other colonial powers in terms of greed and cruelty, until eventually, even the local Spaniards complained about the German behavior. This ultimately led to Charles V recalling the contract again in 1548. However, less out of sympathy with the natives, but because his hopes in terms of a self-supplying, stable and profitable colony were disappointed.

    Are you going to get yourself a veritable sunburn, as the Welser once did, or can you lead the German colonies to a successful anachronism, yes even to independence? Slip into the role of Philipp von Hutten or Ambrosius Ehinger and found cities like New Augsburg. Push forward into the hinterlands of the new, large scenario map of Venezuela. Prevent your governors from being assassinated by the countless indigenous tribes. An experienced pioneer is providing you with his skills to help you conquering the jungle. Background information in the Colopedia about the Welser, their Governors, Emperor Charles V and Klein-Venedig round out this package.

    Now grab yourself your towel and move over the big ocean! There are still plenty of free sunloungers in America.


    1. To install the mod you first need a copy of an unmodified version of the base mod TAC 2.03_final. Do a fresh install of the mod as described in the link.
    2. Now rename the newly created mod folder "TAC 2.03_final" to "TAC Klein-Venedig". Open this folder and check if it contains files with the name "TAC 2.03_final.ini" and TAC 2.03_final.ini.bak. If so, please delete these files.
    3. Then download the zip archive "TAC Klein-Venedig" and unpack it anywhere on your hard drive.
    4. Copy this new folder "TAC Klein-Venedig" and paste it into the mod folder, created in step 2. This will overwrite some files of the same name, if prompted to confirm, choose yes.
    5. Finally restart your computer to ensure Colonization will start with an empty cache next time.
    6. Enjoy the mod!


    What are the changes in TAC Klein-Venedig in comparison to TAC 2.03_final?
    There is an additional playable faction with two new leaders, its own king, and information on the historical background, own unit graphics and a well-considered balancing of diplomatic values, if this fraction is played by the Artificial Intelligence (AI). Other than that, everything is exactly as in TAC 2.03_final.

    Am I still able to play TAC 2.03_final without Klein-Venedig after installation?
    Of course. You then have two side by side mod folders with the names "TAC 2.03_final" and "TAC Klein-Venedig" . Depending on your wishes, choose the one you like to play with. Remember to empty the cache when changing the mod. This can be done by holding down the shift key on your keyboard while starting Colonization.

    Can I load a save file from one mod with the other mod?
    No, unfortunately this is not possible.

    Is TAC Klein-Venedig compatible with Melcher Kürzer’s ‘Alternative Interface’ for TAC?
    Yes. If you have already installed his mod, you only need to copy that mod folder, and then paste in the TAC Little Venice files as described above.

    Who created TAC Klein-Venedig?
    Lead designer of this mod is Logan, he had been assisted in his work by other colleagues of the TAC team. You can find detailed credits in the Colopedia.

    Can I use files from TAC Klein-Venedig in my own mod?
    Principally, yes. Please read the more detailed explanation in our game credits for your individual case.
  2. Ronnar

    Ronnar Chieftain

    Jan 7, 2010
    Androrc left the following comment in the General TAC thread.

    I have copied it to this thread to keep discussion about Little Venice / Klein-Venedig in one thread.

  3. Androrc the Orc

    Androrc the Orc Emperor

    Apr 19, 2004
    Vienna, Austria
    This is awesome :)

    Klein-Venedig is one of my favorite episodes of historical colonization of the Americas.
  4. Yamato

    Yamato Warlord

    Mar 19, 2006
    My old computer died, and after getting a new one I am setting up all my old fav's, including TAC and TAC KV. Noticed something odd about TAC-KV. The options on it are different now (if you go to customize game).
    Gone is domination and industrialization victory options. Added is one called "Europe" (no idea what it means though). Domination and Indust are still there for TAC though.
    The game options for TAC-KV are also different. Reduced Royal Expeditionary Force is gone from TAC-KV. The option still exists for TAC though.
    Has TAC-KV been changed since I first downloaded it a couple years ago?

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